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    Going Solo - Becoming your own Boss

    And then this attitude allows them to resent you if, no WHEN you succeed! LOL people are strange creatures.
  2. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/buy-now-and-show...0925-15rtt.html IMHO quite possibly the modern day equivilent to taxing the surfs to the point that they can barely survive. TG I'm in NZ! I LOVE NZ where the cops don't pick on you to "recover" property and the health industry still allows you to buy dodgy vitamins and herbs. Back to Aussie.... it will be very interesting indeed to see how this new idea plays out, or rather how much it is abused. Perhaps states in the US could do something similar? California could really do with this law. Someone other than the bank to worry about huh?
  3. The Pinky and the Brain...the Pinky and the Brain....one is a GENIUS, the others INSANE.... You know, I'm tempted to volunteer. http://www.medicaldaily.com/news/20100918/...ory-in-mice.htm
  4. 00timebandit00

    Savers! Do your duty and spend your capital!

    "need to spend to preserve their nest egg", advises the Bank of England (similar to arguing buying goods at a sale SAVES money, when in reality you just spent money on stuff you otherwise would not have). A better idea be to find another way of getting a better return like Mr Leeds in the video. Skip the banksters. If ever there was a time to turn savers into real investors this would be it. Nice find OP *Off topic - replying to the video offers a good opportunity to promote this forum.
  5. I wish I were smart enough to comment more intelligently. All I can really offer is that I was expecting something bad to happen with all that US debt, and this looks like it could be the final straw. http://www.prisonplanet.com/why-qe2-qe-lit...ry-endgame.html I won't post the whole thing...it is VERY long. Here is an extract from the beginning and end of the article: Important middle bit: And now the end... Well it doesn't sound good.
  6. 00timebandit00

    Cripes! I think this is serious.....?

    Ok, not so worried now. Mostly I worry that I haven't got my liferaft together yet and that I can't possibly buy a farm in the next month or so. Now I'm informing myself it is getting more difficult to know what I should or should not freak out about. Ahhh! Thanks Steve. This handy condom analogy clears every up nicely (from Shoeshine-Boy, the first link above):
  7. When I don't get my way I throw down my tools and strike! Only in this way can I truly be...valued? Surely the union has something better to do? Perhaps this is a badly considered attempt to get work for their members. I suspect Gramps didn't pay for union representation this year. Either that or they are attempting to model whining as a successful negotation tactic.
  8. 00timebandit00

    UK proposes pay all wages to government first

    Not sure why there wouldn't be enough money? The most troubling aspect IMHO is the level of control they will have over the majority of people who work "real" jobs as opposed to business folks. Imagine these people are holding on to your money that you need to survive (statistically majority live paycheck to paycheck). The next move is that you can't get access to that money unless you agree to [insert draconian measure that removes basic liberty/privacy/right to choose x here] because the government is concerned about [terrorist threat/the 'flu/ social unrest/ etc]. Of course you don't have to agree. You won't get paid...but that is YOUR choice. Framing this invasion as a choice essentially removes accountability. Rebel while you can! Better yet, start your own business.
  9. 00timebandit00

    Are the new ads making money ?

    1) You shouldn't use PPC to promote this site. Google looks at the landing page so you will need another site to do this effectively or be either G slapped OR they will penalise you by putting the PPC for your ads up higher. This will reflect badly on you later. 2) Email list is what I was thinking too. To keep costs down you could use MailChimp for the first 500 (I think) emails each month. After this they start to charge you. Awebber is the industry standard mail dodackky. 3) You can make money with either displaying solo ads (don't mess with multiple ads, not worth your time IMO - go for quality) or affiliate product promotion. The thing to note is the value of your list - don't allow anyone to "steal" the list from under you. For example, someone tells you how much they enjoy your forum and asks if you would like to do a webinar together. You agree! This is a golden opportunity to promote your site while at the same time your webinar partner gets to promote their site too. Excellent! You mail all of us on your list. We sign up. All good....until you realise your partner hasn't mailed their list. They have technically stolen your targeted list. So take care with JV's and only work with ETHICAL people. In many ways it is easier to pay a small amount of money to get names because you don't feel obligated to promote the JVP's products later on. I'd like to see you come up with your own product to promote. Something similar to the turtle idea?
  10. 00timebandit00

    UK proposes pay all wages to government first

    Consultation period for this legislation ends today. An interesting take on why the government would want to do this, and how the BBC is selling it to the public. It would be good to hear opinions about the advantages/disadvantages of this system. As per PrisonPlanet theme, their argument is clear. But is the NWO (if they exist - after all, this isn't the fringe section...) really who we should be most worried about? I suspect it best to be most fearful of ourselves and the growing apathy of the masses. http://www.prisonplanet.com/why-the-govern...n-movement.html
  11. 00timebandit00

