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  1. The initial event may have occured, just unnoticed as yet. Watch what/who is reported and (more importantly) who is ignored by mainstream media. If nothing else, it help decide who is credible in the future. Nice that someone loved the centinarial enough to keep him around in the bedroom, you know, given the price of real estate per square foot. They probably even dusted him and everything too so he looked fresh after 30 years. Tried to keep the cat off him... : ) awww. She missed out the Russian fires and Chernobyl.
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    It was sort of ok until the end of the world 2012 bit. I'm not discounting it as a possiblity, (my spiritual teachers have been saying some humans will die, and the rest will lift to a new vibration => it is an exciting time to be human, not a time to be feared).
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    What really happened to get Obama into power

    ROFL "cheap shoots" I think lots of people started to wake up in 2008 but then some were lulled to sleepy submission again after the stimulus.
  4. *There is always love in the world* Here are some 2010 predictions from astrologer Robert Phoenix. I like his easy going style although some of his predictions have the timing wrong or aren't gonna happen. http://www.robertphoenix.com/content/?p=1556 Similarities are there. Note that on prisonplanet .com there is an article indicating that US troops have been deployed to boarders, but not to prevent illegal immigrants from entry to the US. Yikes.
  5. http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/112...ss-steagall-act “It just cleans things up,” he said.
  6. Sense of entitlement.....where did it come from? An exploration thread of the subtle influences upon the masses This thread is a response to an article I read here. It discusses the [distorted] work ethic of generation Y and the difficulty of finding someone from this generation. ENTERTAINMENT? McMansions were almost seen as a right for those who worked hard, invested *right*. This has been encouraged in a subtle way by the entertainment industry who constantly portrayed an unrealistic standard of living for 20 somethings. Really, it was natural that after watching hour upon hour of sitcom indoctrination that the masses began to feel like there was something missing from their life.... debt was necessary to achieve the same standard of living that the character they most closely identified with EVEN THOUGH the viewer may have worked in a similar job with similar wages. Entertainment exerts massive social influence over the way we communicate, resolve conflict and decide what is socially appropriate. FAMILY UNIT AND DOUBLE INCOME FAMILIES? More money doesn't equal more love....but this doesn't stop people trying. When parents are away most of the time they will often replace their physical present with gifts, and in our day and age that means technology and extra curriculuar activities which now flood the sheduals of double income family kids. Sure, you can hire others to look after your kids but you have only limited control over the influence these people have over your offspring. The negative effects can be limited by consistency in rules and caregivers so this type of lifestyle can provide many advantages if correctly managed. When parents are under stress it is much easier to give kids money then expend emotional energy encouraging them to work for what they want. Parents are so under rated. Worst of all it becomes harder to say no to your kid when they are forced to work harder for things others around them are given as of right. It is like a virus of giving. SCHOOL? Kids spend so much time at school that it has to be a key influence in their life. Not sure how it could be impacting on the generation Y attitude though. Eight hours a day, second only to sleep is spent in school. STIMULATION? LOL does this generation just get board easily due to the intensive exposure to technological stimuli? Is work just boring....do they need constant adrenilin to fuction properly? Maybe it is brain damage. When auditory and visual stimuli are played together, as they are when you watch TV don't you go into some kind of numb state where you are no longer critically thinking about what you are seeing? Relate this back to a sitcom, any sitcom. Are the jokes really humerous or is it the laugh track that lets you know you are being entertained? Are the responses of the characters ones that are realistic? Bad acting, or bad writing or perhaps severely misjudged for the overall entertainment value? POSITIVE THINKING? Yes, really. I have clustered all of the self help/thought is creative type stuff in this catagory. The idea that thought creates reality is cool....I believe that it does. Without critical thinking this can severly impact your ability to make realistic decisions. Observe: Johnny wants to attend a self improvement type seminar, but can't afford it. He affirms that he NOW has the money (several thousand) that he needs to attend. He identifies that his father never supported him financially and believes that this is "blocking" him from manifesting money, so he forgives him and adds further affirmations to counter any negative thoughts he may have had. Johnny is really hyped about this seminar....they will surely get to the bottom of his "stuff". You know, the stuff that "blocks" him! The fact that he still doesn't have the money (he hasn't done anything to get it) doesn't matter as he is sure that he is *resisting* by blocking the flow of money and therefore change in his life. Johnny finds he can borrow the money against his home! Aaaah, see, the power of manifestation has now allowed him to attend the seminar. Make sense?! Or sound familiar to anyone? This is an accurate portrayal of myself circa 2001. Yes, I've lived it and I've grown. Also I manifested my way out of money. Critical thinking kicked in a little late - lol. I've watched in horror as others have done the same. The seminar speakers will often applaude this type of "committment". Few people ever discuss the impact this type of belief system has upon decision making or how it can create a sense of entitlement. Add to this a group of people with similar beliefs and you find yourself in a situation similar to a cult, but not as obvious. This type of belief is spreading within our society with the proliferation of motivational speakers, life coaches, etc etc. I think I read that this is a 2 billion dollar per year industry. CULTURE? Interestingly, I read in one of my ezines that consumers in cultures where life is accepted as being unfair there is very little impulse buying. They get that if they waste what little they have no one is coming to save them. (source, Kevin Hogan's Coffee) Contrast this with the Western economies where impluse buying is socially accepted - why? I suspect it is because when life is unfair in the West there is usually a government intervention to help restore equality. We have welfare. We have agencies. We have entitlements. Does China suffer from the same generation Y work ethic as we do here? ======================================================================= I'd love to hear your opinions on this matter. What on earth will happen if and when depression hits the US? Will this generation simply grab whatever is left from others? Or will they finally learn a harsh reality lesson? I suspect that they will whine and sit helplessly on the sidelines waiting for rescue that never comes....after all this is all they seem capable of doing. Am I too harsh? Predictions please.
  7. While the gov't subsidises over $1.2 billion (yesh, we only have just over four million people and not all of us are beneficaries!) they are also paying for Housing New Zealand (HNZ) which allows only 25% of a tennent's income to be paid in rent. From HNZ website: They are the largest provider of residental property and they are state owned and operated. In addition to this there is of course council housing in main centres which is subsidised as well. NEITHER HNZ FIGURES OR LOCAL COUNCIL FIGURES ARE INCLUDED IN THE $1.2 BILLION If they included this the figure would be much, much higher. What the article doesn't make clear is that PEOPLE WHO OWN THEIR OWN HOME can also qualify for the accommodation supplement. Yes, really. If home owners are smart they will have increased their mortgage payments to qualify for the maximum A.S. and suck the money from the gov't that way too - which if you purchased your home back in 2000/2002 would be very easy to do. In fact if you don't have a mortgage and earn middle money or lower it might just be in your best interests (not NZ's though) to get one. $20 K should do nicely. Side note: Just a day or so ago a headline screamed Foreign farm sales average 82ha a day . FYI we are about the same land mass as Japan. Once we owned our own country and the farms, perhaps soon we may just rent it. I'm really angry about the continuing sale of large amounts of land which our young farmers are finding increasingly tough to buy. Anyways....back to the residential rental market. Article: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4000703/Mo...elp-to-pay-rent "Pretty sad to kick people out when they've been here for a long time" - OMG that would be horrific. Then they would have to struggle in the private housing market like the rest of us. For the moment HNZ tennents are what I call the rich-poor. Low enough income to qualify, but given more benefits to to the level of their incomes than anyone else of the same income but without the nanny state housing for life.
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    A no-brainer, or a money pit?

