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  1. The food chain has been completely compromised and obesity is absolutely caused by poor diet and eating more food than your body requires. All sugar, wheat based products, pasta, potato and rice will pile on the pounds.
  2. yelik

    What's Happening in Venezuela

    Of course no issue about selling their oil to whoever they want. I understand that madura is selling off state assets.
  3. yelik

    What's Happening in Venezuela

    From what I understand from people on the ground in VZL is that MADura is a brutal corrupt dictator that has starved and murdered his own people. He’s selling off state assets and doing business with Russia, China and Iran with Cuban’s dressed as VZL police and military carrying out much of the atrocities. None of those countries mentions this. On this occasion, I am in agreement with USA / UK that VZL would be a better place without him. Just how you go about shifting such a person without interfering in other countries affairs I’m not sure. We are effectively seeing the Elites play out their games of power as they seek control of resources and real estate
  4. International best-selling author, journalist and counter-intelligence expert Daniel Estulin contends, “First thing you’ve got to understand is you’ve got to back Trump. Trump is not a person. I am not a card carrying Republican. People have to understand that our only way out of this is to make sure Donald Trump actually stays President of the United States because the entire welfare of Russia and everywhere else depends on the non-liberal crowd winning. The second point I want to make is make sure you have physical gold and silver.”
  5. FED hikes rate 0.25% to help fuel the economic slow down and potential recession
  6. Sounds like the sorts of expeditions Dr RAM was involved with in Antarctica, but keeps quiet about
  7. Very good video, Lord of Deception - hint of reptilian voice Wonder how much it cost to bribe the tories into picking the best remainer to cock everything up. As you say sounds like it was designed to fail. Very clever but bit of a gamble by the Cabal. I suppose May will get booted with bags of cash and opportunities thrown her way for allowing herself to be used and abused
  8. Yes quite possible, but most of the MSM appeared to be pushing and predicting a remain outcome. Although I recall your news algorithmic software picked up on some subtle (subliminal type) wording within the news pushing an exit - reverse psychology?
  9. Nothing in politics happens by chance – can only assume May is a completely dumb Cabal puppet · 23 June 2016 Brexit Vote – Leave EU · 16 July 2016 May assumed office (Dumb ass Tories elect an EU remainer) · May spends two years trying to hoodwink the country on behalf of the Cabal bankers. · Not sure whether HM queen is bothered either way as long as status quo remains with tax stripping rights · I imagine much of the smoke and mirrors surrounding this farce is designed to put off other EU members from leaving – it’s got to look politically messy and economically costly Not sure it makes much of a difference as to whose in power - they're all puppets to the Elites with slightly different rehtoric
  10. The Elites / Establishment is scared Sh*t they'll lose control/power - they'll declare martial law before backing down
  11. Looks like the Plunge Protection Team had a go at rallying the FAANG stocks - without much success at moment
  12. Lots of little triggers going off at moment so Cabal have a lot of options if they wish to tip the scales - no doubt MSM will discuss endless reasons what actually triggered things off. Seems to me the dominos have already started to fall, but who knows, these days facts and huge Governments debt matter little.
  13. Same old game - Ease off with QE, tighten money supply, Corporations reduce investment and announce lay offs in unison, quickly followed by Governments austerity - wait for a trigger event
  14. We got the good, bad and ugly in all societies, not all Americans are bad.They don't get much worse than the British Bavarian Royalty.
  15. REPORT FOR THE PRESIDENT - Site Now Live https://www.reportforthepresident.org/
  16. Thanks DrB - How are you and how's Manila these days? I visited Philippines a few years ago and noticed how prices had increased but not pay levels
  17. Just recovering from hip replacement surgery - I've suffered arthritis pain for quite a few years, still need my other hip sorting - other than that I'm good thanks.
  18. Two supporting websites, which will be major repositories of detailed information to be released to the public. President Trump will have his own login. Tracy Beanz describes this initiative as 'WikiLeaks Lite'. They're not online yet, but should be active on Friday. http://ReportForThePresident.com http://VoterTruth.com
  19. From Project Avalon Posting by Bill Ryan:- http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?104116-The-weaponization-of-the-US-intelligence-community-120-agency-insiders-now-speak-out Data update. Joshua, interviewed by Ann Vandersteel, is Joshua E. Macias. Here's his twitter account: https://twitter.com/JoshuaMacias Tracy Beanz refers to Robert as Robert Caron. Here's her [very interesting] twitter stream: https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/statu...13940998426625 On his own twitter stream, Joshua clarifies who he is:
  20. Unfortunately once we stray from truth we end up having to assume, speculate and guess what might be going on. If you wanted to keep your existence secret on earth then for sure you would locate somewhere far away and inaccessible to the vast majority of humans - Polar regions, mountainous regions and oceans. Thule Island (German Occult Thule Society) located in Antarctica has been blurred out on Google maps for a long time for some reason. Courtney Brown and Daz Smith look like they will do a remote viewing session of Antarctica - hopefully soon Dr B are you still into remote viewing?
  21. Antigravity is Real and Being Hidden from the Public This video covers a lot of ground on the field of anti-gravity and its research, including Townsend-Brown, Tesla, Boyd Buschman, Fouche and Hutchison. The researcher provides a lot of valid info on antigravity, including how this tech was weaponized as demonstrated in 9/11 Published on 17 Mar 2017 Only recently has successful antigravity breakthrough been allowed to be published in mainstream physics journals, but real antigravity systems have been around for a lot longer. Imagine for a moment a reality where all the technologies that futurists have predicted have already been invented and are currently being used by a privileged few, its not so hard to believe antigravity devices are being hidden from the public. And what if most of the futuristic technologies readers and cinemagoers are presented with in bestselling books and blockbuster movies are not science fiction, but science fact? What if they already exist on the planet, but are suppressed from the masses? Possibly more than any other exotic science, rumored or otherwise, antigravity propulsion systems are the most suppressed – not to mention the most difficult to gather concrete evidence on. Comment from Project Avalon http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?98787-Antigravity-is-Real-and-Being-Hidden-from-the-Public ..."Antigravity has been in use for a GREAT many years. I've seen it in use first-hand many times back in the 70's (And yes, I know Edgar Fouche' ). But to reveal Antigravity to the public would be to reveal 'Free Energy', and that's never gonna happen in our current state of economics. And that's the reason why one of the brightest inventors in history died a broken man. All brought to you by the mighty $$." Project Winterhaven, Mach 3 Electrogravitic Propulsion Labels Dr. Paul Laviolette, Electrogravitic Propulsion, Project Winterhaven http://information-machine.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/project-winterhaven-mach-3.html#
  22. yelik

