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    “When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.” Emo Philips "The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." —Plato
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    GEI Logo

    This is the image cropped to remove the green energy investors part and rescaled to 180. I use linux ubuntu, you are able to install lots of graphic programs. The one I used for this is Mirage
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    GEI Logo

    I have done a quick rescale of the main GEI logo to 180 pixel width. Is this any help. It has lost some resolution though.
  4. Personally, 2007 for me is about setting foundations for my steady progress towards financial independence. Still in my twenties so have time on my side hopefully. I produced a few more publications and patents to my name. This always helps when preparing new research grants or looking for a new research contracts. A couple of students I mentor have passed their masters and are now pursuing PhDs (investment in the next generation of engineers ) The start-up I helped co-found based on some of my research is gearing up for its next stage of development. We have gone through a couple of seed rounds and now round one investment is on track to enable us to cope with the increased workload. We are going through the due diligence stage with potential venture capitalist investors. Several projects are in progress with tier one semiconductor companies that with a lot of hard work and some luck will come to fruit within the next twelve to eighteen months. Additionally, I have negotiated with another company some royalties based on every chip they sell using some of my Intellectual Property, so this could have the potential to become a nice passive revenue stream for me. debt free, renting a flat a few minutes walk from work. Investments are mainly in the form of cash at the moment. This is more than enough to fund my current lifestyle for the next 4 years if I wasn’t in paid employment and had no other income. Therefore, over the next year I aim to gain the confidence/knowledge to slightly diversify my assets to help increase returns greater than high interest rate/ISA accounts. On a side note, I have been offered a lecturer position in a new Chinese university with free accommodation, which I am very tempted to accept if it wasn’t for the start-up I am involved with. In the meanwhile, I am beginning to learn mandarin with the little spare time I currently have available. The trouble I am finding at the moment is too many possible paths to purse but only one Gen-X
  5. A maverick Australian prospector is planning to scoop untold riches - gold, silver, copper - from the bottom of the ocean. Is it a cleaner way to mine or the beginning of an environmental disaster? http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.03/undersea.html
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    Energy Limits on houses

    During my engineering industrial placement, I worked in a lab where we were working on a smart meter to remotely connect and disconnect the electricity supply. I even got to test it with a modified arc welder The main driving force behind the project was that utilities companies in America face a major problem of how to handle customers not paying. To disconnect a households’ electricity, involved a lengthy and costly process. The electrician had to be escorted with armed police due to the prevalence of guns and the customers’ potential unhappiness of being without electricity. Also another factor for considering smart metering is that for members of society to be without electricity it’s not a good for people’s well-being and can resort in bad company image. So, rather than the drastic all or nothing supply of electricity, the meter was design to disconnect at a pre-settable level of current. I.e. there was enough to run a kettle or washing machine but not both at the same time. This was a sort of “sin bin” approach of making sure bills were paid. If current was over level for a certain amount of time, the meter disconnected and a phone call was required to the utility company. Another possibility with these meters is smart load control. When the electrical network faces situations of very high demand with constricted supply, the utility company could be selective in which households to disconnect/connect to prevent blackout of the network. So personally, I see it entirely feasible for rationing of electricity to UK homes as I have already seen the technology capable of doing this.
  7. http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/newsandeventspg...-23?newsid=3016 Scientists have combined two molecules that occur naturally in blood to engineer a molecular complex that uses solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, says research published today in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. This molecular complex can use energy from the sun to create hydrogen gas, providing an alternative to electrolysis, the method typically used to split water into its constituent parts. The breakthrough may pave the way for the development of novel ways of creating hydrogen gas for use as fuel in the future. Professors Tsuchida and Komatsu from Waseda University, Japan, in collaboration with Imperial College London, synthesised a large molecular complex from albumin, a protein molecule that is found at high levels in blood serum, and porphyrin, a molecule which is used to carry oxygen around the body and gives blood its deep red colour. Porphyrin molecules are normally found combined with metals, and in their natural state in the blood they have an iron atom at their centre. The scientists modified the porphyrin molecule to swap the iron for a zinc atom in the middle, which completely changed the chemistry and characteristics of the molecule. This modified porphyrin molecule was then combined with albumin; with the albumin molecule itself being modified by genetic engineering to enhance the efficiency of the process. The resulting molecular complex was proven to be sensitive to light, and can capture light energy in a way that allows water molecules to be split into molecules of hydrogen and oxygen.
  8. I have come across this website that might be useful in sizing up the requirements of installing a photovoltaic system. http://www.solar4power.com/solar-power-sizing.html
  9. How about training schemes/courses? To get started Renewable Energy Msc Courses : The Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology offers flexible & distance learning courses for study at home or in your workplace. These courses enable you to participate without taking time away from work to attend a residential course, and save on the costs of traveling to and living at the University. But, for maximum flexibility, it is also possible to combine your home or work-based learning with one or more of our residential modules at Loughborough. http://crestdl.lboro.ac.uk/ Durham Centre for Renewable Energy - AIMS OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGY Aim To undertake world class research, enabling renewable energy to make a full contribution to society and the environment. Objectives • To promote and conduct multi-disciplinary research on the social, technical and environmental dimensions of renewable energy components and systems. • To undertake fundamental research into renewable energy technologies in order to advance the state of knowledge in the field and to improve their economic and resource efficiency. • To work with partners in industry and society to identify and overcome barriers to the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies. http://www.dur.ac.uk/engineering/taughtmsc/mscnew/
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    Gambling on Green Energy