    Cute town - there was a horrific criminal act committed/ the property was used as a P lab and requires decontamination and whomever resides there may be mistaken for a competing dealer and accidentally eliminated - there is a clause in the contract that means you don't have vacant possession (mortgagee sale?) - Next door neighbours have appeared on "Neighbours at War" but I don't get that vibe. Positive reasons: - vendor is in financial strife/ marital distress and needs fast settlement, like within a week or so. Is a member of the nearby church and happens to pay debts, not walk from them - vendor wants a clause in the sale and purchase agreement that includes some kind of caveat requiring you to care for a dog that happens to live at the property/ is buried on the grounds - vendor wants to tie the sale of the property to another outcome I looked this place up on Google maps. Couldn't walk around that street to check it out, only got as close as Vine Street from Main. So I'm thinking underground military base also or some other issue of national importance. Spy mecca might explain the rent? Danger of your investment blowing up lol. But then I can see it on satelite view. Looks beautiful actually, like I dreamed my (almost) ultimate town and it just manifested. This property is across the road from the first Baptist Church. Behind the property just on a diagonal I can see a carpark, probably for the nearby park. So noise from kids playing sport and gospel singing, and within a couple of blocks of a retired volunteers center (?) and many other amenities.
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    Sense of entitlement...where does it come from?

