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  1. This thread is a bit odd. But if all we're doing is posting videos as obscure references to the coming economic crash, then I can roll with that
  2. I don't understand the question, or the subtext - can you elaborate a bit on what you're implying here?
  3. I find his work very interesting (from that same link):
  4. As much as I am anti-Hillary/controlled MSM etc, I can't help thinking this is all a big Psy-Op that is being perpetrated on the planet. Same for Brexit. Big hoo ha about how this is victory for ordinary working people who won't be told what to do by the liberal globalist elite, yadda yadda. But in actual fact, yet again, it is the illusion of change and democracy in place of anything real. Trump and Brexit were social engineered victories, imo, to make us feel like we have some power to change things. The reality will be more of the same. It is the old story of keeping us dumbed down, numbed, in our place, divided, clueless as to our real enemy etc etc. I don't buy it. Politics is a shell game. The house always wins.
  5. The global financial system has been on the brink for many years now. Any reason to think this is a game changing moment in history? Cgnao seems to think it is, and I respect him for calling it, but he hasn't really provided any reasons why he thinks this might be a significant moment. Would love for him/her to elaborate a bit...
  6. All very cryptic - any chance of spelling it out a bit more for us dummies at the back What might the JPY do in the near future, and what would that signify?
  7. How are we to judge the significance of such 'blips'. Sure they suggest that the system is creaking at the seams and liable to blow apart at some point, but surely these signals have been sounding for some time now and everything just keeps ticking along... is this latest blip in the £ particularly significant for some reason? Any reason to think something is going to happen imminently, or can I go back to sleep?
  8. The side of truth and righteousness, of course! The "drugs are bad" line is outdated and somewhat inaccurate, imo. Drugs are chemicals that are biologically active and useful for a whole range of things. They are like medicines. Medicines need to be controlled, sure. Criminalisation means that we are not in control of them, they are literally in the hands of the lawless. Conspiring to keep them illegal in order to cream off massive black market profits from addicts is evil. Why are they not decriminalised? How much does a teabag cost? There is your short answer.
  9. I'm only a third through, but that is an excellent article.
  10. That's entirely your call, and I would repsect your right to make it, one way or the other. I just wonder if it verges on using a hammer to crack a nut - all forums (fora?!) have their resident 'eccentrics' who verge on trolling or are otherwise antagonistic seemingly for the sake of it. Personally, I would probably opt to humour and/or ignore them, rather than banning them. But then it's not my forum!