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  1. crownjewels

    A Short Guide To Buying Coins

    Here is a guide I have written on the silver content of British coins. You may find it useful when purchasing them: http://www.silverpriceuk.com/2010/12/silve...tish-coins.html An old English crown has 0.85 oz of pure silver content. I find them great to stack and you can find them close to spot if you dig deep.
  2. crownjewels

    A Short Guide To Buying Coins

    Silver is looking very bullish at the minute. I have been advised visa-versa [70% silver] for a better return.
  3. crownjewels

    Metals as Money Discussion

    Precious metals are just insurance agains inflation. I doubt we will ever go back to using them as currency.
  4. crownjewels

    Say No to VAT on Silver, sign the petition

    Although its a great idea. I don't believe it will bring results. The government are too keen on putting taxes up, let alone getting rid of any. One thing to think about before signing something like this your details will be on record along with your involvement in silver stacking...
  5. crownjewels

    Gold Talk : Gold Reserves

    I must say, it is surprising to see the USA still holds a large amount of gold.