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  1. Japanese Breakthrough Makes Wind Power Cheaper Than Nuclear


    19th January 2012


    By Karl Burkart - mnn.com/green-tech


    The International Clean Energy Analysis (ICEA) gateway estimates that the U.S. possesses 2.2 million km2 of high wind potential (Class 3-7 winds) — about 850,000 square miles of land that could yield high levels of wind energy. This makes the U.S. something of a Saudi Arabia for wind energy, ranked third in the world for total wind energy potential.


    Let’s say we developed just 20 percent of those wind resources — 170,000 square miles (440,000 km2) or an area roughly 1/4 the size of Alaska — we could produce a whopping 8.7 billion megawatt hours of electricity each year (based on a theoretical conversion of six 1.5 MW turbines per km2 and an average output of 25 percent. (1.5 MW x 365 days x 24 hrs x 25% = 3,285 MWh’s).


    The United States uses about 26.6 billion MWh’s, so at the above rate we could satisfy a full one-third of our total annual energy needs. (Of course, this assumes the concurrent deployment of a nationwide Smart Grid that could store and disburse the variable sources of wind power as needed using a variety of technologies — gas or coal peaking, utility scale storage via batteries or fly-wheels, etc).


    Now what if a breakthrough came along that potentially tripled the energy output of those turbines? You see where I’m going. We could in theory supply the TOTAL annual energy needs of the U.S. simply by exploiting 20 percent of our available wind resources.


    Well, such a breakthrough has been made, and it’s called the “wind lens.”


    More... http://wakeup-world.com/2012/01/19/japanese-breakthrough-makes-wind-power-cheaper-than-nuclear/


    Sorry, have changed to a Mac and would upload pics but this is getting on my nerves... the good news is I remembered to post more on GEI!


    Link above has video about the "wind lens" which is a very simple modification.

  2. Warren Pollock & Ann Barnhardt discuss the possibility of a bank holiday


    Interview here.


    Key points:

    - goes over some background including Glass Steagall, over the counter derivatives exposure of banks...major ones in the trillions...mathmatical impossiblity to undo the level of leverage, timebomb

    - settlement and why it is important, suggestion that 2012 is the year of settlement

    - discussion about why a bank holiday is likely

    - further disgust about the handling of MF Global

    - towards the end Ann suggests buying a long gun, the type used for war and stocking up on Ammo (needs to be read in context with what she says eariler in the interview)

    - Ann suggests MF Global is a trial balloon to see if they can get away with taking funds in this way...because compared to the size of all the brokerages in the US MFG is small fry...in other words she suspects this is a lead up to something bigger.


    Excellent interview.

  3. 1/ A stock market collapse- the year ended in "2" is the most dangerous. Food prices have been rising, and energy prices are well off their low. Perhaps only a stock market crash will save us from a renewed rise in oil and food. I think there's a good chance we may get one. My best guess is that the market would bottom around Q3, with a sharp drop into the summer.

    Critial loss of faith in a system trumps the end digit of a year every time.

    2/ The whip of the dragon's tail - in the year of the dragon.

    (previous: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928, 1916, 1904)

    Water Dragon year:

    A symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast - the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners felt necessary to find and slay. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority.

    Many babies born in 2012

    Having said this I expect deeper falls in the Chinese stock market in the first half of the year: the low we saw in Oct.2011

    China has some issues but the real story of the year will be Japan economy. RIP Yen. More babies get sick in China than ever before. There is Youtube footage of someone deliberately poisioning them. Later it is disclosed that he believed he was performing a patriotic duty. More wealthy Chinese are discovered having multiple children. Massive land disruption particularly with water (both excess and lack) will be evident all through the year of 2012 all over China. Water will become more costly than food.


