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  1. RichardHifi

    PIIGS / Europe's Debt Troubles

    It's not the population that has their hands on Ange's control wires. She will make strong woman noises whilst doing the bankster's bidding, then die a glorious death in the elections & collect her rewards for being a good girl. Job done.
  2. RichardHifi

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Mainland Portugal is no different.
  3. How fringe am I allowed to go? We created out own purgatory by becoming fascinated with our own creation. Three-dimensional entrapment very loosely = fear = ego = futile top-dog escape attempts, priestcraft = our divinity given away = being lost. You could label this 'the fall' I suppose. Result, light-being freedom to Victor Meldrew self-inflicted mind enclosure.
  4. Beyond that one moves into unlimited territory, so may I up the definition to Financial independence is when the expense of a decent yacht is of no concern. Note to roman's holiday. On your list, No5 is incorrect.
  5. This is fringe worthy parallel universe stuff. They don't really all sit around a table & talk like this, do they? It shows their utter contempt for the plebs. Even as an ignorant retired car dealer I found this insulting. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-05-26/g-8-calls-commodity-price-surge-a-threat-to-growth-pledges-deficit-cuts.html Group of Eight leaders said a strengthening global economy will pave the way to cuts in the debt built up during the recession that followed the 2008 financial crisis. Europe vowed to fight its fiscal woes with “determination,” while President Barack Obama promised a “clear and credible” U.S. deficit-reduction strategy. Japan was allowed to put off savings measures until its economy rebounds from the March earthquake and tsunami. “The global recovery is gaining strength and is becoming more self-sustained,” according to a statement after a two-day summit in Deauville, France. Without mapping out binding targets, the leaders pledged to “remain focused on the action required to enhance the sustainability of public finances.” The harshest economic crisis since the Great Depression drove debt in the U.S., Japan and the 17-nation euro region past the mark of 90 percent of gross domestic product that economists Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart say can weigh on long-term growth prospects. Echoing that assessment, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on May 25 warned that deepening holes in public finances may be a drag on the recovery. It predicted growth of 4.2 percent in the world economy this year and 4.6 percent in 2012. ‘Downside Risks’ “Downside risks remain, and internal and external imbalances are still a concern,” the G-8 said. “The sharp increase in commodity prices and their excessive volatility pose a significant headwind to the recovery.” With unemployment at 9 percent in the U.S. and 9.9 percent in the euro area, leaders of the G-8 -- the U.S., Japan, Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Canada and Russia -- spiced the final version with more references to growth and job creation. The statement made clear that the wider Group of 20 -- including developing countries such as China, India and Brazil - - has become the principal forum for steering the world economy. The next G-20 get-together is in November in Cannes, France. That meeting, also to be hosted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, will try to work out an international radar system that warns of imbalances involving current accounts and budgets, as well as currency misalignments that threaten world growth.
  6. http://thesilvergoldhedge.blogspot.com/2011/05/banksters-dirty-hierarchy-of-needs.html Is this new? Apologies from a newbie if it isn't
  7. RichardHifi

    UK House prices: News & Views

    How's this for the VI baseless drivel of the month award? http://propertytalklive.co.uk/house-prices/6353-homeowners-expect-price-rises-over-next-5-years If prices change as homeowners expect - I feel compelled to keep on repeating that one FWIW:-Second comment down is mine. I only mention this because I'm amazed it was allowed in.
  8. RichardHifi

    Anything Goes Chat - High-end Hifi.

    It's all down to that psychic woman I live with who has been known to frequent this site How many dials does one need for an adjustable air bearing? Joesph Levy's hand built classic. I wish I could find the construction details, they used to be online. Some will think this is madness but when you hear the best that vinyl can give* you wonder why CD sales are not relegated to pound shops by law. *It just requires a bit of effort thats all
  9. RichardHifi

    Anything Goes Chat - High-end Hifi.

    One in each corner, could I grow to like the shape? Certainly there wont be a problem with standing waves, but the colouration is built-in. Might appeal to Nautilus owners who have grown accustomed to that 'constantly pregnant' look & are tiring of it? ;) Meanwhile in turntable land here is a bargain at half the price of the Goldmund Reference II The Basis 'Work of Art'
  10. RichardHifi

    Anything Goes Chat - High-end Hifi.

    Thxs for the tip. Checked on fleabay, no interconnects but one of the Athens boys has some discarded BARGAIN speaker cable. His generosity with the post & packing is notable too. I'll reconsider when a couple of ozs of silver covers it. I expect even then I will have to justify my purchase in writing to the one who discovered the joys of gold & silver! Earlier I was innocently searching for a pic of a Jinsun Iris & was mildly impressed with the site I found it on. This is page 39 of 45. http://www.hififorum.nu/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=54678&whichpage=39 Pages 1-38 & 40-45 might well be worth a look?
  11. RichardHifi

    Uk Farms and farm land price direction?

    Oh the joys of the UK. I'd be using my shotgun to cleanse the countryside of self-perpetuating L.A.'crats I loathe them so much. Does it have to be the UK? Are there not other places with far less direct taxation & better climate? We know of one, totally bankrupt, impenetrable latin based dialect, but once you've had one bureaucrat by the throat in front of their colleagues they get the message & back off. The latter hasn't happened yet, but my neighbour assures me that is the correct approach. You wont make a living from the land but you will have a relaxing & satisfying lifestyle & far less relentless expense. You wont have to weld all your possessions to the floor each night either.
  12. RichardHifi

    Anything Goes Chat - High-end Hifi.

    Kill the infidel! & yet this guy's secondhand shop DM2s persuaded him to sell his Quad ESLs. Six years on & I rarely think about equipment anymore. Faculties failing with age or Synergy achieved? Sure is, & room, & mains quality (if on mains), & temperature, & humidity, & mood, & ? For speakers, the one that was thrown at me about ten years ago with the challenge 'beat that'. Was sold by Tandy!!! Cheap thick multi-strand. Though I wasn't told the cheap bit or brand until later of course. It's been the only time my scepticism had to be put aside, an improvement in naturalness. When Laura was out one day I swopped to another cable & said nothing. When she returned Diana Krall Live in Paris was playing. Within a minute she said "What's wrong with equipment?" With interconnects I hear slight differences but have yet to label them as improvements. Not that I bother fiddling much these days being away from the scene. Better add 'environment' to that system dependent list
  13. RichardHifi

    Al and Tipper Gore separating

    Yeah, Laura told me this was a top notch forum with quality posters! Who could possibly argue
  14. RichardHifi

    Anything Goes Chat - High-end Hifi.

    The Audiophile Club of Athens. Twenty minutes, & good headphones help with the emotion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs1aUws0Lrs&feature=player_embedded Dr.Bubb, should this be on the PIIGS thread also?
  15. RichardHifi

    Anything Goes Chat - High-end Hifi.

    Azazel, what make are your amps? High end TT anyone? I'd rather dense wood than marble, but as a piece of sculpture I guess it's ok