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  1. This has the potential to become big. "The short summary is: in an effort to draw attention to a ridiculous arrest of a father and son pair of Oregon Ranchers (“Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46,) who are scheduled to begin five year prison sentences (turning themselves in tomorrow January 4th 2016), three brothers from the Cliven Bundy family and approximately 100/150 (and growing) heavily armed militia (former U.S. service members) have taken control of Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters in the wildlife reserve. They are prepared to stay there indefinitely." http://www.freedomslips.com/oregan.htm
  2. No my friend, that is not the argument. If what I communicated came across like that my communication was not good. My basic argument is: - he represents the interests of one of (if not the most) repressive and controlling power structures on this plane since emperor Constantine, i.e. for two millennia. A "religious" (a mix of pagan and christian beliefs and rituals) power structure that was created for political reasons in the first place. He was the chief counsel of the jesuits in the US for ten years. - he is the figure head (especially in the alternative) for the vatican effort to put themselves in the driving seat for the creation of a new "paradigm" (read a new flavour of the matrix) fit to manage awakening people and built on the concept that "we are not alone". The main take away from that is that the vatican set a high priority in controlling the process of developing and creating this "new" though model. - his standpoint is very wrong in important aspects of current events. E.g. global warming and 9/11. He is no doubt intelligent, he no doubt is moving in high political circles, he no doubt has access to information not privy to the public. To me its unlikely that he does not know that the global warming theory is false or what actually happened on 9/11. Which would mean he intentionally omit that knowledge in his presentations. I acknowledge that he for a long time has been and still is involved in helping people fight unjust treatment by the government. The conclusions I draw is: - there seems to be a power struggle between the zios and the jesuits. - zio power is more overt. zios are gross greedy pigs compared to the jesuits that seem to have way more culture and finesse (if you can say that of child molesting devil worshippers, which they both are) - be vary of new paradigms put forward by an organisation that have raped humanity for two millennia - is he a bad person? I don't know, maybe not, but considering the above I'm very sceptic to how and why he is driving these issues the way he do. Compare it to the FET, my position is that it's possible, maybe even likely, that we live on a plane. But I don't say it's absolutely so. I have enough doubt to consider it a possibility and therefore explore those possibilities. Same with DS, it is quite possible considering my arguments above that he represents malevolent interests. I have enough doubt to consider it a possibility and therefore explore those possibilities. /respectfully P
  3. How about IQ in comparing women to men?
  4. Lol, and idiot with 145 in IQ
  5. @ around 58 min - He talks about Osama bin Laden and how he argues for not inviting the americans into Saudi. That doesn't compute. Osama was by that time already an CIA asset and his Muhjadeen organisation financed and trained by the CIA. He says "everything" started with Osama declaring jihad against the USA for coming into Saudi. As an CIA op that was his job... Anyway, then he goes on that this was the triggering action for how all things later developed. The main take away is that he blames the zionist neocons for it all. Keep that in mind. Remember that DS also (in the other video) puts the main blame of the condition of the world (the global warming) on large corporations. Who owns the large corporations? In most cases the zionists. He maintains that it was the Saudis financing Osama, they might have chipped in a few millions, however Osama's main sponsor was the CIA. Around 1.13 he claims Osama and the Muslim Brotherhood is behind 911, seriously again... that's enough for now. Ok, what is actually going on? Seems to me that there is a clash for power ongoing between the zionists and the vatican/jesuits. The zionists are loosing ground on a broad front, they are much more exposed to public scrutiny and critique and people are getting fed up. The jesuits keep a very much lower profile and thus the public is much less aware of them. They also seem more self-controlled and sophisticated than the zio-nazis thus, I think that they are on the offence to fill the gap of the falling zio-nazis. To me DS is the jesuit PR-guy for the alternative community. Now, why do the jesuits want the zionists out of the middle east? Have to see how that compute. The idea that the vatican is the solution to the problems in the world and the new paradigm (world view) that they will come up with is a viable alternative to the zio-nazis it to me like exchanging colera for plague.
  6. Paddington

    Militia standoff in Burns, Oregon

    Live feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBBJe7FmRXI
  7. Paddington