    Good point. Little or no value in what we used to hold dear has been replaced by flattening of the value system - meaning that instead of things are no longer clearly right or wrong might also tie closely to motivation. Common examples heard in everyday speech include: - everything in moderation (flat value system, no clear boundary like you say, can be used to justify the occasional joint, occasional affair etc) - maybe the time wasn't right (said to comfort people who just mentioned that something they set out to achieve didn't work out, the ultimate encouragement to be powerless to an outside force ... which in this case is *time*, implication is that you might value it but whether or not you achieve it is up to *time*) - each to their own (said to indicate an easy going acceptance of others and their choices, removes group boundaries) The freedom and entitlement confusion makes sense.
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    Main St about to get massive bail out?

    An interesting strategy! . . . "Forgiving" the debt doesn't actually change anything but perception. Let's say they forgive maxium 10% of the mortgage.....if a house has fallen in price say 50% then it isn't like they are gonna get the money anytime soon, even if they sell the house. So it seems an attempt to boost positivity (I think it might actually backfire during the election since voters may not appreciate blatent bribery) without printing more bailout money.
  11. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambro...operty-bubbles/ LOL I prefer "psychologically unhinged"
  12. http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archive...udent-loan-debt
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    Sense of entitlement...where does it come from?

    Well, if you can get a benefit for suffering from the above isn't it in your long term interests to do so? Doesn't this (almost) fit a definition of passive income that we are all suppost to chase? Being intelligent individuals and with the benefit of hindsight what would you use the time on a benefit for? Some ideas spring to mind: - self development - build a better body - start an online business (next to no start up costs) - spend time learning about investing in an online forum - write books - find ways of exchanging services - get cash jobs such as babysitting etc - spend time actually raising your kids, a luxury nowdays The options are endless! I'm not so sure these are dumb and useless people... compare with those taking out loans for a degree, working for the man with higher expenses realated to work, job insecurity. Hmmm. Ultimately all beneficaries are playing by the rules of a game which were made up by someone else. Many wealthy people have their affairs set up in such a way that they pay zero tax even as multimillionaires. They too play by the rules of the game (tax instead of welfare this time) set up by someone else. Both the wealthy and beneficaries have more in common than most people think, whereas the middle class have little in common with either.
  14. Link here: http://www.freegreen.com/ Personally this isn't my cup of tea. I prefer making homes for cheap or free. The idea of getting a 30 year mortgage is something I find quite vulgar....but each to their own. Perhaps the plans can be adapted for some kind of cheaper construction like a container home?? Quote from http://www.celsias.co.nz/article/social-su...ething-nothing/
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    Free House House Plans

    Yes, exactly what I have found. Consumers seem to be reverting to their trained helplessness...the only way they can achieve home ownership is accumulating lifelong debt. Eco-anything is synonymous with paying extra $$$ which has got to change asap. ========= Found this shipping container site - interesting fellow: http://renaissanceronin.wordpress.com/why-...ting-this-blog/
  16. Time for all in the West to consider learning Mandarin....
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    Lessons from the Fall of Rome

    SUCH an insightful headline....pity it wasn't debated more back in 2007, maybe some of the strife could have been avoided.
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    Lessons from the Fall of Rome

    http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-...0728-10w1x.html Key quotes: .
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    FDIC Flashes SOS

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    We Can't Afford This House

    Link to article here [i'm in NZ at it is still August 1 here....so not sure why this date is here as we are ahead of the rest of you].
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    We Can't Afford This House

    Me too.....My expartner was lamenting the fact that he was having difficulty finding another job when I made the comment that at least we are not in the US...cheered him up. Unfortunately this is the reality of a crash that was predicted on the old Global House Price Crash forum way back in 2007 (and earlier no doubt). Back to the billions, there is something really disgusting about a collection of people in power who enabled this to occur. Really it is coming close to a war crime (based on my opinion the future of the nation) and there will be no consequence, just pain for the people.
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    The Death Of Paper Money

    Link here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment...aper-Money.html
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    Renter Nation

    http://moneywatch.bnet.com/saving-money/bl...omeowners/2453/ More renters also means more people shifting around since they aren't tied to a location - especially if they don't have a job!
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    Lessons from the Fall of Rome

    From the corporate controlled internet encyclopedia known as wikipedia: Because everyone wants more profit.
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    Lessons from the Fall of Rome

    There are parallels not just with Gov't taxes, but also with mortgages and especially outsourcing jobs to other countries. In fact IMHO outsourcing more than taxes might be the final straw since a government is somewhat limited in the tax it is able to collect, but outsourcing to foreigners is almost limitless in scope .....