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    The end of QE

    The gilts thread on HPC may be worth keeping an eye on. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...889&st=1245
  2. georgethefourth


    what are armstrong views on gold and silver? ive read a couple of his articles but havent had time to sit down and read them all
  3. georgethefourth


    has anyone got a graph showing the ratio of house prices to gold over the last 200 years or so? ive tried to find one but have struggled. tia
  4. georgethefourth

    A Short Guide To Buying Coins

    theyre available now at weightons
  5. georgethefourth

    Gold vs Sterling Chart

    cheers guys. looks like a head and shoulders forming on those charts. hope im wrong...
  6. georgethefourth

    Gold vs Sterling Chart

    has anyone got a longterm silver chart in £? cant find any decent ones
  7. ker - so youre calling for a c-wave up to be completed in the dollar, coinciding with a crash in metals. then, after thats completed, you see the dollar crashing and metals taking off? is that about the size of it? thing is, if the $ rises then any falls in gold would be offset for UK holders because of sterlings weakness. so the $ price of gold may fall a lot, but that would be offset for us by the stronger $
  8. id recommend galantas gold, EPIC GAL. its based in omagh, ireland and its dual listed on the tsx so is eligible for an ISA. its currently producing after around a year of start up problems and is releasing its next set of results at the end of this month. it released a trading update last month stating greatly improved production rates and the purchase of 70% extra equipment. also stated it expects annualised production to hit 20,000oz by this set of results. at £475 POG and low costs this would bring in around £5million pretax profits. ramp up in production expected to continue to at least 30,000, and theyve got a jewellery line selling authentic irish gold which theyll devote more attention to once production ramped up. current market cap values company at <£5million. ridiculously cheap. theres a good thread on advfn on the company id recommend reading if youre interested
  9. georgethefourth


    how much do they charge for postage? it gives a price to germany but not in the uk, are they a german company? also, can anyone advise how much a bank transfer osts? im just trying to price it all up befor ei take the plunge. tia
  10. georgethefourth

    Galantas Gold (GAL.v) : Near term Producer

    not much talk about good old galantas lately, has everyone sold? Im still holding (one year and counting) and adding on drops. has had a few teething problems getting the mine up and running but still think it looks a good bet. anyone got any opinions? what you you guys think about the cash situation, enough to be going on with or more dilution on the horizon?
  11. georgethefourth

    WHY aren't more people posting here?

    ok ill give it a go. how do i start a thread though im new to these things? and where do you want me to put it?
  12. georgethefourth

    WHY aren't more people posting here?

    i was thinking about other topics you could include to get more people on the site - what about art related investments? it may possibly widen the appeal of your site, especially if artists were able to provide links to their own work in the hope of finding potential buyers on the board. it would bring artists and relatively affluent people together and, potentially, you could get quite a community going. i havent seen anything like this done on the web and, with the huge number of artists looking to get their work shown it certainly would increase visitors to the site. im biased as i paint though ;-)
  13. georgethefourth

    WHY aren't more people posting here?

    excellent site. stumbled across it a few days ago via hpc link and have spent a good few days reading numerous threads. i think the reason you dont get too many posters is because the quality of posts at the minute is a bit daunting. but imo that is a good thing as each post is more likely to say something rather than on most sites where you have to wade through 100s of posts to get to one decent one. especially like the gold thread and the utopian one, havent seen that done before. have a feeling you do get quite a few reading the posts but just not posting