    Some more info on the competing demands for silicon from the solar and semiconductor industry http://www.eetimes.com/news/latest/showArt...cleID=189700111
  11. 2/ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  12. I am fascinated with this concept as well, as my partner and I are eventually aiming for a self sufficient lifestyle (at least in the terms of basic needs such as shelter, food, water, energy) That is once we have enough savings and investments behind us. One hidden disadvantages of modern day life is the extreme dependency we have on others for our basic needs, such as food, water and energy. It amazed me during the fuel blockades how quickly shops emptied from food. Around where I lived, cars were having their fuel pipes cut to drain the fuel tanks. The saying that society we are just three meals away from anarchy is definitely true. Anyway back to the eco village concept There are many tradeoffs involved in complex problems and some decisions taken often force others to be made. So I have done a quick brainstorm of various issues to hopefull see the bigger picture.
  13. Today is Tax Freedom Day. The average taxpayer works for the government from New Year’s Day until the end of May or beyond – a date which the Adam Smith Institute calculates each year as Tax Freedom Day. Looking forward to the next few years TFD, it does not looking that it will be reducing anytime soon. Brown's own budget projections say TFD will move forward by another 5 days over the next couple of years. This is on the assumption that Brown is able to reduce spending while at the same time extracting every last drop of tax revenue. A wonder how long it will be until we spend 1/2 of our year working for the government.
  14. Some more information about this can be found in the following link http://www.quietrevolution.co.uk/downloads...on_brochure.pdf
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    Ditch the Car? / Do we Dare to?

    I’m in my mid twenties, never learnt to drive. Driving is too expensive in terms of money and time for my taste. Rough figures from the top of my head Car : £1K (depreciation and repairs) MOT: £40 Insurance: £400 Road Tax: £160 Petrol: £20 per week * (52) = £1K (again depends how much driving needed) Total ~ £2800 per year This is money spent from your taxed income, so add on another 25%, taking up to £3500. This figure of course leaves of a lot of expense such as parking, road toll etc. For most people this is a big chunk out of their gross wage, also with a car people tend to be willing to commute further so taking more valuable time commuting. I have always rented fairly close to where I work ensuring I am within cycling distance. When travelling further a field I just use public transport. This year my expense for my bike is: Gear cassette: £15 Chain: £12 Brake blocks: £5 Total ~ £43 Total from gross wage is around £55, this expense is due to parts being worn out through use. There is extra health benefit from cycling as well which you can't place a monetary value. Personally, having a car and its drain on finances has never been very appealing to me.