    Anti-Gravity / Gravity Control

    This is Clean / Zero-Point Energy technology which I think is related to Anti-Gravity. Can't find Free energy topic in my search. Hard work listening to John searl via this skype interview so summarised some of the main points below. UK Professor John Searl has been working on this clean energy technology for some 60 years and was inspired by dreams of which he had 4 each year for 6 years. The mathematics always related to X squared. Appears to be harnessing the tension between atoms which are converted to electricity. It is not anti-gravity per se but rather it is an inverse relationship to earth’s magnetic field and at the same time it creates a vortex effect in the atmosphere. The moisture in the air is a dipole molecule and because of the high rotational speed of the device it creates a sort of inverted tornado on the top and bottom of the device. The device has its own relativity and reacts to the earths gravitational force as well as pulling and spinning the atmosphere around itself like a tornado sucking it up; it is perfect for space travel. As the electrons discharge they emit as photons (probably black photons) which attract the magnetic field. These go back into any craft / device, we are effectively restoring energy back to the planet. Mainstream scientists refute his claims which he says is ridiculous. Main stream scientists are paid well to do what they do so they ignore it because it doesn’t pay and they won’t have a job – sounds about right If he’s right, then his lab will burn down and he’ll be found dead having strangled himself with some fibre optic cables, lol John Searl Websites http://www.johnsearlstory.com/ http://www.searlsolution.com/index.html This technology may also touch on gravitational waves predicted by Einstein and recently the subject of a Nobel Prize. https://phys.org/news/2017-10-nobel-physics-prize-awarded-scientists.html