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  1. hi all,have been reading this forum and listening to financial sense for quiet a while now,have come to the conclusion that this year may turn sour a bit later on.My problem is i dont have much to invest only £10000 but am willing to gamble it as i feel it will be worthless anway if i dont do something with it.so i really dont care if i lose it or not.Would appreciate some advice from the people here, havent done much investing as i was clearing student loans an that took up the last 4 years,not intrested in property as i can rent for much less than an IO morgage.what i would like to know if it possible to buy £100000 of gold or silver with a 10%deposit(bit like buying a house)not that familure with buying shares yet as it is only now i have some disosable cash after 6 months saving would really appreciate some help.I am aware the borrowed sum will have to be paid back and it is possible it will lose value but like i said i am willing to gamble it(educated gamble)on gold or silver Thanks for all the help so far on this forum.
  2. Hi all, Firstly this is a great site and i have recieved loads of good advice here.I was wondering if anybody would have any ideas on what to do with waste newspaper?in my job i come across quite a lot which i bring to the recycling bins but quiet a few of my collegues just dump where they feel like and dont bother to recycle.Yes i have tried to tell them about the enviornment,waste,landfills,deforestation etc , all agree it is better to recycle but they just dont bother.What i would like to do is recycle(use)this paper for something to make a small profit that will encourage my collegues to recycle.No profit may be necessary if they could see a visible benefit that they are doing good rather than just putting it in a recycling bin.Many thanks