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  1. Article about South African miners Strongly recommend reading it Headline is: Gold Fields to spin off two mature mines http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/d7ab4a7c-39f7-11e2-a00d-00144feabdc0.html I'm not going to copy and paste any of the article as the T&C prohibit it i'm nervous about ending up with one good company and one bad one.
  2. This is a few months old, but well worth a read. http://www.zealllc.com/2012/gmmarg2.htm
  3. Yes, that's the one. I've bought my shares and I've put in for the rights issue.
  4. I'm buying Lonmin. The record date for the rights issue is next Friday. I have time to get in and then bag my cheap shares in the rights issue http://www.iii.co.uk...ays-mining-news
  5. Off Topic I guess you voted for "Disclosure Discussion : Is there an E.T. Presence on Earth" belongs in GEI's Fringe Festival Section" and didn't make a selection for the second question
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    Does "take a 50% profit on half" = "Sell 25% of the total" ? You may find this article useful... http://www.zealllc.com/2012/silvseas2.htm
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    Hi All, sorry ive been away

    Good to see you mate
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    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dividends-Dont-Lie-Finding-Blue-Chip/dp/0793100232 (I've not read it)
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    Glenstrata may be looking to merge with anglo before long. The thought of Glencore sniffing around puts me off. http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-02-09/anglo-american-seen-takeover-bait-by-glencore-xstrata-real-m-a.html Billiton pays a nice dividend. Does Billiton look better or worse on your model?
  10. VGM.L down 16% today Poor results http://www.proactiveinvestors.co.uk/columns/fox-davies-capital/9671/vatukoula-gold-mines-uranium-resources-connemara-mining-san-leon-energy-and-others-feature-in-fox-davies-newsflash-9671.html Can’t quote your post from last month- http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=16379&view=findpost&p=249638
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    My guess is: Silver is not going up before the Greek election (17 June). An austerity supporting mainstream party will win the election (or form a coalition) in Greece. 3 days later (20 June) the US FED will expand their QE programme or at least give a very strong hint that they are willing to print more. A temporary bottom in silver will happen around the 2 events. There will be a really lasting 6 weeks maximum, the $35 level will be taken out in this really. The rally ends when the new Greek government announce that they MUST re-negotiate the previous bailout. Silver will drop By September the pressure on Germany will cause them to announce some QE. The amount of QE will fail to meet the demands of the printing cheerleaders and the market will continue to bomb. However, the actual start of the QE will cause the market to turn and we will have another temporary bottom. We will get another rally, maybe 2 or 3 weeks. The rally will end when the market realises what’s really going on with the QE. Germany will insist the QE is used to buy government bonds in relation to their contribution to the ECB. This will mean Germany receives most of the QE money and Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland & Spain will receive less than they wanted. Market will drag down again. Following the US election, BarrrickO will care less about oil prices and the FED will launch a bigger QE with the BofE, BofJ, ECB, SNB etc. This QE programme will send us off for a 2 -3 year rally.
  12. They are not all gold/pm related. Some of my biggest mining investments are in the FTSE100 base metal miners. WRT gold/pm miners: I've gone for the "buy everything and hope something survives" stratergy.
  13. You could consider Funds / OEICs / Unit trusts for example: http://www.hl.co.uk/funds/fund-discounts,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results?companyid=&tab=prices&x=0&y=0&sectorid=&tab=prices&investment=gold
  14. I around 100 different mining/exploring company shares. When I posted above, I was thinking of African Consolodated Conroy Gold Hambledon Mining Jubilee Plat KEFI Landore Mariana Resources Norseman Gold Solomon Gold