    6/ Resignation of Obama, or a declaration he will not run for president

    I predict the assassination/attempted assassination of Obama before the end of 2012. Why? Because someone in a land of over 300 million people has got to go over the edge and eventually there will be a guy with the skills or just dumb luck to take down the President. Discontent in the US will grow to the point where the attempted killing of the President is an inside job. I see Airforce One having some kind tampering done. Michelle Obama is physically attacked. Ron Paul doesn't make President, it's another Republican

    7/ A European political crisis, disrupting currency and equity markets - when it becomes obvious the can cannot be kicked down the road in Europe. Debt crisis expands, European banks tetter and get taken over. Countries leave the Euro and slide into depression.

    The road magically grows ever longer. The main mechanism for this is outright denial. There is a split of the European Union between two factions, North EU and South EU before the end of 2012 the foundation for this split will be evident but the actually spilt will occur in 2013.


    8/ The bankruptcy of one or more US states and a rift in the Unity of the US - and triggering a possible collapse of the US dollar

    The dollar doesn't collapse in 2012. Unfortuately. One positive of this is that more people in the US start prepping in ernest. Because of the economic situation there is an increase in networking with neighbours where in the past there was none. People start searching for the spiritual relm in an effort to comfort themselves in times of distress. Through each other they find their peace, even if only for a moment. The Mormon Church finds that there is a real demand for the teaching of food preservation techniques and begin assisting an increasing number of people outside the Church. Numbers in the Church swell if for no other reason to gain a community full of supportive people, a liferaft of spirit and goodwill for the times ahead.

    9/ Disclosure of a alien presence on earth - followed by a collapse in energy prices

    Yep. We have been extensively prepped for this throughout 2011. It is going to start with something very small (non threatening, larger than a microbe, smaller than a dog). Energy prices don't collapse but new energy technologies become available that aren't here now. One of these comes from a High School student(s) who makes a discovery during a science project. Something to do with wands that look like small fiber optic cables.


    10/ A shift in earth poles really happens but the world does not end - least likely but the most disruptive. The next phase of the Mayan Calendar begins with a sense of relief, and a concensus that we can no longer abuse the planet and waste its resources, we must act as stewarts of ist riches and all the life forms that live on it

    This has already happened. The shift will continue and over the next few years we will have to suffer from massive crop failure due to unseasonal weather (high prices...*sigh*). We humans learn to adapt and the creation of indoor farms increases as "food security" becomes a media buzzword. When the poles resettle cold areas will be tropical and the reverse will be true too. This will take a decade or so...depending on the rate of violation our earth has inflicted upon her

    Other stuff:

    * Two frogs (neither of which is Kermit) become famous in 2012. One is a viral social hit, the other is related to medicine.

    * Nationwide drought in Australia with record temperatures that continues into July/August (southern hemisphere so this time of year is winter)

    * More major earthquakes in NZ, this time towards the top of the South Island. NZ can expect more earthquakes, period.

    * There is increasing acknowledgement that food is a drug complete with addictive qualities or conversely healing qualities depending on the food.

    * Loyalty points are demonstrated to have the power to weild global control of the masses. The masses glance up at the news, find it mildly interesting they are being controled and go back to shopping/eating/wearing the "right" things (what is right is dictated by points) or playing games for the all important points.

    * Coastlines become increasling unsafe to live in, wherever you are in the world. Thailand tsunami. Many deaths.

    * Australia, Northern Territory gets hit massive Cyclone, Darwin particularly bad. Melbourne flooded again like in 2011.

    * Doctor (location unknown) draws widespread western media attention for his promotion and use of urine therapy in healing cancer patients.

    * The raids by authorities on organic farms, raw milk producers continue in the US and begin in ernest throughout parts of Europe.

    * Large pedophile ring is busted which is centred around a small town. In a strange twist some of the pedophiles are still kids (older ones) themselves and the abuse occurred in such a manipulative manner that it makes charges difficult to lay. Much pain and discontent with the legal system ensues.

    * Many changes with regard to the rights of women throughout the world. This is a trend for the next decade. The voting rights for Saudi women are just the beginning...

