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    Don't Work, Won't Work - "Why should we?"

    When you say cycle, are we talking three generations of welfare dependants?
  2. One of my kids showed me that (speeded up which is more fun) last night. Poor old Rolleston looks like it got well and truely battered.
  3. 00timebandit00

    UK welfare cuts

    Well given the attitudes to getting into debt, declaring bankruptcy (on other threads) this isn't surprising. As with many things government the timing is out by a few years. I'm on welfare but it is NZ. No investments but I'm working on it and improving my business as I go.....welfare is giving my children and I security of a low income while I rebuild. *ducks for cover* They talk about welfare being a lifestyle choice that lasts for generations here in NZ and threaten much the same thing - welfare reform which in reality dumps the social issue onto frontline charity organisations already stretched over the last couple of years in particular. I, being the SCUMBAG welfare opportunist that I am decided that it was in my best interests to stay on welfare (stable, but not really enough and choice limiting) and build a business that is likely to generate long term gains for me and the country. As long as I am covered by a medical certificate (illness BTW limits my job options anyway - what have I actually accomplished if I take a part time job which I sometimes can't show up for, and because of the high cost of living in NZ still need a gov't subsidy?? Not a hell of a lot IMHO. Better to work with the system while the system still is this generous). I particulary love how the media/politicians have singled out welfare beneficaries to blame for the current extream economic woes, ignoring as you mention the Ahhh, big Government! My what clever spin you have.....the wolf grins, "all the better to decieve you with".
  4. Yes, I admit the only thing I'm actually missing is a wind up radio! Used to have one years ago but the MP3s etc took over and it never got replaced once it was damaged. Gonna buy one today
  5. He's ok!! Yea, lots of people surprised it was Chch not Wgtn. Some in Wellington who haven't yet are now (finally?!)stocking up and preparing, many expecting that another quake may hit us soon, but this time in the Capital.
  6. 00timebandit00

    Overdose - The Next Financial Crisis

    Well in that case I reckon I'd better take some time to watch. Sounds juicy.
  7. 00timebandit00

    Why an MBA Is a Waste of Time and Money

    MBA's only work for those who are people persons. Other points are all valid IMO.
  8. 00timebandit00

    The Rise of Women

    This is offensive (as it seems to imply that women will appear to win the corporate world which is really another hamster wheel.....while men will go on to conquor the world by working smarter??) RDPD was good back in the day. He should have stopped there. Hanna Rosen has a problem....this is all based on whether or not women care about the corporate workplace. Coroprate is based around a central lie which is that if you work hard wear the right non offensive shade of beige your world will be alright. Rosen (incorrectly IMHO) assumes that even the masses will always follow a paradigm that is outdated.
  9. You don't consider the estimated 2 billion + dollars of damage in Chch to be a big deal? Yes, quakes are common here BUT THIS IS NOT A COMMON SHAKE. For a better coverage of the latest I suggest http://www.stuff.co.nz/ which is likely to cover the news best. We are lucky enough that most of the quakes haven't been in a major city in recent times. In the examples given above...Fiordland....population (not including tourists) somewhere between 3 - 10 people in the middle of friggin nowhere surrounded by sandflies and an alleged moose. Wairarapa.....farmland. Also the Richter scale is sadly misunderstood as it increases loggerythmically by a scale of 30. Example: A quake that is 2.0 on the richter scale is 30 times the size of a 1.0 quake A 3.0 quake is 30 times the size of a 2.0 quake. How badly it is felt is largely dictated by the depth and location of the quake. In Chch it was close to the city, and fairly close to the surface. Our building codes improved but older houses have a tendency to be badly insulated/heated. Quake proofing is normally reserved for historic buildings or those in the CBD. The reality is that if this Chch quake struck at a different time it would likely have killed many. Also there has been a significant drive for government and city councils to be well rehearsed for just this type of event.
  10. 00timebandit00

    GOLD SPIKE! $3400

    Comments? http://www.prisonplanet.com/investors-spoo...ld-to-3400.html My vote is for a signal
  11. Well someone approved her credit, likely an intelligent being with full knowledge of the consequence....perhaps even a male? Or is the entire debt crisis now abdicated to irresponsible females? Nicely done guilt job by the Sun. Of course while morally appalling she has simply applied the rules in her favour. This doesn't stop the urge I have to smack her in the head!
  12. 00timebandit00

    How many of you know how Humans think?

