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  1. REPORT FOR THE PRESIDENT - Site Now Live https://www.reportforthepresident.org/
  2. Thanks DrB - How are you and how's Manila these days? I visited Philippines a few years ago and noticed how prices had increased but not pay levels
  3. Just recovering from hip replacement surgery - I've suffered arthritis pain for quite a few years, still need my other hip sorting - other than that I'm good thanks.
  4. Two supporting websites, which will be major repositories of detailed information to be released to the public. President Trump will have his own login. Tracy Beanz describes this initiative as 'WikiLeaks Lite'. They're not online yet, but should be active on Friday. http://ReportForThePresident.com http://VoterTruth.com
  5. From Project Avalon Posting by Bill Ryan:- http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?104116-The-weaponization-of-the-US-intelligence-community-120-agency-insiders-now-speak-out Data update. Joshua, interviewed by Ann Vandersteel, is Joshua E. Macias. Here's his twitter account: https://twitter.com/JoshuaMacias Tracy Beanz refers to Robert as Robert Caron. Here's her [very interesting] twitter stream: https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/statu...13940998426625 On his own twitter stream, Joshua clarifies who he is:
  6. Unfortunately once we stray from truth we end up having to assume, speculate and guess what might be going on. If you wanted to keep your existence secret on earth then for sure you would locate somewhere far away and inaccessible to the vast majority of humans - Polar regions, mountainous regions and oceans. Thule Island (German Occult Thule Society) located in Antarctica has been blurred out on Google maps for a long time for some reason. Courtney Brown and Daz Smith look like they will do a remote viewing session of Antarctica - hopefully soon Dr B are you still into remote viewing?
  7. Anti-Gravity / Gravity Control

    This is Clean / Zero-Point Energy technology which I think is related to Anti-Gravity. Can't find Free energy topic in my search. Hard work listening to John searl via this skype interview so summarised some of the main points below. UK Professor John Searl has been working on this clean energy technology for some 60 years and was inspired by dreams of which he had 4 each year for 6 years. The mathematics always related to X squared. Appears to be harnessing the tension between atoms which are converted to electricity. It is not anti-gravity per se but rather it is an inverse relationship to earth’s magnetic field and at the same time it creates a vortex effect in the atmosphere. The moisture in the air is a dipole molecule and because of the high rotational speed of the device it creates a sort of inverted tornado on the top and bottom of the device. The device has its own relativity and reacts to the earths gravitational force as well as pulling and spinning the atmosphere around itself like a tornado sucking it up; it is perfect for space travel. As the electrons discharge they emit as photons (probably black photons) which attract the magnetic field. These go back into any craft / device, we are effectively restoring energy back to the planet. Mainstream scientists refute his claims which he says is ridiculous. Main stream scientists are paid well to do what they do so they ignore it because it doesn’t pay and they won’t have a job – sounds about right If he’s right, then his lab will burn down and he’ll be found dead having strangled himself with some fibre optic cables, lol John Searl Websites http://www.johnsearlstory.com/ http://www.searlsolution.com/index.html This technology may also touch on gravitational waves predicted by Einstein and recently the subject of a Nobel Prize. https://phys.org/news/2017-10-nobel-physics-prize-awarded-scientists.html
  8. This is why they don't like guns in the US - this guy walks the walk - quite scary stuff. Having this guy on your side when & if the shit hits the fan would be good Do not go into FEMA camps, ships or planes because you will likely go missing - the Government & Private Contractors are KILLING AND LOOTING
  9. Sort of related since this race thing may just be a distraction
  10. Mathematics and patterns is, to a large extent, the language of the universe especially when it is probably made of of both infinitely small and infinitely large particles, but there's still a lot of unanswered questions. I'm not a theoretical physicists but common sense tells me there's good mileage in cliodynamics and analyses of historical data to find patterns that may predict the future. The thing is I reckon Dr Millar is a real insider who is very careful about revealing what he really knows. The science and physics that goes on behind closed doors is likely decades ahead of what comes out of University professors where certain technological ideas are slowly drip fed to them. In my opinion they've already decoded the brain and possibly the soul and can very likely clone humans and insert memories, in fact this was being done in the UK shortly after WWII. Understanding gravity and energy has also allowed the hidden science to have a much deeper understanding of the universe that they aren't ready to share any time soon, well at least until the Oil cartels have re-positioned themselves following mass use of electric vehicles which will then move towards zero-point energy release, in my opinion.
  11. I’ve read that claim about controlling black people with music before but difficult to know whether there is any truth in it or not because of all the deliberate misinformation thrown at us. But we do know that Jews and the CIA are very active in the entertainment industry. In reality black people must still be pissed off about slavery and segregation after slavery, who wouldn’t be. Slavery only ended in 1833 in UK and 1865 in the US. Apparently whites were genetically upgraded by ET, whereas blacks were not - meaning segregation is inevitable for quite some time. Having said that I wish no harm to anyone, which, is fundamentally wrong in my opinion. However, if I was the only white person living in a street of black people (better than P**** though) would I feel comfortable - probably not. We have Trump, a white American Anglo Saxon wanting to make America great again - define what is meant by great? Bring back slavery, lol When you consider what’s going on in the US, the Middle East and mass immigration in Europe it seems to me this destabilisation is not by chance.
