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  1. Shares of Apple Inc (AAPL) moved higher today as money flow continues to favor the big trillion-Dollar technology names. While investors, funds and the media continue to rush in, the technical analysis on Apple is screaming caution. Apple has rallied 50% since its late March 2020 lows. Today Apple hit gap window resistance, a key factor for any chart technician. Smart investors that follow the technical analysis on Apple are selling the stock and even taking short positions. Based on technical analysis on Apple, I have two levels. The first hit today at gap window of $303.00. The second level is the gap fill from February 21st, 2020 at $313.00. Smart money is accumulating a short position from here until there. The upside on Apple in the near-term is limited while the downside would be a pull back to as low as $240.00. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/technical-analysis-on-apple-stock-hits-key-level/ Gareth Soloway Chief Market Strategist InTheMoneyStocks.com
  2. The Russell 2000 has long been the laggard when it comes to stock market indexes. However, that has changed in recent days with it surging. Today alone, the Russell 2000 is up almost 4% while the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 are just up a little over 1%. Based on technical signals, the Russell may remain stronger than the other indexes for the near-term. The Russell 2000 price target as shown on the IWM (Russell ETF) below in the chart is $144.00. The current price is $127.35. This is what is known as a catch-up trade. Please keep in mind, the markets are on thin ice. I am not one to buy the Russell 2000 ETF (IWM), instead I am looking to patiently wait to short the Russell 2000 price target of $144.00. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/russell-2000-price-target-level-to-trade/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  3. Shares of McDonald’s Corp (MCD) are rising nearly 5% today on the back of solid earnings from Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG). The fast food pickup/takeout game is alive and well as consumers are getting tired of cooking at home. On a technical basis, there is a McDonald’s stock chart breakout above the daily 50 moving average today. This likely gives it further upside to the daily 200 moving average at $201 in the coming weeks. This means there is the potential for another 7-8% upside in McDonald’s Corp until it hits a short/sell level. As a swing trader, I accept the stock chart breakout, sitting back and letting it run higher in the near-term. Aggressive traders/swing traders can likely buy it and play the upside move. I will likely step up and short the key 200 daily moving average at just over $200/share. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/stock-chart-breakout-on-mcdonalds-corp-mcd/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  4. Shares of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have surged higher in the last month, nearing the all-time high from February 2020. However, there is major technical stock chart sell signal on the stock. The technical term is a double top and will represent major resistance on Advanced Micro Devices. As a swing trader, I am looking to short it at $59-$60. Considering the last earnings report was subpar for the stock, and that was pre Covid-19, there should be significant downside in the coming weeks. The one saving grace that investors are clinging to, is that with everyone being home, people are buying computers. Considering 22 million people have lost jobs in the last month, I think that may be somewhat optimistic. Based on pure technicals, the chart sell signal tells us Advanced Micro Devices is likely to drop back to the $51.50 level. This offers an over 10% swing trade profit trade in maybe a couple weeks of hold time. This is a no brainer for hardcore chart technicians. See it here... https://inthemoneystocks.com/chart-sell-signal-advanced-micro-devices-amd/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  5. Shares of Delta Airlines (DAL) are consolidating inside a wedge pattern on the daily chart. Should this wedge pattern break out to the upside, Delta Airlines has the potential to pop 72%. The airline industry just got a massive bailout and they will need more. In the near-term Delta Airlines is setup as best in the industry and any economic improvement could likely trigger this big upside move. The key to swing trading Delta Airlines is to wait for the wedge pattern to break out. Once price gets above $25 (and stays there), look for the stock to surge dramatically higher. Within 6-12 months, a move to $43 is likely, an 72%. I would highly recommend staying away from Delta unless it breaks and holds above $25. There is just far too much technical chart risk of a move back below $20. The breakout will kick start momentum buyers and algos, but only once it breaches $25. See the chart setup here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/wedge-pattern-break-delta-airlines-dal-may-pop-it-72/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  6. OIL SHOCK! Spot WTI goes to Negative (DrBubb): I hijacked this thread, to show that the "unthinkable" can happen WTI- Cushing Spot contract went negative, but not the other months, & not Brent Oil Here's USO. the US Oil etf > owns a strip of Oil Futures... Update: 12 mo - to 4/21 xx Just a few days ago, market observers were looking for an Oil Price Low Crude Getting Ready for a Rude Move Up? Listen to the podcast here: https://www.spreaker.com/user/appeal2/nick-santiago-13
  7. https://www.spreaker.com/user/appeal2/nick-santiago-12-dmw
