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  1. Hmm. Might be too soon for a low in silver to be created Gold also failed to hold 1184 - wouldn't expect it to have a great rest of month Looks like more of continue to wait and see.
  2. Worth going long on gold here at 1184..?
  3. Reasonable to be fearful. However, gold will not be destroyed easily. It is the reserve asset of choice for bankers after all.
  4. $1184 on gold coming up; let's see if it bounces
  5. I am basing support on the 2013 lows. It doesn't make sense for gold to get busted since it is a key reserve asset of the Euro.
  6. I think gold ultimately goes to $1184 but no lower. Then a rally to 1800 the likes we've never seen.
  7. When these women argue it sounds too much like nagging. Why on earth would any man pay attention to any of it?
  8. Still bullish on gold but I dare not increase my position. This deflation we've seen could continue to suck up all liquidity. Good thing I didn't jump into silver as well.
  9. I haven't bought silver yet, but after seeing today's move I'm very reluctant to get in to anything anytime soon. Disappointed to see gold breaking the lower trendline, we'll have to see if it holds. Are you still bullish DrB?
  10. Yes I did notice silver. Am already in gold so perhaps if silver pulls back a bit it would be worth a risk Are you getting into silver?
  11. I guess with FX you just need to identify those extremes in sentiment You could quite clearly see that the sentiment in the USD was quite overdone while it was able to consolidate and start recovering The negative sentiment in the EUR I suspect is only just developing. Italy developments not helping. As for gold, you don't want to step in front of any large move either way. The fractal is too big now.
  12. Now is the time to stay long gold Gold is the only trustworthy metal
  13. GOLD

    On the brink Sterling weakness will send this even higher
  14. GOLD

    Gold in sterling is making a break for it I think it's finally begun
  15. Probably more likely to be talking about Guys and St Thomas' hospital on the South Bank. Always full of chavvy types. Anyway just follow the general rule. The further east or south you go the shittier it is. West London is more affluent. North London is so-so.