    Militia standoff in Burns, Oregon

    Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…
  8. It's bit complicated to discuss this since I look at what they present from a _very_ sceptic perspective. It's easy for me to see how what he is doing is not for the good. He may have been battling bad guys. That doesn't mean he is not driving the agenda of bad guys. There is no contradiction there. Those bad guys, may or may not be the same. Considering the history of the jesuits, my standpoint is, by default don't expect any other agenda from them than the one they have had since they were created. In essence what is his "cure", the new paradigm institute? The cure is to bring forward another global power structure, financed and controlled by the jesuits, involving people vetted by the jesuits. There is absolutely no need for that. Let people make up their own mind, locally. The keyword is local in contrast to global. Anything global inevitably evolves like a pyramid. There is a small elite at the top that controls and parasites on the many that hold the pyramid up with their energy. Imho, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Started to watch the youtube you linked, the first comment says: "This "New Paradigm" whatever is a bit similar to the 'NWO'/ One Religion 'agenda'...I'm not saying this is what he is speaking about, but it sure sounds like that. The Jesuits, Berkley..etc...I don't know about this guy. Was it Danny Sheehan speaking about this or the other guest? I'm not sure." A very relevant observation.
  9. I actually have watched him, not as much as you, but I have seen some videos. No of course not, I'm very sceptical to the notion that those that are behind the system of domination and control are the right people to address the issues of domination and control. Even if they have the resources of millions of $ to put into it. Localisation. Any effort involving globalised power structures is a problem in itself. Dismantle the vatican in its entirety. Investigate their crimes and punish the responsible people. Distribute all the wealth and esoteric knowledge the vatican has seized over time of its existence back to people. Execute the those directly involved in pedofila and satanic ritals killing children. Same goes for the zionazi faction. Dismantle the globalised economic control system and localise it. Execute those directly involved in robbing the earth and its people of their riches. Same principle for any globalised power structure that abuses humanity by treating ordinary people as its slaves. The driving force in taking down the system of domination and control is the awakening of people in general. So any effort in that direction helps. The system of domination and control knows this, hence it puts an enormous effort into controlling and derailing that awakening process.
  10. That fire is way way more intense than then 911 ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKYs_ORuuyA
  11. I don't understand the fascination for the vatican and their jesuit handlers. For many hundreds of years they've proven they are incredibly demoniac. From my point of view this is the same demonic energy of slave control re-packaged in something that will look appealing to the ignorant masses. Did you hear the global warming rant by Sheehan? I mean seriously... But they are intelligent, have to give them that, introducing a new "paradigm" and funding it with millions of $ is an excellent idea in order to control that no structure evolves that potentially will threaten them. I think it's more correct to say that he is a high level jesuit. "Insider relationship" sounds very innocent. He is not someone that happened to bump into some jesuits and thus gained some knowledge. He seems to be more of a key player _driving_ the jesuit agenda than anything else. Jesuits is about as bad as it gets, together with the zionazis of course.
  12. True, most of the newer television series have female heroes that are physically stronger than men.
  13. Paddington

    Windows 10's Technical Preview

    Here is one place your private information accessed by M$ will end up "The latest version of the bill appended to the omnibus legislation seems to exacerbate that problem. It creates the ability for the president to set up “portals” for agencies like the FBI and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, so that companies hand information directly to law enforcement and intelligence agencies instead of to the Department of Homeland Security. And it also changes when information shared for cybersecurity reasons can be used for law enforcement investigations. The earlier bill had only allowed that backchannel use of the data for law enforcement in cases of “imminent threats,” while the new bill requires just a “specific threat,” potentially allowing the search of the data for any specific terms regardless of timeliness." It will of course also be sold to advertisers. Just dump M$ completely.
  14. Fuck the zionists. Hope they enjoy their next life as maggots. Karma is a bitch.
  15. I don't doubt that. Just that all of them are completely insane.
  16. Such a money-monkey US has become world wide a political farce. The only ones taking the US serious are themselves.
  17. Would be much more interesting if they presented some research instead of speculations.
  18. They are following an external zionist script. The whole top of the establishment has to be in on it for it to work.
  19. Yes, thank you. A good question. As I wrote my comment I thought empowerment need qualification since it can mean basically anything. Some say technology "empower" people. Some say demon-crazy "empower" people. Some say that bombing and killing millions of civilians "empower" people. I my case, I refer to the energy that supports and facilitate the understanding of the spirit soul as an eternal part and parcel of Source and that a human being is completely independent of external circumstances to grow and make progress towards real happiness and peace, coming from within. Again I come back to the opposing energies of technology and nature. Technology enslaves nature frees. Why? Because with technology comes the energy of independence and disconnection from Source. Nature is the opposite. The energy of the Ringing Cedar has the potential to connect the reader with the energy of nature and a deeper understanding of how much we actually are connected to it. Now, in relation to the various internet scams discussed here Ron, Simon, Cory, David and on and on and on... the energy they put out is disempowering since it implies there are dependancies that the human individual has no influence over that will determine whether the individual will be able to make progress in life or not. Also, all of those babblers have no clue of Source and our relationship to Source. They are ignorant and anyone that follows them will become more ignorant than they already are. This can be expanded on almost unlimitedly, but this is a short version. May the Source be with you.
  20. Yes, that's my criteria when viewing information. Does it empower or disempower individuals? If it empowers them it's good, if not, it's not good. Nice example from Spain
  21. Link taken down? Might be that someone is DDOS'ing VT.
  22. Obsession is usually used in the negative, it's not the topic here so I'll leave it, I just made an observation. Wikipedia on obsession: Obsessive–compulsive disorder, an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts Fixation (psychology), a persistent attachment to an object or idea Idée fixe (psychology), a preoccupation of mind believed to be firmly resistant to any attempt to modify it Merriam-webster on obsession: : a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal : someone or something that a person thinks about constantly or frequently : an activity that someone is very interested in or spends a lot of time doing