  8. As Apple Inc (AAPL) continues to bounce higher, investors are getting more bullish. As a pro, I am becoming more aware of the risks as Apple gets near-term overbought. I am starting to see the profit potential of short levels on Apple. The sell short level on Apple begins when it tags $293.00. There is a key gap fill at that spot and will have retraced about 75% of the down-move at that price. The sell short level on Apple begins at the $293.00 level but has an additional add price if it tags second target of $312.75. This would be where I add my second half of the short position (if needed). While the odds of it getting to $293.00 are somewhat low, smart pros leave that room to add to protect themselves. Note the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/sell-short-level-on-apple-inc-aapl/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  9. NetApp, Inc (NTAP) has an incredible stock channel trading opportunity for all investors and swing traders. NetApp has held this long-term stock channel trading range since late 2018. Every time the upper channel is tagged, the stock sells off, every time the low trend line of the channel is tagged, it bounces significantly. Stock channel trading is one of the great ways investors and swing traders can profit with minor risk. If at any point the channel is broken and confirmed, an exit for a small loss is easily done. NetApp, Inc is just coming off the low end of the channel trading range. This implies there could be further upside, perhaps as high as $60 in the coming weeks/months. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/stock-channel-trading-opportunity-on-netapp-ntap/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  10. The stock market continues its impressive bounce. Swing traders are waiting patiently for key levels to trigger. To give an example, the S&P 500 just hit a 50% Fibonacci retrace. This tells technical traders and investors that the market is starting to hit some resistance. While it could go a little higher, many are smartly eyeing short trades. When it comes to Alphabet Inc (GOOGL), there is an epic technical level at $1,277 that warrants close attention for a potential short. This level is a pivot point as well as a the 50% Fibonacci retrace level. In terms of pulling the trigger on a swing trade short on Alphabet, this is going to be the spot. The stock is still trading $70 away from that level, but could get tagged in a matter of days. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/alphabet-inc-googl-short-trigger-level/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  11. As markets continue to rally, investors are becoming more confident. The vibe is now that COVID-19 will pass soon and it will be business as usual. In reality, that is unlikely. Until there is a vaccine, there will be no ‘business as usual’. Having said that, the rally can last a little longer. Microsoft is likely to head up to the major technical chart resistance at $178.50. That is my key short level to attack. Once there, I will pull the trigger. I will also begin shorting the S&P and NASDAQ 100. Based on all technical cycle work, there is still another leg lower that could take us lower than the recent $SPY low of $220.00. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/short-microsoft-msft-here-is-the-technical-level/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist
  12. #Podcast with Nick. Listen to this NOW... https://www.spreaker.com/user/appeal2/nick-santiago-8
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    Individual Stock Target Prices: TSLA, AAPL, X...

    As the markets surge back from panic depths, investors are clamoring to buy. While most stocks are surged 20-30 even 50% off their lows, the hidden gem trade may be Tupperware Brands Corp (TUP). Everyone knows of tuppeware and its uses to store leftovers and other food. Could this be a hidden gem trade with people cooking at home almost exclusively now? This company is trading near all-time lows at $1.35. It has not bounced yet. Tupperware Brands may be a gift based on a possible surge in sales during the ‘stay at home’ orders. People are cooking at home much more than they were, there are leftovers and they need ways to store them. This may in fact be a near-term game changer for Tupperware Brands. With over 20% of the float short and prices near the dead lows, Tupperware Brands is a high risk play but could see a surge to $4.35 as the hidden gem trade. This would be a 220% move. Again, any investor or swing trader looking to take this position should understand the risk. This is a near-term trade only, and high risk. I bought some myself but only a tiny percent of my portfolio is dedicated to it. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/obvious-trade-idea-tupperware-brands-corp-tup/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist Hidden Gem Trade: Tupperware Brands Corp (TUP) - In The Money Stocks https://inthemoneystocks.com
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    INDEX Targets: Scenario For The S&P, Russell, Semis

    Investors need to trade the charts. If you can shut down emotion and just trade the charts you can profit in bull and bear markets. Emotion is the great profit killer. To put it to use, let’s look at the current S&P tracking ETF (SPY). We are currently attacking the $263.00, the same highs we knocked up against a week-plus ago. The last time the S&P traded into this level, it failed. This tells investors and traders that if the $SPY can close above $263.00, it will have broken out. The upside is likely to $274.00 as a minimum, this is a key gap fill. I even think the SPY could push through to the 50% Fibonacci retrace level at $280.00. By using the charts, you can position your portfolio for these monster moves that will likely take place in just days. The gains that members have seen just compound how key using the charts are. Trade the charts and profit for life. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.com/trade-the-charts-sp-500-attacking-key-level/ Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks Chief Market Strategist