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  1. Wow congrats for your city! You recommended I check it out a while ago, and I will get around to it. Perhaps I will make a visit this fall/winter.
  2. Har har - all true. I don't mind a bit of girth myself, but they will have to improve their attitudes and lower their opinions of themselves (that society and tinder have so unhelpfully built up). Otherwise we will see which side will crack first. Mgtow are ready for this fight, mainly by not playing a rigged game.
  3. It's a good film if you're an oppressed feminist sjw. Otherwise it either wasn't made for you (jokes on you) or was designed to cement women's supremacy in our faces. I can't tell whether this movie is doing well - I assume if it does there will be more of the same. I find that an amusing prospect.
  4. McEwen Mining Terminates Equity Distribution Agreement This seems to be raising the price a bit in after hours.
  5. Nice recovery lol... still holding. Not a bad companion to hold during this gold bull.
  6. Fuel The Rockets, Liftoff is Due April 24th
  7. I finally got the time today to sit down with the book. It was pretty much a giveaway which chapter was referring to you. I am impressed by your career background. The investment history and advice is also good. I will also pick up Niederhoffer's book on your recommendation. I have a feeling it will be as instructive as Livermore's classic.
  8. Ok! Just bought a copy of Free Capital and will spend today figuring out which chapter is about you! > ...participated a bit in their teaching. Like this guy, Victor Niederhoffer Did you teach Victor Niederhoffer?
  9. I see, very illuminating, thanks. I'm not going to pretend to be able to match what you're doing but it's still incredible watching a master at work. A trading wizard perhaps?
  10. That's a good profit. If you don't mind me asking, how much money do you typically risk on option plays? Since they can expire worthless, I'm guessing you don't bet too large just in case.
  11. I have this on my watchlist. Is this stock dying (maybe because of the Mexican uncertainty from November), or will it find support at the trendline around £7?
  12. I like the way Gold/GBP bounces off a log trendline, suggesting this is only a temporary decline.
  13. I'm not sure how a lack of gold in Fort Knox translates to holding silver (over gold). Fort Knox gold obviously was looted and has been known for sometime. Gold has flowed from the West to the East. I'm not sure if this means anything in terms of relative value between Yuan/Dollar. But I think Gold/{USD, GBP, EUR etc.} should rise over the long term. Not sure if I can be as certain of that with Silver.
  14. I am in UK so not very in-tune with Euro or Asian markets. But I think Brexit continues to be a kind of fuse that will be lit within a year, maybe even this year. The establishment or banking cartel are trying to stretch out the indecision but the British people can only take so much uncertainty before one side or the other will cause a ruckus. And that may finally lead to dislocations in markets. Not sure what to change in my positioning but I will remain long hard money i.e. gold and crypto. Good thing I did not swap into EUR - EURGBP seems decisively down and probably deserved.
  15. If gold will complete the symmetrical pattern, it should go back down to 1185 support before a strong reversal to break 1360. All within the next 4 months. So crazy.