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  1. GOLD

    Gold in sterling is making a break for it I think it's finally begun
  2. Probably more likely to be talking about Guys and St Thomas' hospital on the South Bank. Always full of chavvy types. Anyway just follow the general rule. The further east or south you go the shittier it is. West London is more affluent. North London is so-so.
  3. Do you guys have a stop loss price?
  4. That would be a shame Is there an alternate format you could post to e.g. blog?
  5. Fighting words, second cold war incoming What could this mean for markets? I'm already thinking we're going to repeat the 1970s inflation, ending in a blowoff for gold at 10k.
  6. Man hating bitch https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/mar/13/women-robots-ai-male-artificial-intelligence-automation What if the workforce designing those algorithms is male-dominated? This is the first major problem: the lack of female scientists and, even worse, the lack of true intersectional thinking behind the creation of algorithms.
  7. I hate equality I prefer fairness and meritocracy
  8. In London the majority of white people hate trump too. I want to escape the UK, where did you decide to move to?
  9. The only way to fight feminism is to starve them where it hurts. MGTOW https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fg%2F11bxfgrdjm The only pussy 80% of men can access is low quality. Might as well forget it.
  10. Maplin always sucked, good riddance
  11. Thank you for the technical analysis - something I am not experienced at to the level you are. I think you are right. No real urgency - let bitcoin lead the alts down first.
  12. How attractive do you think Litecoin looks? Can it retest the $400 level?
  13. I don't actually day trade but I've observed the market for over a year like you and have experience holding positions over several months. I think there's little reward for the accompanying stress trading the current market regime. My goal is to continue focusing on strategic medium to long term positions. At the moment the only thing to do is wait, I think bitcoin can go a whole lot lower when the block size issue and the failure of the lightning network is properly priced in. I will go long when mainstream media proclaims the death of crypto once again. Honey badger don't care.
  14. I'd say the trading is still easier than fx pairs. Still, not as easy as last year
  15. You need an idea for your own story in case the market tries to tell you a different one by the time price reaches your zone. It's all about the narratives people tell themselves.