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  1. Moneyalchemist

    Prof JB Peterson, Rockstar: Fans & Critics

    You have a point - I live in three "democracies" over each year, UK. DE and NZ - for most people the quality of life in the UK is a lot worse than in the other two - neither of which are monarchies - also I sense a seething unease and often a desperation under the surface in the UK - it's also there in Germany but much less. I will keep my options open as to where to spend my time as the conditions in countries change.
  2. Moneyalchemist

    Prof JB Peterson, Rockstar: Fans & Critics

    very true indeed, and perhaps the positive aspects of dictatorships are only possible in micro-states. In large countries like the US or UK the best we can do are messy democracies, however the biggest dangers are still in ever-expanding bureaucracies and the reach of the state in more and more areas, the best hope is for more people to take the message of such as JBP or Stefan Molyneux to heart and find a way to take responsibility for themselves thereby hopefully push back on the power of the state.
  3. Moneyalchemist

    Prof JB Peterson, Rockstar: Fans & Critics

    I am no monarchist, yet Liechtenstein is in actuality a sort of benevolent dictatorship - an American attendee at the conference commented that the country is the freest and most mature of any in the world - I visit it often and I would agree. The conference is sponsored by the Royal House of Liechtenstein and I met at least three princes there last week, 2 from Liechtenstein and 1 from Monaco. One of the things I like about JBP is how how he highlights the evil in all of us which collectively is the cause of so much violence in the world - the critique of Marx is above all a critique of authoritarian statism - the biggest murderers throughout history have been the governments of nation states. Liechtenstein is a study of minimalist but effective government.
  4. Moneyalchemist

    Prof JB Peterson, Rockstar: Fans & Critics

    A great article, Peterson really nails it. "when-will-the-left-be-called-to-account-for-the-atrocities-done-in-their-name?" - a very pertinent question which illustrates something I've been thinking about for a long time. I've always been wary of the left, and the apparent lack of widespread understanding that left-wing ideologies, particularly Marxism have resulted in the deaths of many, many more people than and ideologies of the right. Last week I attended a conference in Liechtenstein those theme was "Karl Marx, born 200 years' ago and still going strong" - http://ecaef.org/haberler-conference/gottfried-von-haberler-conference-2018/ The presentations were of a really high standard and they examined and explained as to why Marxism is such a toxic ideology and why there are no limits to the hideous acts performed in its name. The world needs people like Peterson who can eloquently elucidate the reality of these dangers and who can put forward credible solutions. On Sunday I was chatting with a bunch of friends and acquaintances near London and asked whether anyone had heard of Jordan Peterson - none of the predominantly older, middle-class cohort had - but one or two were intrigued and said they'd look into his stuff.
  5. Moneyalchemist

    The Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) Rises

    In 2004, Niall Ferguson was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine (Wikipedia). Also, a number of people I know who are not "slave-labourers" regard his views positively, as I do - the fact that he's sometimes controversial maybe works in his favour.
  6. Moneyalchemist

    The Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) Rises

    Excellent interview, I really like Niall Ferguson and his historical works. I'd heard of JBP but never saw any of his stuff, so thanks for this site for info about him and the IDW. The incisive conversations on the IDW are really stimulating and a real counter to PC stupidity.
  7. I have to agree that western culture is quite mad and I'm glad I have no TV to watch such rubbish as Eurovision stuff. Increasingly it appears that Russia may be our only hope of sanity and some kind of balance of morality and culture - I seem to recall that Nostrodamus and other seers pointed to Russia as being the future hope of the world.
  8. Moneyalchemist

    BITCOINS : General Discussions (combined)