    * There is a virus amongst Pandas that kills some of them.

    * Hugh Heffner is hospitialised. He dies in 2013 (I predicted he would die in 2011. Must have eaten something that disrupted my energy field that day so now I predict this again. I see smoke....not fire and a heart issue. I also see a motorbike, but curiously no house Bunnies.


    I look forward to returning to this thread as it all comes true.

  4. Yep, apathy is finally setting in. I'm now convinced the Fed will bailout the Eurozone. Or something.

    None of the near constant feel of global meltdown is not making much of a ripple in my mind at all...




    Wolfgang Münchau: THE EUROZONE HAS 10 DAYS AT MOST

    Joe Weisenthal | Nov. 27, 2011, 4:02 PM


    If you're looking for some good Euro-scare meat, look no further than this column from the FT's Wolfgang Münchau. The basic gist: No really, now we're getting into endgame.


    Why now? Because the increase in core yields, the failure of that German bund auction, and the increase in Spanish and Italian short-term yields, as well as the tightening of money for the banks, means it's all almost over unless Europe immediately cooks up some kind of ECB-backed/Eurobond/fiscal union concoction.


    I am hearing that there are exploratory talks about a compromise package comprising those three elements. If the European summit could reach a deal on December 9, its next scheduled meeting, the eurozone will survive. If not, it risks a violent collapse. Even then, there is still a risk of a long recession, possibly a depression. So even if the European Council was able to agree on such an improbably ambitious agenda, its leaders would have to continue to outdo themselves for months and years to come.


    Ultimately, Münchau reckons...


    Italy’s disastrous bond auction on Friday tells us time is running out. The eurozone has 10 days at most.


    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/wolfganc-munchau-the-eurozone-has-10-days-at-most-2011-11#ixzz1f46Ex8Hc

  5. The Power of Community

    How Cuba adapted, and how we can learn from them





    Check out the video trailer in the above link. Looks good and I'd really love to see the whole documentary


    Here's another related one:


    The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil is a project of the Arthur Morgan Institute

    for Community Solutions, a non-profit organization that designs and teaches low-energy solutions

    to the current unsustainable, fossil fuel based, industrialized, and centralized way of living.

    Visit www.communitysolution.org for more information.


    When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Cuba's economy went into a tailspin. With imports of oil cut by more than half – and food by 80 percent – people were desperate. This film tells of the hardships and struggles as well as the community and creativity of the Cuban people during this difficult time. Cubans share how they transitioned from a highly mechanized, industrial agricultural system to one using organic methods of farming and local, urban gardens. It is an unusual look into the Cuban culture during this economic crisis, which they call "The Special Period." The film opens with a short history of Peak Oil, a term for the time in our history when world oil production will reach its all-time peak and begin to decline forever. Cuba, the only country that has faced such a crisis – the massive reduction of fossil fuels – is an example of options and hope.




    Screenings - refer to http://www.alchemyhouse.com/csi/events/index.php


    We encourage screenings of the film to your friends and community! All public screenings must be non-commercial, though you may collect a small fee to cover expenses or to raise money for a non-profit organization. Please post your screenings to our calendar below. You can download posters and photos for your publicity materials here.

  6. Hi there,


    My osteopath (lol) says betfair is REALLY good because it is a floating market similar to the stock market. He says

    you can bet who you think will win and as the game is being played you can bet on other outcomes of the live game

    (sort of like changing your bet if you think the other team will win - hedging?).


    He did explain how the floating market worked, but I'm afraid it is still beyond me. Still I checked out BetFair but

    don't understand rules of sports nor am I au fait with any kind of floating market yet.


    He also said that one of his clients, an ex-stockbroker, started with $100 and got up to $80,000 by the end of the

    year. So if you "get" sports and markets I guess this is the place for you.


    As for LMAX, no idea. I'd probably be just as bad with that except I wouldn't have the mistique of sporting rules.