    UK proposes pay all wages to government first

    Total control of the money - this might suit fringe better.
  12. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE68E2HH20100915 I won't put quotations from the above article here. It is a little on the long side. Basically it is an article about the growing discontent and frustration around the lack of jobs available in the US. Some of the comments, many with a noteable lack of empathy, from beneath the article: I'm not sure he had much choice. To say he did this to himself via a democratic voting process is a little unfair. It takes more than one unemployed blue collar worker to elect a government. Yes. Pity all those years of schooling made certain we were prepared for just the opposite. Actually, I think the guy in the story might be depressed. I'm no expert but I think financial loss combined with the madness of living with my mother might just do that - parents are usually pretty brutal when the nest in reinhabited. Back in my day, we had to walk 5 miles to school and back, in the mud, carrying snakes that we would eat later as food, assuming we could catch the damn things after they slithered away... and it was snowing! Hmmm, an interesting idea with the tax on outsourcing! Will it work if only one country impliments it? I think it might be too late anyway.
  13. 00timebandit00

    Blue Collar, Unemployed, Seeing Red

    Excellent information and timely as I am about to write a submission for the NZ welfare reform committees, (one is from a collection of benefit rights organisations, and the other group is a govn't committee). I absolutely think starting businesses easily is the way to go and far preferable in the long term than scrubber jobs at very low wage although someones gotta do them. Making your own money via business has the added benefit of boosting self esteem, helpful for the LTmers. Just read that Rand Paul (USA) has told unemployed to quit b**ching and take a pay cut. So clearly it isn't just the price of a loaf of bread he is out of touch with. http://washingtonindependent.com/87857/ran...ng-for-handouts
  14. This is very American http://www.prisonplanet.com/the-new-terror...ng-insults.html
  15. That is just awful. It's almost like they want their free speaking, free thinking citizens to be afraid of doing anything lest they fall fowl of some obscure law.
  16. 00timebandit00

    Is Buffett A Senile Old Man?

    http://biz.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?f...mp;sec=business I really want to get swept away in optimism. Really! And I almost did until I realised the billionaires are only talking about themselves.
  17. Who would have picked the Whitehouse to be such a responsive bunch, eh? When noise control would come around to a party at my boyfriends flat we used to frame the notice of infringement (ah, the memories!). This guy now has a keepsake for future generations - might even show up on Antiques Roadshow in 50 years time. Jeez wouldn't it be cool if they sent him a letter banning him from the USA with the whole FBI/or official Whitehouse crest? IMO totally worth the ban.
  18. 00timebandit00

    105% Mortgages for Australians

    Or an air mattress that you know has a hole somewhere...that you hope you can get through the night. ANZ is the mainstream bank that will lend to you when the other banks here won't. How they survived this long is beyond my comprehension. BNZ, ASB, (and more recently Westpac) have always been a little more prudent.
  19. Just what we need in a global recession.... MORE MONEY! And not ours! http://www.news.com.au/money/property/lend...0-1225918973988
  20. http://www.theprovince.com/business/Vancou...1634/story.html
  21. 00timebandit00

    The trigger for a Hyperinflationary shock

    Everyone is gonna want to be in New Zealand where we will experience a population explosion shortly. Just my prediction. The USA may be the worlds number one super power but how can you maintain that with so much debt? Great interview find Dr B.
  22. We have the rugby world cup here next year. Personally I find it to be a gluttenous feast and quite vulgar, but then I don't LOVE rugby. Complaints have been heard for a few months now about the high cost of basic accommodation in Auckland. This is a really bad time to try and one-up the last world class venue. Still this country seems blinded by the promised boost to the economy while skeptics like me remain unconvinced. It is more than likely benefits will find themselves offshore or in cities outside of Auckland....like Sydney. At the end of the day it is just a game. Annoying how the masses can be so into their jobs, soap operas, and hire purchase lifestyle they fail to see the wood for the trees.
  23. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment...mic-elites.html My comment is that it is nearly time for alien lifeforms on earth to be revealed and another war (God lets hope not) started. Of course they can't technically afford a war but that never stopped the US before. I take this as more evidence of media control dictating when the masses react - we knew this would happen. And "freeloading off the US demand"... lol! Smilyface! Retweet!
  24. 00timebandit00

    UK welfare cuts

    I agree. I meant that over here at least (NZ) every so often, I suspect at strategic intervals, headlines scream about intergenerational dependancy and welfare bludgers. The government offers a saftey net, but then makes sure it is sufficently ladled with guilt as a means of social control when the better option would be to alter the system. Bene bashing creates needless stress and opens beneficaries up to human rights abuses - it happens. Humans play systems no matter what their income. Change the system, I would suggest as little control/taxes as possible, and humans adapt. I can hire a full time worker (a good one) from overseas for a generous $300 USD a month FT, with a degree, good english and this is possible for almost all occupations. There isn't much point in hiring more expensive workers. I'm not so sure taking away welfare, or giving a maximum one year of benefits will make a hell of a lot of difference because, as you say if there aren't any jobs...