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    Have you Bought the Farm yet? Where?

    We bought a fairly decent pad with 1 acre. Never going to be enough for farming, but not too far off what we will need to self-sustain with veggies, fruit and some meat in a few years time.
  2. Just asked to be banned. Posted on many of Bubbs threads, got repeatedly banned in 05/06 on singingpig (samsmith/mbga9pgf usernames) when idiots like "massive" and some fat turkish bloke were saying a crash would never happen... go over to singingpig these days and see what has happened to the property investment forum.... Dead as a dodo. To be honest, HPC is redundant. The idiot bulls on MSE havent realised it yet, but the austerity measures, i Reckon, will see 15-20% wiped off the current value of property. Why register on here? I have recently bought, at around 30% off the original (overpriced) asking. I went in with a 30% deposit so should be OK even if prices fall significantly. I have come on here to see what the crack is, where we think markets and regulators are going, and most importantly, where the wedge is to be earned.