  12. ..."Americans picked it up (taught by Alan Turning at American universities) and used it a fair bit in US warfare planning (rand corp and mutually assured destruction), but not so much healthcare (because the US healthcare is about maximising profit, not maximising health)" - there in lies one of the fundamental floors in human thinking and reason much of humanities woes. Changing this will take a paradigm shift in thinking not likely to occur anytime soon. Money is just mere dots created by our dotty belief that money is real, although the effects appear very real especially if you value materialistic things. We're all dot collectors one way or another, lol. Breaking through this matrix is likely a function of somehow controlling our subconscious thinking. Remote viewing and out of body experiences seem part of this game.
  13. Makes sense to me, no need to over complicate things to protect the few We can can go infinitely small and infinitely big. If our Universe is a closed system then it may not necessarily be infinitely big but just pretty dam big. Theoretically we have infinite universes with slightly different physics, perhaps we also exist in each of these universes where we play out every conceivable role imaginable. By contrast these infinite universes could be a creation of our own subconsciousness. And yes a universe made of of dots is ideal medium for a matrix / holographic existence The unified field theory as explained by nassim haramein September 25, 2017 http://www.wakingtimes.com/2017/09/25/unified-field-theory-explained-nassim-haramein/ Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer Waking Times Nassim Haramein is a rogue physicist who thinks way outside the box. In fact, when he was just nine years old, traveling on a long bus ride to get home from school, when he realized that the Universe was just a bunch of “dots.” What came from an experience of astral projection in a small boy’s mind turned into the Theory of Everything, or what is commonly known as the Unified Field Theory. An Elegant Discovery Haramein’s discovery is elegant. In comparison to other theoretical physicists’ notions about what makes up “everything” it makes sense all the way out to the gargantuan real estate of our cosmos – in galaxies and quasars (baby galaxies just being formed), but also all the way down into the microcosmic level of quarks and planks. A planck being the energy discovered by Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1918 for discovering that all energy can be measured in universal constants. The planck constant defines how particles and waves behave in the quantum field. This is an important concept, but let’s get back to Haramein’s discovery before we go much further. A Boyhood Conundrum In his boyhood class on geometry, his teacher told him that a point did not exist. This was called dimension zero. The teacher then wrote a line on the board – a series of dots, and said that this also did not exist. He called it dimension 1. Next, his teacher put four of these “non-existent” lines together to form a plane, and called this a plane. Of course, as you may have guessed, he called this dimension 2 and said that it still, did not exist. Something that Exists from Nothing that Doesn’t Exist? Finally, Haramein says when explaining his childhood memory, “my teacher gets to the third dimension – which is just a bunch of these planes put together to make a cube, and says, “now, this exists!” but I said to myself, it doesn’t matter how many planes you put together – 230 or a billion, you don’t get something that exists from a nothing that doesn’t exist!” In brief, he was smart enough to question the assumption that even highly advanced theoretical physicists still try to work from today. This causes mathematical proofs that go on for pages and pages, but “at the end of the day” as Haramein explains, “they still don’t add up.” In another lecture, Haramein explains that science must make sense all the way up and all the way down. When it doesn’t, the scientific community becomes manic – because there is no unity. They develop more grandiose equations to try to explain the simplicity of all things which, to him, became inordinately apparent. But, his view is seen as rogue and outlandish due to its simplicity. It creates unity instead of division. The Paradox When he says all the Universe is made up of dots “all the way up and all the way down,” he means that nothing ever exists, but “nothing” is all that exists. This was Haramein’s epiphany. The universe simply makes an infinite number of dots within dots within dots, within dots. The answer to the riddle was the exact opposite of what his teacher had told him when he was just a young boy in school. The universe makes points of infinite division and assembles them on different scales to make everything we see. That includes the biggest things we can imagine like massive black holes ten billion times the size of our sun, all the way down to the smallest particle we have discovered thus far – the quantum particles below Planck’s scale. But there is no “smallest particle.” There are only infinitely smaller and infinitely larger dots. These dots within dots within dots (or points in space-time) are what we experience as the material world, but this makes up less than 99.9% of our universe. Moreover, the space around these points is not empty– rather it’s a vacuum that’s filled with energy and only appears empty because it’s everywhere. A Hong Kong University of Science and Technology study even found something to back up Haramein’s theoretical physics. While studying astrophysics, they found that density distributions of the vast universe and the nature of the smallest particles are related – just like Haramein’s hunch that a true Theory of Everything must work all the way up and all the way down. Scientists found a connection between those two aspects, and argued that our universe could be used as a particle physics ‘collider’ to study the high energy particle physics. Only, we don’t need to keep colliding particles (CERN) in order to find another even smaller particle, because there is not a “smallest” particle, just more dots within dots within dots – infinitely. Which brings us back to what was the smallest observable particle – the Planck – a subatomic particle, (but there are even now particles below Planck’s scale in the V range – because, remember there are only infinite points in space/time), yet the Theory of Everything works here, too, because Haramein’s physics is explained whether we are talking about massive black holes or subatomic wave/particles. In brief, there are only dots. That’s all that exists. And that’s the Theory of Everything. Simple. Source: