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  1. CNN is the worst of the Lie-Stream Media ! Lee Camp is right about one thing here CNN stands for: C- Not News But I don't like Camp's anti-Trump bias Watch CNN Accidentally Explain How They're Fake News! (Comments on the video): + Mainstream media is pushing back because they know the alternative media is shining a light on all their manufactured lies, they have been manipulating viewers for many years by spoon feeding them biased propaganda,mind numbing "entertainment shows " that have actually no connection to the every day struggles of the typical American citizen ,i.e. soaring healthcare costs,high inner city poverty and crime rates,high unemployment and poverty wages for any entry jobs available for the younger generation,lack of affordable housing and crippling student debt leading to a health crisis with university/college graduates and last but not least the lack of border security against potential foreign criminals and terrorists. The country has been broken for many years and the mainstream media rather than seeking accountability from those elected in government only adds to the problem by being sycophantic to them,if it wasn't for the alternative media we would soon have a frightening Orwellian state leading to obedient compliance by the citizenry or the Gulag. + Lee Camp should change his name to : Le Cumt, or maybe Lie Camp His analysis of CNN is thoroughly flawed, as per normal. $1 Billion of free coverage for Trump? Wrong! It wasnt FREE. Most of it was anti-Trump spin paid for (transparently, or otherwise) by Trump's opponents. Were Trump's anti-Hillary ads, free coverage for Hillary? Also, Bernie was a mere stalking horse for Hillary, and may well have been in on the game. + I hate to be the one to point it out, but the main stream media may have given a lot more coverage to Trump during the election but they were definitely not "propping him up" you tool. They were trying to tear him down for Hitlary, and had nothing positive to show on Hitlary so they chose to ignore all the shit on Hitlary and trying to deter people from looking at what Wikileaks was disclosing about Hitlary and the Globalist pieces of shit.
  2. Trump's True Message : News without the Spin & Lies A new "true media" may be the real answer to the "Lie-Stream"? Can the old "mainstream" media, now the "lie-stream" be trusted? Have you seen Trump's YouTube channel? "Transition 2017" Trump is side stepping Corporate Media that screwed us so badly over the last 2 yrs to speak directly to those who are important without filters. Good idea. A Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump : 7.2 Million Views Transition 2017 Published on Nov 21, 2016 The President-elect shares an update on the Presidential Transition, an outline of some of his policy plans for the first 100 days, and his day one executive actions. =================== Trump's True Message + Transition TV ---------- : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NRgn1L4zVWPOEI5Mt5Tog/videos + Drudge Report -------- : http://drudgereport.com/ + Infowars / Alex Jones- : http://Infowars.com : ??? + Breitbart News -------- : http://Breitbart.com + WRH / Mike Rivero---- : http://WhatReallyHappened.com : http://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/category/michael-rivero/ + Newzsentinel ---------- : http://newzsentinel.com/ + Hannity / Carlson ----- : ??? what else
  3. Hillary Clinton's Place in History books Hillary will go into History as one of the 10 Most Wicked Women in History... ...so she will have a place in our memories. No one will understand in a few years how anyone could vote for her. Her nomination was a huge set back for women, because of her baggage of corruption and incompetence, as well as her negative example of cheating in debates and vote-rigging through the DNC. When women want to run in the future, they will face the risk of being labeled "another Hillary" Comment posted here : Watch This If You're Shocked That Trump Won The Comment quickly got 73X Thumbs Up!
  4. DO YOU TRUST in those Trusts? Ron does ! Or so he says : Here Susan Joy Worker Ron, what do you think of this comment?: "I think we should all face the probability that a Magical RV is not coming. Sure, there may be some shifts in currency values, like the drop in the Pound we saw after Brexit. But I do not think there is going to be a big currency change which will suddenly put money in everyone's pockets. Where would that money come from? If we shook down the Rothschild family and distributed their $1 trillion or whatever among the 7 billion on the planet - that's only $143 per person. It would take a long time to sell off their assets, and then distribute it. Is this amount spread over 5 years, that's $28.57 per year, going to solve your problems. I don't think so." paradoxman316 You have no idea how much wealth there is in various trusts, like the St. Germaine Trust for example. There is sufficient wealth to make everyone a millionaire, including the children. The earth is not over populated, it is simply poorly managed. If we were all empowered with true knowledge, everything could change quickly.
