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  1. Really enjoyed the pod cast, Ive not read the book yet or even own a copy of it, Its on my Christmas list., If I don't get a copy then I shall be buying one In the new year. Its a very interesting topic, On that should be more mainstream, Maybe over the next few years it will it will become "more out there" I do believe that change is just around the corner, What the new world looks like and how it will work Comes down to who are willing to take part In it. Change dose happen. But it takes a long time to come about. Things move at a snails pace.
  2. I will have a listen to that this week. Thanks for posting it.
  3. I still have not seen this film. I do intend to have a look at it.
  4. Yes I also believe that some Full Investigation's are used as away to make problems go away and also to help shut the people up. This time I do not believe that will happen.
  5. John Doe, I know people that any sort of talk about the money In there pocket has no "real value" and any talk about its "end game". Would put any of us in the same group as people who believe that lizard people live under ground and rule over us. Everyone has there limits on what they are willing to understand and go along with.
  6. I would like to say something On this, I have a idea that may help. There are some areas of this forum that are used very little. Could we not change the name of one of them to "controversial" This area could be used to chat about pedo's ET's living on the earth. Peppers and anything else that is along the line of controversial chat. The fringe area can stay the same for fringe ideas and chat along those line. The main board can then be use'd for ideas that we "Think" are main. We all here believe that Gold chat, Chat about the paper money "end game" Chat about peak oil and things along them lines belong In main. But there are plenty out there who very well may think ideas like this are controversial, To use they are not. ​We all need to believe in and defend open and free speech, And open ideas.
  7. halight

    Food is 'too cheap'

    This will be a big problem In years too come!
  8. halight

    Food is 'too cheap'

    I also know people that only use the Breast meat of a chicken. the rest just gets dumped. Some people don't know what to do with the rest. They have chicken as there Sunday lunch and that's it. They don't know how to use the rest of the chicken in a sit fry. Or use it in a curry. Both very simple and quick ways to use up left over meat from your Sunday roast. Some people think that Sir fry and curry's only come from a take away.! Other people are Just too lazy to cook home made meals. In our House we try to use all of any meat Joints or Birds that we cook. My wife happens to be a great cook. Most left overs In our House get used up. We Give some of the veg and fruit left over's to our chicken's if we don't use them ourself s.
  9. Food is 'too cheap' and encourages consumer waste, says exec at global food giant Sustainability chief at Unilever says low prices encourage waste Is urging consumers not to throw food away Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz2BYlVwmMh Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook Waste: An executive at Unilever says food is 'too cheap' and is being wasted, driving up production needs as the global population grows WRAP, the food waste group, said Britons throw away 7.2 million tonnes of household waste each year, around £680 of food per family. The group adds that around 4.4 million tonnes of this is edible food. The good news is Britons are actually throwing away less than they were. Between 2007 and 2010, households reduced their food waste by 1.1 million tonnes. Earlier this year fast food restaurants, pubs, hotels and catering firms, such as Greggs and McDonalds, agreed new voluntary targets to cut food waste over the next three years.
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    The Economics of Disaster by Ron Paul - Daily Paul Published : November 06th, 2012 464 words - Reading time : 1 - 1 minutes http://www.24hgold.com/english/news-gold-silver-the-economics-of-disaster.aspx?article=4117175380G10020&redirect=false&contributor=Ron+Paul
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    Well we wont have long to wait now to hear who win's
  12. Forget the storm. The real dangers facing America are hatred, division and a collapsing political system Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2226558/Superstorm-Sandy--US-election-The-real-dangers-facing-America-hatred-division-collapsing-political-system.html#ixzz2B5BqANSz Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  13. Yes Good on him for getting the Message out there into the normal press.
  14. halight

    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    I agree, He now has his mandate form the His MP's. I'm pleased that they voted for the EU Budget to be cut back. I just hope that it dose happen. But I can not see it.
  15. It will be good to follow this and see what/if anything comes of it. I wonder if any other country's have any Gold left, or is it all gone ?