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    any thoughts on where gold goes from here? are we at or close to the lows or is this a step down on the way to sub $1000 ? Personally I had thought the former but I've been thinking about it a lot over the last day or two and now I'm not so sure.
  2. thanks for posting. Interesting video. I share pretty much the same view as him.
  3. Hi guys, I'm wanting to short the market and would really appreciate some advice about doing this. I'm a bit of a newbie at this so please excuse any ignorant questions. I want something that will give me big leverage to a large drop in the sharemarket without running the risk of being stopped out due to upside volatility. From what I've researched so far I think my best approach is to buy long dated out of the money puts and then sit on them. Given that the DOW is at record highs I was thinking about putting some money into long dated puts and then just leaving it for a year or so. I was curious what your thoughts were on this. So far my forays into shorting have been using leverage on e-toro which has not been that successful. As far as I'm aware my current online broker doesn't offer calls or puts. Do you have any advice about an easy way to enter into these? Thanks!
  4. thanks for your input. I'm going to investigate buying puts, I think matches best with what I'm looking for. The U.S markets may be on a tear at the moment but I think that'll be fairly short lived and that we'll be in for the mother of all crashes soon. We'll find out soon enough I guess :-)
  5. I also thought GS would be getting down but since the election it's up around 12%. Strange.
  6. That save the day video was a terrible piece of inane propaganda. They should get a special mention.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I was also leaning towards buying puts. Re markets, I'm thinking about shorting the S&P500 and the NASDAQ. I know a fair bit about how options work and have traded calls before. What do you mean by am I qualified to trade them?
  8. sorry, typo in most post above. It's between 21:14 and 21:15 when she disappears for a frame
  9. I'm curious what you think of this most recent video of Hillary. To me it's looks faked / staged: - the picture on the phones in first 7 seconds doesn't resemble the background in the video - at 21:45 there is a frame where Hillary completely disappears but the background is still there - at 21:50 Hillary almost disappears Does anyone else think this is weird as or have I just gone full tin hatter?
  10. it's been a great few months for many of the ASX gold producers/explorers. A number of the ones I watch are up multi bags already. Prices were so depressed that, for some of these, their recovery is still only a small tick up when viewing a 10 year chart. Out of the 25 or so ASX gold/silver stocks that I watch the producers have had the best run (such as MOY, SAR, RMS and more recently TRY and BDR). Now the price and volume of the explorers I watch is picking up.