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  1. homa therapy looks very interesting http://www.homa1.com/
  2. Peace

    Hitler : Did he Survive WW 2 ?

    When the central banking cartel and when people get control over their own minds (this has to come before the central banking cartel dies)
  3. Peace

    Organic food business model

    We buy organic and grow some of our own food - will increase the home grown stuff this year I really dont think most of the purchases of organic foods are that concerned about the price Also as the price of oil increases and the failure of Monsanto seeds the cost differential is likely to decrease Good stuff tinecu - The famers really should try and leave the land they farm in a better condition than when they started - we all should I just need silver to go up a bit more and then we can afford the farm
  4. Peace

    Living with Electropollution

    wish i knew this when we rewired the house six years ago http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/library/downloads/house_wiring-20090305.pdf
  5. Peace

    Living with Electropollution

    all good stuff this knowledge needs to spread
  6. Peace

    Living with Electropollution

    how much difference did the filters make
  7. Peace

    Living with Electropollution

    I think they are more helpful in the USA than the UK - something to do with how their electricity is grounded being more of a problem http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/news/20050202_dirtyelec.asp
  8. Peace

    Living with Electropollution

  9. Peace

    New clue to disappearing honey bees

    Good stuff will be putting a Bees nest up this weekend and planted a fruit tree hedge and herb garden last year
  10. Peace

    Living with Electropollution

    yep and given how we are electrical as well as chemical and mechanical it was obvious thet EMFS and Microwaves would have an effect http://www.scribd.com/doc/5360459/The-Body-Electric-Dr-Becker for anyone thats interested i recently measured the radiation on a BT Home hub and the readings were 20 times higher than the main beam of a mobile phone mast and that was when no one was using the wifi methinks within the next decade people will be dropping like flies unless they get informed the roll out of 4G will make things worse also
  11. Peace

    New clue to disappearing honey bees

    its a bit cold for them at the moment