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    Clean tech in the Great Recession

    These can never provide the same 'grwoth' as the silicon chip or the telephone. All they are is a new way of doing something we already do, so in reality they aren't a 'new' technology.
  2. I keep getting asked by people for advice on what is happening to the economy, if I say stuff about Gold or just simply that their money isn't particuarly safe 100% in cash in a bank they will always ask why and I can only think of a few reasons on the spot - I dont think its very easy for the average person to discover what is happening other than through luck. My knowledge comes from 4 years of reading the internet - I dont think I've ever come across a concise article that outlines the evidence for why we have negative real interest rates (ie growth of money supply/inflation vs interest rate graphs) or the ridiculousness of CDS and other derivatives/futures that have been proven to be worthless. Has anyone actually have one of these?
  3. Well in this case I think that the people who understand why they are buying gold wont change their view unless a black swan has occured in the macro economic environment The ones who are just buying gold because they see it going up and want to 'make money' are going to shit themselves I bet some people will be hoping this happens so they can pick up more on the cheap
  4. So what you are saying is that there could be a crash in the arbitary spot price we can look at on teletext and gold shares etc? But not when actually buying the gold in hand at a dealer?
  5. Do people think this is a real possibility? I can see the masses falling for it 100% if it does happen I still have trouble getting people to understand the reasons for buying gold. They can't grasp in their mind the concept of inflation and that you buy gold to protect your wealth, not make millions like a fantasy 'trader'. Just the recent fall in the spot Gold price was enough to scare most people off.
  6. We often see discussion on what an individual can do to protect themselves against the risks that lie ahead, but what can a small business with 2-5 employees do? These business are in a situation where employees are depending on them to provide them with their wage, and may need constant access to cash in order to see through short term dry periods, I dont think it is reasonable for them to put sizeable amounts of their free cash into PMs, so what else can they do?
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    CGNAO: Stay in gold until long term EUR interest rates exceed Euro M3 money supply growth rate by at least 2%. At that point sell gold and buy long term German govt bonds. Positive real interest rates will trigger a depression and cause the stock market to collapse. When I/R start coming down, gradually sell bonds and buy shares at rock bottom prices. The above assumes the ECB is willing/capable to save the currency by engineering a depression. If it's not, the USA/UK hyperinflation will spread globally and gold will be left the only currency standing.
  8. shut up you cock, israel and its nutcase warmongering leaders are half the reason the muslim world wants to blow the 'west' up
  9. Bakez

    PIIGS / Europe's Debt Troubles

    It was only a few days ago we were hearing on the BBC/government that 'our banks were sufficiently capitalised' to get through this crisis, but as the new capital ratios get passed we see that Barclays and RBS are going to need to raise close to £30bn to pass the new stress tests?
  10. To be honest Hitler spoke about this 70 years ago, the nations of Europe are now bought and sold like shares and the finance industry just buys and sells - but in reality actually produces nothing. There is just layer upon layer upon layer of different ways to 'buy' exactly the same things but not actually ever own it. It is a propaganda that most get sucked into - people literally think its the coolest thing in the world to be a 'trader' or just to work at an investment bank, very few of them actually understand or care in the wider context. Just go to any uni campus and count the numbers attending a bullshit careers evening with HSBC or Barclays, and then compare it to the numbers attending the ones from GE or Siemens. The finance industry's damage goes beyond what its doing in terms of shuffling paper around - the propaganda it emits sucks the most useful and intelligent people away from other industries. I've said this before but how many Imperial or Oxbridge maths and physics grads are now working in the 'city' when they could have been doing something that actually creates new technology or medicine? I mean Venture Capital barely even exists anymore, and if they do half the time they are too scared to invest in real new technology or the creation of something. A lot of this I've come to realise is a lot worse now I actually have experience in a 'financial' area (VC) Its not just derivatives, its the whole thing. The country just can't carry on with so many people in jobs that don't actually do anything other than buy and sell.
  11. Currently I have no gold or silver. I don't really have much money to allocate either as I've just finished university and I'm unemployed. I'm now looking at buying silver off ebay (probably not Gold as I'm look at only buying £1k worth of PM), this seems to be the cheapest place for someone wanting to purchase small amounts of metal and get it in their hand. But what should I look out for when buying, how do I know I'm not buying fake? I'm looking at doing this, as although I'm not too sure about the armageddon type scenarios some people talk about, I do think we are going to see some sort of crisis, and I have nothing else to spend the money on other than go on holiday. I have 5k in an ISA which is doing nothing.
  12. Bakez

    Buying Gold/Silver off EBay

    I've never seen a local coin shop/dealer? Do you mean jewellers? Sounds interesting
  13. Bakez

    Buying Gold/Silver off EBay

    A kilo gold bar on ebay? That is about £40000. I dont think many are going to risk that on one purchase from ebay...
  14. Bakez

    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    I've been reading back through the internet and people seemed to have the same tone in 2007,2008,2009,2010, and now I dont think you will be able to tell, you will just be accustomeed to 'the end of the world' type posts
  15. So what happened to recover this? Bailouts?
  16. Bakez

    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    So attempt 1 was on the 6th which we all know about, what happened yesterday then for attempt 2?
  17. Bakez

    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    That is very interesting... Whats going to happen to the system?
  18. These events could be free for journos if you write an article... although usually they are from the FT etc


  19. What sort of topics? Anything that is usually covered on this forum, so anything from investing, politics, education, general economics What sort of articles? Opinion pieces or analysis? For example, if I were to write about university education in the UK, it would be mostly my opinion of it (although I think there are statistics available to support some points) I am interested in writing, although I'm not sure how to write. I've become accustomed to using 40+ references in academic reports at university and using a style that is usually reserved for academic journals. One of the things that really pisses me off though is in articles where they don't reference anything and just proclaim stuff wildly to suit their own purpose (I see this a lot on the BBC)
  20. Bakez

    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    So are we expecting the apocalypse to come before friday?
  21. Bakez

    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    Everything will come to an end one day, just hope its now