    Hey Steve, Did you see the program on Prime last night Make Me Smarter? LOL I can't remember the name! It had that guy with an IQ of 200 who had a theory called the cognitive theoretic model of the universe. See http://www.ctmu.org/ Anyway, he is a member of The Mega Foundation - a type of intellectual think tank for the cognitive theory stuff. I note (with some disgust) that the narrative indicated that Mr Smart guy had "not lived up to his potiential". Mr Smart guy was working on a farm and prior to this worked as a bouncer, the implication being that smart people should all contribute to humanity in the socially accepted forms. I really like Mr Smart guy's style. Quiet and unassuming, he thinks about this theory which may help us all reach our own potiential.
  13. http://www.kevinhogan.com/wealth_why-you-a...oing-broke2.htm (Page 2 of this weeks articles....more info on link at bottom of the page)
  14. Good idea. I bet lots of us can see the benefits but really have no interest/skill in this area. RH - another kiwi. I count three of us so far... you'll be the first (and likely only ) one on the West coast. Friendly folks down that way. Nope. Greed is an emotion and will always exist.
  15. Pity. They'll miss all that extra cleaning.
  16. 00timebandit00

    How "they" mislead - the law of 72 busted

    Not sure what he is quoting for tax but he has been very credible in the past. What I like about him is that you can email a question and he will answer it either via email or "Coffee" his ezine, what I don't like is that it is US centered advice. BTW I thought that in the US you can opt out of paying taxes??? I was told that this is because taxes in the US are volluntary, brought in to fund war efforts , but now so widely accepted that most citizens have no idea. The guy I spoke to said that it takes about two years from the time of application to revoke tax payer status. Can anyone confirm this (and I don't mean confirm what you THINK is the case!)? Deflation isn't covered. If the general population can no longer afford things perhaps the price of retirement is about to drop?? Or will all those forclosures just burn to the ground in the same fashion that farmers burnt food in the 30's?
  17. 00timebandit00

    How many of you know how Humans think?

    Hi again, A reflection of human conciousness can be found the google keyword tool (external) and google zeitergiest. This shows what search term is being entered into the G. Ask if you need help. Also I'd like to point out that the demographics of this site will skew your results. I have them here below. <script src='http://img20.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=zdemographicgraphall.png&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript> Hope that helps.
  18. 00timebandit00

    How many of you know how Humans think?

    Hi there Steve, I get it! But then NLP used to be my main hobby until recently. I've always been fasincated with how we learn, how we can improve, "abnormal" psychology (including over achievers). Good luck in your research.
  19. 00timebandit00

    Tony Robbins Economic Warning

    The late Sir John Templeton....is who he mentions in the second clip. At least he is encouraging preparedness and smart thinking (ie not positive thinking, but predicting what is likely to happen and being prepared for when it does) which is more than the gov't/media are doing.
  20. 00timebandit00

    US Home Sales - record July slump

    I think that when the new poll is taken about what profession is the least trustworthy economists are gonna be in the top ten.
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    Third World America

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arianna-huff...n_b_676474.html Excerpt: Once a majestic and powerful nation is being drawn to its knees. Ms Huffington encourages.....
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    GASLAND seen it?? / Don't drink water, until you do

    OMG wrong! They are *only* in the sea. (worse??!!) Bold is my emphasis. OMG OMG
  23. 00timebandit00

    GASLAND seen it?? / Don't drink water, until you do

    Thankyou for this valuable information, it is something we all need to be aware of..... just a side note, I saw on the map an area in the South Island of NZ is shaded red. I don't think we actually have this method of extraction in this country but I'm gonna check it out to make certain. The SI is one of the more pristine places in NZ.
  24. Thanks for taking the time to summerise. We appreciate it!
  25. 00timebandit00

    Why are you unemployed?

    To watch the tv series how the other half live (mentioned earlier in the thread - excellent btw, thanks for the suggestion) when you are blocked: 1) go to a free proxy service. I used hidemyass.com 2) there is a bar there, like the one you see when you use google....the default on hidemyass is youtube.com 3) hit the button and voila, you are now browsing youtube via the US 4) type in "how the other half live" season 1 episode 1 and the program is second or third on the list.