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    The Beginners Guide to Gold/Silver

    Please can you give me any idea how heavy it would be in imperial weight- to carry 30 oz of gold coins? I think troy oz. are different to imperial oz.?
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    The Beginners Guide to Gold/Silver

    I READ THIS (part of the post) BUT DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE MEANING IS? Post was from: Jul 21 2008, 09:05 PM Millennium man Member No.: 1,809 Joined: 8-May 08 Also you would be amazed at how many people want to buy or sell PM’s without having to notify someone. Relatively compact, easy to sell, price may spike up and down intermittently but over a longer term is quite stable. Buy a coin a month, save them and give them to your children, grandchildren or lover before you pop your clogs or even leave them a letter in your will with a pirates map. Take a few abroad and flog them to pay for you holiday spending money. Physical is so hard to tax, that’s one reason why governments hate PM's id5 What are PM's? I am about to purchase gold coins for investment as my return from building societies in interest is so poor. I am hoping to keep my savings safer and hopefully only sell it when absolutely necessary. Being in my 70's I am also thinking of my children's inheritance. I founf the info on this site helpfull.