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  1. My new kindle came today. i had to send the other one back cos i thought it was broke and now the new one cant speak the book! can anyone cheak the book can speak on kindle please.
  2. crushtherents

    Scottish Independence

    hi john. i dont think we need to default. rbs has 140 billion of capital in it alone. our share of the debt could be paid off if we get our banks back.
  3. crushtherents

    Scottish Independence

    sorry bout the double posts. i dont no whats happening today.
  4. crushtherents

    Scottish Independence

    laura. if you look at the numbers in the article AND include our taxes from the banks AND include we will increase our tax take when we can set our own rates. you will see we have one of the best budget position in europe
  5. crushtherents

    Scottish Independence

    i obviously cannot answer all of them questions and i will be waiting to see what happens like the rest of us. i think it is important to take small steps and transfer power over a generation. we can defend our wealth wit our nukes and other countries will fall over themselves to help us with political stability cos we have nukes. the threat is not from army's, its a political threat and thats why we must leave the union slowly and make sure we don't upset people. alex salmon has previously said all british passport holders would be welcome to choose scotish nationality and come to scotland to live.
  6. crushtherents

    Scottish Independence

    PS we have 90% of the UK oil and gas rights in the north sea.Our oil to capita will be above saudia rabia.
  7. crushtherents

    Scottish Independence

    Were not daft enough to walk away from the union overnight. were going to take small steps. first we will start with our own taxes and spending. We will have our own national media company and use it to brain wash people who dont want to seperate from england. then we will have our own forign polict and defense/military. SOme of the nukes are ours. Theirs only 10 million of us so our share of the UK gold will be enough for us to start out our own currency and new banks. 5 million ounces divided by 10 million people may be the best ratio in the world. do you know if it is?
  8. with that technique what do you do if the book price per share is negative?
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  10. usually the shift and sym key

  11. to get voice on the kindle press home then menu then experimental for instructions

  12. why is 'nigek' annoyomous? Its nigel, why are you annonomus? its obvious isnt it. i dont understand. is he really called nigel? i still dont no how to make it speak. can annyone help with making kindle speak the book.
  13. i got the book and kindle and i dont no how to make it read out loud like a web browser reads a page. how do i make it read the book for me? i looked at the help and i cant work it http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_k3read_format?nodeId=200504440#speech
  14. haha the book price is going up!! I should have invested in the kindle version today except i don't have a kindle. i heard i can get a kindle for my phone for free from the aps store. i need to do it quick b4 i get priced out!