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  1. I cheated. I loaded the fire place with bbq fire lighters. I've got my spare bedroom stripped down for decorating so I haven't got a carpet or any nice décor to worry about. I should be decorating instead of going round staring at peoples' chimneys. I've been to the other 3 petrol stations now, but I haven't been able to get much more information from them. I might have to start buying my fuel there for a few months and then bring up the subject again.
  2. The coal burning trial went OK, but I had to end it early... I have a photoelectric smoke alarm in the hallway and this was able to detect the fire within 30 seconds. The door was closed, I opened widows. I used a fan to blow air in the opposite direction But there was nothing I do do to stop it detecting the fire. It did my head in. It's so loud! I didn't want to take the batteries out of the smoke detectors for the purpose of a coal burning trial as I might forget to put them back. I also have an ionising smoke alarm in the spare bedroom. This alarm was OK, it didn't detect a thing. After the coal had burnt, I got the toaster and burnt a piece of bread to a crisp. This time the ionising alarm detected 2 minutes faster than the photoelectric one. The lesson is to have both types of smoke alarm in your house. (oh, and I can burn coal in an emergency)
  3. Thanks for the tip. I got a bag (like the one above) from the local Shell petrol station for £10. While I was there, I asked if it was a popular product. The guy said he delivers 1 tonne per year to around 15 households (40 x 25kg bags for £400 delivered to your garden). He also sells another coal called 'Fireblend', he says he delivers around 15 tonnes of that too (50 x 20kg bags for £350 deliver to your garden). Plus, he shifts an average tonne per week of each product from the forecourt. He said YoY demand is constant. The colder weather in 2009/2010 has NOT lead to increased sales. He reckons the coal users turn to gas and electric when it gets really really cold. He said the people taking large deliveries tend to be 40 - 50 years old. He said the older people don't buy coal at all and the younger people buy bags off the forecourt. The station also sells bails of firewood and large gas canisters. He said neither product is popular but he stocks them because there's a massive profit margin on them. He said it was illegal to burn the firewood in the area because of smoke control legislation. There are another 3 petrol stations within walking distance of my house. I will go to them all and find out what they are selling. I'm also stalking the area and carrying out a chimney count. It may be useful to know where the coal burning capability is located round here.
  4. I went out to buy some smoke pellets earlier and the chimneys seem to work OK. I will buy a bag of coal from the petrol station tomorrow and try for real in my spare bedroom. I'm note sure I can get a stove installed as my fires are really shallow like this one
  5. I've got a camping cooker to go with the canisters. It's all contained in it's own case and it's actually a very good cooker. It was less than 10 quid off ebay. You know what I've just remembered (I don't know how I forgot ). I have 4 of the original 1900's fires in my house. I have a coal cellar and I've got ash hatches downstairs too. Wouldn't it be weird if the original 'features' that attracted my wife to the house actually saved our lives. I'd bet money that more than 50% of the neighbours have coal in their cellars. I need a plan to obtain coal from the neighbours in the event of an ice age and I'll need to get my chimneys swept/refurbed (and some coal delivered). I wonder how many kg's of coal they will swap in exchange for my solar battery charging services. 100 gram for 2 charged batteries seems fair to me as long as they hand in their own discharged batteries.
  6. Some boilers (not the combi styles ones) literally boil water until it turns to steam and then heat the steam causing a build up of temperature & pressure. This pressure can be enough to force the hot steam round a circuit. The steam condenses and comes back to the boiler for re-boiling. Yes, we are screwed without electricity. I've got some small gas canisters but I am really not sure what I can do for heating if the power goes off for a long time. I don't think we got the minus 27 btw
  7. Sorry, I didn't see the other thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index....showtopic=12784 Can they be merged?
  8. It’s been a while since we’ve had a good old fashioned survivalist thread on the main forum so I thought I’d start one to see if people are as prepared now as we were in 2007. Ok, here’s the scenario: We are forecast to record the coldest EVER temperature in the United Kingdom (I don’t think it’s going to be ice-age-tastic or nuffink, just since records began). Shropshire is expecting minus 27 degrees Celsius. This temperature is cold enough to freeze motor vehicles, shallow water mains and people. What if these temperatures spread right across the country? What if these temperatures remain for a prolonged period? What if it gets cooooolder? How well prepared are we? From my point of view, I’m not very well prepared at all. I’ve eaten most of the stockpiles I gathered in 2007 and I haven’t replaced them. I’ve still got around 30kg of lentils. I’ve no idea what I was thinking when I bought them. I have around 30 of 0.5kg gas canisters, hundreds of candles and some military issue cooking equipment. Plus I’ve got a solar panel which is capable of charging mobile phones, torches, radios, batteries & laptops etc. Even in this weather. I’ve got all my hunting gear and all the stuff I bought to teach people a lesson if they try to attack me. I think I am fairly well prepared compared to my neighbours in terms of hardware. It’s food I am short of. I might need to trade recharged batteries for beans or something. Water is another problem. I haven’t got any suitable containers to take to the stream (if it’s not frozen). I can’t eat the snow in my garden as there are too many cats where I live. I suppose I could eat cats though. Also, there are many people here interested in climate stuff, Do we know what’s causing the unusually cold weather? Should we expect the same every year? And is minus 27 particularly cold when compared to other countries? How cold does it get in Germany and Poland? Eastern Europe and the ex-soviet countries?
  9. God Bear

    Cantona Says Kill The Banks

    Return? I've been here all week. You're fooling no one.
  10. God Bear

    Bank run Dec 2010

    It might end with the banks being 100% backed by the taxpayer. And they continue to take their bonuses. How would you feel then?
  11. Please clear your PM box when you return from strike. Thanks Good Bear
  12. It's plausible to consider a scenario where a person may been paid cash in hand. This person may not have declared the earnings [for tax purposes] and therefore would need to make up a story to justify holding such a large amount of cash. The story leads us to believe this man takes the £80,000 with him to work every day...but surely he goes to buy fuel or goes shopping on the way home from work like the rest of us. There was every risk his car would be ransacked in a supermarket car park. What on Earth was he thinking? In any case, how many hands do you need to unlock a car and open the door? I see no need to put the money on the roof of the car while carrying out this operation. Especially given the fact that a draw-string bag can be carried over the shoulder. And while I am pulling this story to pieces line by line: He claims the car is never more than 10ft away from him while he is at work. How is that possible? He works, rests, eats and visits the toilet all within 10ft of his car? 10 metres maybe possible but 10 ft!? His car must be a safe for money, a toilet, a tea machine, a canteen, a tool storage cabinet and a work bench.
  13. I had to edit quickly before the timer locked out the edit function. I didn't have time to put the detail back in. I think you've displayed the point I was making in my earlier post. Added to that: Can you imaging him turning up to the bank in 1992 with £10k plus in a holdall and asking to change all his old £20 notes. And then he goes back to the bank in 1994 asking to change all his old £50 notes. He must have been to the bank more than 20 times in the last 40 years to change large quantities of notes. I don't believe it.