  5. "Jason: On a practical level, the private currency exchanges have been delayed due to hackers hacking into banks and changing codes that are needed to release the funds. This not just cabal, this is a battle going on at the Dragon Family level...." Haha. that's hilarious! Anyone who has ever worked for a bank, will know how silly this sounds. Bizarrely, they seem to keep using this limp excuse when there are RV "delays" "Energy vibration" in the money? That's even more ridiculous - this whole thing vibrates with personal greed, and nothing else
  6. I listened, and posted this comment: Friar Newborg Ken is his own worse enemy here. He jumped in with an aggressive tone, and accused RA of being a "shoddy journalist" That's not smart; since Richie's audience would be expected to be on the host's side, and not wanted him attacked. I think Richie started off somewhat negative, but was trying to be neutral, and if KOK has not been so aggressive, this might have gone much better. What Ken seems to have on his side was some evidence that he did not buy land with the money and protected the funds. Why did KOK not steer there? It is curious
  7. Well done to Cleve! Ron simply will not accept the rather truthful and gentle criticism he gets from Acore Would he prefer to deal with THIS GUY's less gentle remarks, as he calls Ron "a 400-year old man acting like a 13-year old" paradoxman316 is really pissed off at God - and dammit, he wants answers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl5QSUCtx5s youngster Omni-Eros sees through him easily: "you're just upset because you do not have a big share of the wealth" "Stop pretending to be a humanitarian, because you are not!" Meantime, your friend here (FriarN) seems to have acquired a strenuous critic in Merlin. Here is a part of the discussion (with her?) from RVD's channel: merlinhadninelives I have been inundated with the Friar making comments to me about Ron. The Friar defends himself on his Acore forum, not exactly an inability to defend himself on a public forum. Yes, Friar said to me in a comment that many of you attempted to help Ron financially when he was strapped in Austrailia and Friar says Ron spit in your faces.... his terms not mine. I have experience with people who have had strokes and serious medical conditions. I see nothing positive about attempting to have Ron carry the cross of the Friars accusations, nor bear the attempts to nail him to it (stop Ron in Friars words), just to have those empathetic to Rons physical challenges and heart surgery recovery not notice it as an attack upon a weakened (flesh and blood) body. In fact, Ron isn't even fully recovered and I am amazed he survived the heart surgery, the eviction from his house and stroke.... just to have the Friar endlessly accuse him is: predatory. Be logical for a moment and get away from the pots and kettles mind-bait. Friar is blocked here. He sends me many messages and I respond clearly. It is the Friar instigating, so it is rather interesting that you make Friar sound as the victim of a kitchen where he's the chef, chooses his ingredients, does all the cooking and serves up whatever he dishes out about Ron. Friar Newborg Weird. Merlin, you ignore so many things that Ron has done: lied, stolen from banks, been negligent in paying takes, taken expensive medical care and NOT PAID for it. You are full of compassion for this wrong doer?. But you have none for me, who is merely guilty of seeking the truth. I find this to be very strange. Are you simply ignoring Ron's transgressions, or are you prepared to actively defend them? I am sure you would be welcome to do so on Acore. But I am not allowed to defend myself from accusations on the public forum here. That is simply unfair. In the corrupted way you handle things, you remind me of FBI Director Comey. Do you think Ron is above the law, and above basic principles of fairness? merlinhadninelives Friar, I do not bite for mind-bait. I remind you of the FBI Director? Thank you, I handle things in a corrupt way? Flattery is fickle. Are you a knight in shining armor or what? You are so generous in defamatory misinterpretations of those who pray for Ron, that if you stepped in it you’d slip and fall… and then, somehow, you’d blame it on him. Do I think Ron is “Above the law? No. He answered any and all bank charges against him, appeared in courts for years on end. He was arrested for no driver’s license and jailed… he was evicted and lost his only home. Do you call that above the law? Have you become lost in your own maze of accusations against him? “Seeking the truth” differs from avenging the conclusions you project. Ignoring Ron’s prolonged illness, stroke and severe heart surgery while placing stress upon him deliberately by stating that he is a liar, fraud, delusional or a promoter of scams, is no different than continually hitting him where he is already wounded with the intent to do harm. I find your motives to go far beyond truth seeking... and into a vigilante mode. Now that you mischaracterize me, I see your heart knows not why the Son healed many nor why His workers, seek not transgression and faults in others but wellness and the grace to allow them the space to align with harmony, peace and truth for have we not all transgressed? Lest one error be magnified as us vs them, forgetting the grace of forgiveness. Friar Newborg My final word on this here follows: You have chosen the wrong "victim" to defend. (Using his illness as an excuse, you did not see through? Really?) Ron does not defend himself well, because what he has done is indefensible. His arguments quickly fall apart, and he has nothing to do but delete comments and ban people. You are still here, because you have fallen for his lies. But you are part of a fast-shrinking tribe, Good luck to trying to live happily in a has-been's delusionary dream. And don't forget to switch off the lights when you eventually move on,
