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  1. I thought that GBP was weaker than EUR going into 2019 but after UK parliament rejected the Brexit deal the outlook for EU seems a bit more cloudy. Maybe EUR will be weaker than GBP in the medium term. Perhaps we will see another of the EU's cyclical crises soon. Not receiving that £39 billion from the UK has gotta hurt. So I think gold will outperform no matter what EUR does.
  2. I wasn't planning on letting mine go at $4, but might make sense if you have got alot. pg10 / Yr.End 12/31: C$2.82 - at $1281 Gold price (0.22%), C$Gold was C$1715 (0.164%) Update: 1/16/19: C$3.46 +22.7% in 2019 / 1-yr. Vs 200d : 377d.ma : 610d : 987d. : 700-945d : Mkt.Depth : Date------- : GCM.t: CAD$: $Price: ShOS MktVal : 8%-Debs: Date: Cash: EntVal. / $Gold : OZ's/ Prd. years.: 221wtx12.2M 08/10/18: $2.44 x.761= $1.857 48.2M $89.5M: $98.0M: Est.: $28.0: $159.5M /$1219: 131k/200: 0.660: $0.23=$2.81M 10/02/18: $2.40 x.780= $1.872 48.2M $90.2M: $93.1M: Est.: $28.0: $155.3M /$1204: 129k/212: 0.609: $0.19=$2.31M 12/31/18: $2.82 x.733= $2.067 48.2M $99.6M: $83.4M: 12/31 $29? $154.0M /$1281: 120k/217: 0.554: $0.61=$7.44M 01/03/19: $3.18 x.741= $2.356 48.2M $113.M: $83.4M: 12/31 $29? $167.0M /$1295: 129k/217: 0.594: $0.97=$11.8M 01/04/19: $3.15 x.747= $2.353 48.2M $113.M: $83.4M: 12/31 $29? $167.0M /$1284: 130k/217: 0.599: $0.94=$11.5M =========
  3. I liked this. Made the subject fresh and interesting for a change.
  4. Looks like rocket boosters have engaged on this one Your biggest position DrB, must be absolutely thrilled.
  5. Hope you've had a nice break. I won't have much to say about gold for now as prices seem to be developing as expected. Silver seems to be tagging along for the ride. I think cryptos may still be sluggish but the one I hold, Ether, seems to have a strong v-shaped bottom. I had mentioned of selling some before Christmas but I bought it all back and then some around the 130 level.
  6. Extremely tricky few days around the Christmas break - will be interesting to see where all the pieces end up in 4-5 days time. Gold extremely encouraging. Not as bullish on the cryptos right now. == following section was added in edit by DrBubb == Top of Page Charts (Odd) : Channel-GE : MP : PP : Charts : Acore : Fringe : Ag B E G H : : : : : :: : 3d : ag : au / Btc / 8yr: 12mo : 5m : 2m : 1m : 25 10 5d 2d / spiral Goldstock : HK-2840 : GBS.L : GLD : GDX : NUGT : tza/faz -- HKpeg : DXY : StkX : 10-d : SPX : sjw : img : HK 3081: 2899: 1051: hs / UK: POG / ABX : Sil : IAG : dba-etc. ... lot : PB : CVN : CC2 : BTC 1m 2d : SLV-lv ==========================================
  7. Sold some ETH this afternoon... expecting/hoping for a little bit of a correction
  8. I feel vindicated for cutting my loss on oil. In happier news, I'm glad I bought this dip in crypto (Ethereum specifically). There's a real risk the next bull run has started - I put the odds at 30-40%. Also, gold looks like its ready to continue its raging bull market, FOMC could be the catalyst.
  9. Nice laser beam spotted on bitcoin cash right now. No stopping that train.
  10. hector


    One week later, and we are almost to the £1000 target. Currently £992.
  11. I've been playing around with the new crypto interest rates market Compound (https://compound.finance/). Currently it is paying 15% APR on DAI balances. You can either borrow DAI against ETH using a CDP (https://cdp.makerdao.com/), or convert USD to DAI at an exchange at nearly 1:1 rate (since DAI is supposed to maintain its rate with the USD).
  12. Bitcoin should have a nice short squeeze today Probably back above $4000
  13. hector


    Gold to sterling heading against resistance. May's government is about to fall, gold will not fail this time. £1000 oz by Christmas.
  14. > But I dont think you can rule out the demise of BTC, & replacement by another Crypto. Haha, good one! I haven't believed in BTC since 2015 when I took a whacking great loss on it, amid the first arguments on the block size. My vision is for Ethereum to become the premier blockchain, and this is what I intend to focus on. Timing-wise could be anytime from now to 2020 for all we know.