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  1. Offloaded another tranche at 656. Will like to run the rest if possible as those were acquired quite cheaply.
  2. Sold off 25% at 643. Had quite a big position so not quite bearish on it yet.
  3. Sold off half at 1.05, squaring the trade made at 0.95. Will leave rest from 0.82 to ride.
  4. It was looking bearish until, naturally, Trump announced the trade deal and gave the bulls a second wind. Closed my shorts on Tuesday and will watch for a week or two.
  5. FRES pays a dividend and they are constructing a new mine at Juanicipio with MAG. So a safe play here, already in slight profit.
  6. The great thing is that every man should be able to decide for themselves what they are willing to do. But the expectation that all men should and could come to the rescue of someone is misplaced. The fact this woman in conjunction with the paper is trying to heap shame and scorn on men in general speaks volumes about their female privilege and entitlement.
  7. Laughable. It is not our jobs in society to protect female strangers (especially in London where no-one talks to nobody else). If we do do so then we're probably having a good day. Another reason is that the woman who was attacked was an ugly old sow with a mean face. If she was scared she should have handled it herself by removing herself from the situation.
  8. 10 out of the last 11 weeks of the SPX have been green. Don't you think it's time for a little correction?
  9. May have stayed down while FRES officially falls out of FTSE100 today. Looking for UK miners to outperform US miners over next few weeks.
  10. Think impeachment means this is a short-term top, at least. Also there are some articles saying go 100% into equities, nothing in bonds. Maybe an important indicator. ‘I’m 100% in equities…You’re never going to make enough money if you have 40% of your money in bonds’ says CNBC’s Becky Quick
  11. Another day where HSBA is matching FRES. I wonder what the connection could be? 🤔
  12. hector

    Boris Wins. Now Brexit?

    Too much talk about this loser Corbyn. When the Jews are against him you know what's inevitably coming for him and the Labour party. The British Jews wield a lot of political influence here. Disappointed that Farage was made to play the useful idiot here. Glory days of Brexit party already finished?
  13. Fully loaded in UK silver miner Fresnillo. After falling out of FTSE100 it's definitely bottomed. Still down about 5% 😢 but not for much longer.
  14. hector


    Fully loaded in UK silver miner Fresnillo. After falling out of FTSE100 it's definitely bottomed.
  15. Result was down, with the decisive break on UK Election result. Seems like GO for bearish USD bets, with no rate rises on horizon.