  8. RON's SAD CYCLE of Hope and Depression, The Stages defined From under today's Video: 9-2-16 – GOD IS ENERGY … AND MORE! May I comment? Define Troll, and then I shall answer if I am one. If it is someone who disagrees, and sometimes dislikes what Ron says, then I am one of many: 18, and now #19 on this thread. But guess what, I rarely vote Like or Dislike at all these days, and then maybe 1/3 of the time that I do vote, it is thumbs up. To be accurate, I would like to see Ron move on to something more positive, rather than criticizing God when he is not getting what he wants. But maybe Ron is too old to change, and we will just see him running through his same Old Cycle of: + finding something new that is too good to be true, + swallowing the Hopium, promoting it beyond its reality (without doing any research), + banning those who warn him it is a scam, and then + watching it come crashing down. And then at the last stage, + he will blame God, rather than himself, for any failure. Is there anything more to learn from RVD? Probably not. That leaves me as one of those who just come here for some odd entertainment, rather than possible enlightenment. Meantime, Acore seems ready to move on to more interesting Dramas than Ron's sad cycle of Hope followed by depression. +++ ELSEWHERE 1./ 1Infeqaul1 Aug 29, 2016 I can not believe those people spent that much time and effort to debunk Ron wow crazy man. What the puck is wrong with these people? Are they mentally insane? You have criminals running USA country, killing people ,starting wars, destroying entire countries,and you are on Ron.s case over a stupid 250 k holy shit ... Why the puck don't you people get on the bloody criminal banker's shit? Ten's of thousands of people get ripped off buy the criminal government every bloody day,and these people spend over a year discussing Ron's shit? I do not know what the hell to say? tell these people to go after real criminals that steal from everyone every bloody day. Just try to carry cash in your car and drive through a check stop , see what the hell happens to your money. 2/ Friar Newborg It is all about learning Discernment. After some months of watching Ron and the lies and delusions, people sharpen up. But I think most of the 40,000+ views on that thread on from people now moving on, RVD has become very boring, and soon we will abandon him, and his views will drop further
  9. Who dislikes Ron's videos? When I woke up and signed on, I saw this: 58 views / 4-likes, 13-dislikes But not to worry. Ron says: "Over half of those dislikes are from one person" - I think he means the Friar ====================== Here is the absolute Truth, which I would swear on the Bible, or a stack of Bibles. ONLY 1 of those Dislikes came from me, and that includes Friar Newborg, and all the other names I use. Please, someone give this message to Ron: The Friar says his is not trying to push the dislikes up on your videos. If you get a stack of dislikes, it must really mean that a large number of listeners are not liking that particular video. Please accept the Truth on this and stop demonizing me. You should accept the reality of how your message is being received. Here's an old message, with other sentences blaming "the Hong Kong group" for negative things, that are untrue 4-14-16 – APPARENTLY, I'M TOO GULLIBLE Hey, Ron, it's time you manned-up, and accepted some reality, painful as it may be for you.
  10. IT CONTINUES.... As I try to STOP RON (from lying) (Merlin, picked up my comment, and reposted it in the public part of RVD's Youtube channel): merlinhadninelives 6 hours ago (edited) I received this message from Friar Newborg 7:08 AM Look, I am no fool. But apparently Ron is. If you or anyone with a working brain, was told by a bank that they would forgive your debts, if you allowed them to sell an asset, would you get that IN WRITING? Of course you would. So would anyone. But RVD says he did not, I don't believe him....We cannot easily see through all of the crimes and lies of Hillary. But we can see through those of Ron, and maybe we can stop him, even if we cannot stop Hillary. Well, how do you intend to ‘stop Ron’? Finally, you admit your motive. (I responded as follows): Friar Newborg Will you post this response too? (The above is somewhat out of context.) Before you read my response, consider that RVD has said hateful things about me, and Acore. Do you think he has a right to get angry, and I do not? Here's my response: I want to STOP RON from lying and misleading his audience. And I want to stop Hillary from running for president. I will probably stop neither one. But with Ron, I have some chance... by getting the Truth in front of people. I imagine that the many others who post on Acore have a similar motivation. ... RVD's whining continues too 8-30-16 – GOD IS LOVE! REALLY? Published on Aug 29, 2016 Probably the first Bible verse I ever memorized was John 3:16 – For God so loved the world... Until they stole my non-mortgaged home in February of this year, I believed it. Since then, I'm not so sure. With the loss of my home I questioned many things, except for one thing. I still believe in God as a personal being. If God is not personal, then personhood is not real. In that case, life has no meaning, at least for me. There are days I just wish I could go away and forget ever having existed. Earth, though it could be wonderful, is a hell-hole run by demons who think nothing of violating the prime directive: Do not violate the free will of another. Would love allow this gross violation? If so, it's not very loving. I do not consent to living in this demon-infested world. I want the loving world promised. ??? He tried to steal a loan from the bank, and when the bank stopped him, he lost faith in God's Love?? Frankly, I think he has lost his memory (about what really happened), or his sanity