    It is important to dig deeper to understand the reality of this incident, and not to be taken in by the woeful lack of understanding which leads to the media FUD. It is important to understand that as a result of transaction malleability you don't actually "pay twice". The balance *reported* by the Bitcoin client may be reduced but this is a reporting issue. It would be like if you have 100 gold bars in a vault and the auditor miscounts it as 99 or 101. The reported balance will be incorrect, but your wealth really hasn't changed but . The incorrect report can't change the amount of actual gold in the vault. If the duplicates were "hidden" from display and counting (and the balance is simply counting the value of all unspent outputs) it would display correctly. However this incident has been accompanied by severe DDOS attacks against the exchanges - which are centralized and thus the weak points in the Bitcoin system. The end result however is to test the system overall and show how resilient it really is. I see this as a great time to buy - wait a week or two and it will all be over. Take a look at this site: https://medium.com/p/9e1c2adf7549
  9. You may like to see my latest blog: http://decentralizedautonomousorganizations.blogspot.co.uk/ This is the core of what http://ethereum.org are trying to achieve - this is Crypto 2.0
  10. Bittylicious and Quickbitcoins are both informal UK sites which try to find buyers and then trade on the bigger exchanges ant thus make a margin. I know the people who run them as they come to every meetup in London. However they are both expensive as they are effectively middlemen and really only useful if you want small quantities of BTC quickly. I get my clients a better deal as I either deal will sellers or with exchanges directly. BTW here is the latest video from A Antonopoulos whom I met in London last week - he is BTCs most eloquent exponent.
  11. Thanks all - it was an interesting discussion - I apologize about my network going down as I was at the Farm where there is a lot of flooding at present (it seems to have been raining non-stop in SE UK over the past weeks) I'm home now where I have up to 100 mbps on fibre. A few comments about the content of the chat: I take note about the concern that bitcoin is a deflationary currency, however that can be seen as an advantage as it allows people to think long-term and save by default (hoarding), rather than spend because the value of your money is constantly reducing. I recall Bernard Lietaer saying that the great cathedrals in the Middle Ages in Europe were built with deflationary currencies for that purpose as it enabled the builders to think long-term. Bearing in mind that bitcoin is the world's first global currency I think that it being deflationary might be a distinct advantage - in the sense that gold too is deflationary. PositiveDeviant asked about my blog: http://realdirectdemocracynow.blogspot.com I got interested in the subject when I lived in SW Germany and met up weekly with (mainly) Spanish Indignados who were always having assemblies all over Spain and knew they had to do something about their failed representative democratic system. The blog is partly in German as Rosamund does the translations. On the format of the Chat - I think it would be useful in future to do a group video-chat - but that requires Skype Premium which they want payment for - or else we can use Google Hangout which seems to work better with video and is free. So in conclusion good to hear so many disparate views on crypto-currency, I hope I was able to dispel some of the FUD around the subject.
  12. I see the current fall in Bitcoin price as a buying opportunity - the external factors which are influencing that are Apple, Mt Gox, Russia - the fact that a major power is afraid of crypto-currencies and needs to ban their citizens from using them says something of its power and influence. The invention at the core of Bitcoin (decentralized consensus at scale) is so revolutionary - no only in money but in all human organizations - that its power is easily underestimated. ______________________________________ Looking forward to today's chat: Here's something about me. +WHO: I am an IT Consultant (Banking) involved in Bitcoin since 2012, based in London. I run an event venue /B&B and present monthly workshops on Crypto-currency there. +WHY: I have been involved with money-systems, complementary currencies and organizational change for 10 years - see Crypto-currencies as a way for millions of people world-wide to collectively run a new global financial system which is decentralized, transparent and therefore really democratic. +WHAT: Want to set up a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) using Crypto 2.0 eg Ethereum. +OTHER: Interested in designing + launching an innovative crypto-currency/ network. I also run a blog on real direct democracy. > Expertise : Excellent IT skills - improving crypto-skills - good at explaining this stuff to non-geeks.
  13. Sure there are plenty of scams around bitcoin - plenty of ways to lose it or to be robbed of it once you have it. You may have heard of the man in Wales who lost $9m in bitcoin on a hard drive he threw out. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/nov/27/hard-drive-bitcoin-landfill-site That was James Howells and incidentally he is coming over to discuss an idea with me which he got while being interviewed by the world's media about his loss. (I run an event centre and B&B on the NW edge of London). James is coming over on Saturday Feb 8th so we may be able to include him in the Skype-call! I'll link up with you on Skype during the week.
  14. I would be interested in participating - I have made a few posts on bitcoin on GEI in the past. I have been involved in the bitcoin ecosystem for nearly 18 months and I run monthly workshops on the topic near London. My considered opinion is that the bitcoin technology (the currency is just the tip of the iceberg) is truly revolutionary and that the currency built on top of it is the most perfect money the world has ever seen - it is not the 193rd currency in the world but the 1st truly global currency. Bitcoin is not "fiat" but has value due to the "network effect" and the amazing power of emergence in decentralized systems. Most months I attend the London Bitcoin Meetup so I discuss this stuff regularly with many committed and enthusiastic people.