  7. How about Gerald Celente? He says he's all in (KWN) gold. And his career is

    prediction. (Surely that includes mining companies and silver??)


    I still like Santa and his forcast for gold, even if he is reptillian :huh: LOL The

    likelyhood that the whole thing is engineered is high, but that also applies to the

    system as a whole.

  8. German Village Achieves Energy Independence … And Then Some

    By Christie Allen


    Wildpoldsried produces 321 percent more energy than it needs and is generating $5.7 million in annual revenue — a remarkable accomplishment for a modest farming community that has been able to invest in new municipal infrastructure without going into debt.


    In 1997, when the newly elected Mayor and Village Council of Wildpoldsried, Germany took their posts, everyone agreed that its goals should be to build new industry, keep initiatives local, bring in new revenues and create no debt. Those goals included construction of a new sports hall, theater stage, pub, and retirement house. Without going into debt, the mayor and council assumed it would take several decades to achieve. But clever thinking, a national policy that “paid back” on investments in renewable energy and a community-supported vision of environmental and economic stewardship, have led to fulfilling those goals in significantly less time. This article tells the story of Wildpoldsried, a small agricultural village in the state of Bavaria, which serves as a model of how to achieve community's ... more


    This is cool. Now, to the council....

  9. There are still people dying that have left their belongings to the government by default.

    Might be a business there connecting charity to them. Probably already being done.


    My parents are dead and I never got much then anyway! Sad to see the sum of your parents

    life down to such a pitiful amount. It wasn't so much the money as what it represented that

    was particularly sad. Of course it is easier for me now as I don't have the burden of paying

    for their retirement which I have no question I would have. Even if it meant living with

    my mother.... *gulp* which would have been entertaining if nothing else. God bless 'em both.


    I wouldn't expect them to pay anything for me now, after all isn't that what they do when you

    are a kid? Knowing how hard my parents worked I'd want them to enjoy it before they died

    anyway. I'd want my children to be secure but I'm working on that while I'm alive.

  10. Here in NZ we have an annual Wild Foods Festival. The big success this year was heralded

    by the headline "Women flock to take horse-semen shots"


    Well I guess you gotta get the protein in whatever form you can :huh: Seriously, check out some of the quotes in that article above.


    The fried crickets were big a couple of years ago. We Kiwi's are trendsetters! I bet the Sex in the City girls would love it. Cheaper than Musashi? Less allergins then whey? Make it into some kind of RTD and see how it goes.

  11. You asked What herbs do you buy regularly?


    Well, actually I pick my own. No sense in paying for stuff that is readily available.

    I pay for things that I can't just plant and grab which are usually minerals or blends

    of exotic herbs for immunity which is so important these days. In the past I have paid

    for weightloss/liver detox/detox herbs which are sort of similar in the way they are



    Tim Ferris marketed a product called Brain Quicken. A blend of stuff to improve brain

    performance. Blend and marketing seem to be a key in success of products IMHO.

  12. Herbalife is a MLM company that promotes it's products as aids to weightloss. The products suck.

    Just saying....


    You probably already know that Australia has regulations now about the use of certain supplements.

    (Complimentary-Alternative Medicines they call them).


    Some vendors have gotten around this by selling their supplements for animals (I refer to a product

    known as "black salve" which is used in cancer treatment and is very successful might I add).


    This is a very compeditive market to enter and the regulators are circling.

  13. I had a doner kebab last night and after reading this I really hate myself.


    Can't fault you on the all-egg diet, mind. Very nice.



    I thought this was wartime propaganda employed as a cover-story for the development of radar coverage around mainland Britain. The same was also claimed about eating carrots.

    Yea, it was a deliberate rumor and look how well it worked! Still, I'm all for raw foods and food forests.

    Anyone here read Ringing the Cedars? Powerful series of books that encourages people back to the land.

    (slightly fringe....but the books have an energy when you read them that seem to trigger the desire to go

    raw and farm).