  11. IS Ron like Hillary? (Am I crazy in making this comparison? ... from a Youtube exchange with Merlin): merlinhadninelives +Friar Newborg Hello Friar. You say Ron calls you liars and your group calls him a liar. Your group relies upon documents, but were not there when the bank promised Ron certain things nor were you there when Dr. Mary was mislead. ...Nor can you resurrect the, dead banker who lied to them both. Your perspectives are on papers, mine are on Dr. Mary feeling she made a mistake with the bank, then passing before she could correct her error which is what Ron inherited... Friar NewborgHmm. I cannot say what Dr Mary's actions were. But we know from the legal documents that RVD borrowed $256,000 from the bank, secured by her home and that Ron gave his address as the same place. He has told us that he used that money to buy the House in Melbourne FL, and the could not repay the loan. Later the bank foreclosed on the house and got $220k for it, Ron tells us. How much of that money when to reducing RVD's debt, we do not know. But the bank went on chasing Ron for unpaid debts. Eventually they got court approval to attach their lien to the Melbourne house. merlinhadninelives +Friar Newborg No, you can't say what Dr. Mary's actions were, nor can you say what the bank assured Ron of one-on-one. Nor does the bank look on solid ground taking ten years to finally evict Ron... they waited until he had heart surgery and the 'gap' they needed to go through with things as he immerged from the hospital broke and 'online' appeared vulnerable. Timing is interesting isn't it. Which is exactly why I do not judge Ron and think it would be appropriate for you Ron bashers to back off and call it a day. Friar NewborgLook, I am no fool. But apparently Ron is. If you or anyone with a working brain, was told by a bank that they would forgive your debts, if you allowed them to sell an asset, would you get that IN WRITING? Of course you would. So would anyone. But RVD says he did not, I don't believe him. We have caught him in so many lies, why believe anything from him?. For me, he is no more honest than Hillary Clinton. And based on the fraud I see in his signed mortgage document (he said he owned the property free and clear - he did not), Ron belongs in jail too. I will not give him a Free Pass for being ill, anymore than I will give one to Hillary. RVD loves to play the victim, accusing banks and those who disagree with him (like Acore) of all sorts of things. Again he reminds me of Hillary. We cannot easily see through all of the crimes and lies of Hillary. But we can see through those of Ron, and maybe we can stop him, even if we cannot stop Hillary.
  12. Ron calls me, and Acore : LIARS. How did we lie? We simply told a truth that he did not like. That's not lying ! =========== Ron calls people names when they tell the Truth. Acore calls Ron names, because he does NOT tell the Truth Spot the Difference ?!
  13. Okay. He blames me (and us) when people do not like his videos? That is so bizarre. He does not take any responsibility for his message and how people respond to it - or so it seems. Then he accuses others of being dogmatic?? The irony is very thick with Ron
  14. The Pot talking to the clean kettle 8-15-16 – ON THE VERGE OF TEARS Published on Aug 14, 2016 As I left the meeting yesterday, I felt as if I was ready to cry.... What makes me feel like crying is not knowing how this know-it-all attitude can be softened enough to allow the positive changes to occur on earth. Folks, it's about love, not doctrine, whether age old or so-called new age. If we will ever live to see peace on earth, our stubborness must give way to love one another despite differences. For those whose “God” does not allow that, it may be time to get a different God, or at least a new concept of who or what we think God really is I just looked at RVD's channel and found this comment: paradoxman3161 hour ago The Friar characters are at it again! So much hate on a talk about love. Shows where their heart is...or isn't. What and odd character he is! he talks about the need for Love, and what does he do? He hurls abuse in my direction "The Friar characters are at it again! So much hate..." I had not watched his video, nor posted on it. I said nothing about him. I did not see his channel until now, and I am accused of 'so much hate'. Ron does not see that HE is the one who has started to push abuse and hatred. Grow up, Ron ! Where is this anti-Friar sentiment coming from?
  15. A Nutter's Delight? Or do these people have some useful truths to reveal? . GoldFish Report No 57, ExoPolitics Round Table Part 3 "Manifesting our New Society" . I will comment after I have time to listen