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  1. http://vimeo.com/16513455 Facebook page = Farmageddon the Movie BECOME A FAN GEI! <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/16513455" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="http://vimeo.com/16513455">Farmageddon Trailer 1410</a> from <a href="http://vimeo.com/smallfarmproject">Kristin Canty</a> on <a href="http://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p> Ooops, what is with the embedding thing on GEI - I can't get it to work.... oh well, just see the link above. It is only around 2-3 mins long.
  2. Hi the GEI's, Hope it is ok I'm posting this in the main area (I wanted to make certain you got to see it). A Firefox plugin called FireSheep has been written which basically allows anyone to hack into your computer if you are connected to an un-secure WiFi network. This guy wrote the plugin to draw attention to the fact that it's super easy to steal your "cookies" when connected to WiFi. With these cookies a person can pretty much login to any website you access and steal your private info. So what's happened is regular people are now using this FireSheep at airports, coffee shops, anywhere there are un-secure networks and stealing your data. The problem has always been there but was limited to super computer geeks. Now anyone can hack into your stuff with a simple Firefox plugin. Here is an article that tells you about the problem and informs you about ways to fix it: http://windowssecrets.com/comp/101104/ Stay safe everyone!
  3. 00timebandit00

    Frost Protection Device

    Oooh, just found this link with something similar. It involves electrostatic fields to increase yield of crops/grow time (the above uses magnetic field which sounds a little naff, but I would take a try it and see approach BEFORE I decided it was total crap). FASCINATING http://www.urzeit-code.com/index.php?id=23
  4. Came across this and thought it might be an interesting/potientially mega $$$ saving experiment for all you self sufficent types out there. If it doesn't work, you lose a little time and a small amount of money to cover materials. Worth the investment IMHO. http://www.relfe.com/2010/frost_protection...rost_guard.html NOT a sales page, but an article explaining how to build your own anti frost thingy. Key points:
  5. Agreed. It has the feel of a Johnathan Creek plot line just before someone mysteriously dies in some highly unlikely manner. All the same I'd be happy to relieve anyone of 5 billion dollars. If someone wanted to give me money they'd need to get my account details or address to send the cheque. If someone wanted to give money to the government they could arrange (especially at the 5 billion dollar level) to pay more taxes by not taking advantage of tax breaks etc etc. Easiliy done, unless you wanted to take the credit for such a move in return for something else.
  6. 00timebandit00

    Civil Liberties

    I watched the whole thing. Some highlights, most of them familiar by now - the stripper in a club who refused the $20 in cash, saying that it would have to be given to her manager to be logged - how the US is attempting to pass a bill that will make growing your own food illegal (no ability to barter, monopoly to large industry giants) - the invasion of a raw milk/organic farms with armed guards - a five/six year old on "the list" as a potential trouble maker.....wooo better watch out for that one! - pawn shops requiring a thumb print and photo id, buying a new toyota neccessiates filming the purchase and giving this and your details to the department of Homeland Security, anyone paying a toll booth in New Jersey with a note above $20 has their vehical number/etc given to Homeland security etc etc. - a bill about healthcare with a section that will require ANY transaction $600 or more to have a special IRS form filled out which will lead to more govt employees and freakish compliance costs. - San Fan running a pilot scheme with vollunteers to act as investigators (they call them detectives in other states, same job) for minor crimes collecting crime scene photos and interviewing people (but will anything a non sworn vollunteer collect actually hold up in a criminal court??) Definately a police state from here.
  7. 00timebandit00

    Signs Hyperinflation Is Arriving

    I enjoyed G's post. (Hi G!) I disagree with is the prediction over such a long time frame rather than virtually overnight, even with the stealth monetization policy. Clearly happening for awhile now...the base of the pyramid slowly erroded (lack of money loaned to businesses) while on the surface the stealth monetization masks the overall effect. Suddenly the US is swimming with no clothes and the tide is out, never to return. LOL The US owes so much at some point it will be so vulnerable that the enemies it so dilligently attempts to protect itself from will simply walk into the land. Debt could just be purchased by the highest bidder. US citizens have been fed a diet of consume without fear for so long they fail to understand that when you borrow especially from Chinese, you gonna pay somehow.
  8. 00timebandit00

    Joint Bank Run

    I'd get my money out before then....like now! Who else wants to stand in line with a group of angry, union inspired French demanding their money out? TG I'm not there. FOOBAR - Great idea. This, along with your own "lifeboat" is the way to go.
  9. http://bostonherald.com/news/regional/view...ticleid=1290088
  10. 00timebandit00

    Monopoly "the board game"

    I highly recommend PoleEconomy as mentioned earlier by OP. Excellent, and much better than the Cashflow games by K - my first purchases online and boy did I regret it, soooo not worth it. As for your updated monopoly what an excellent idea. Of course as OOP pointed out buying property in M. assumes you cannot lose by buying property (minor chance cards perhaps, but nothing major in terms of loss of value). Everytime we play there is a mad rush to buy properties especially in chunks of the board. In this way buying property replaces any instant gratification you might otherwise have. Very quickly, although the game is a long way from over you know who has won. Time for a chance card...
  11. 00timebandit00

    Empire continues to crumble

    Jeez, things just go missing 'round here. I was searching for a thread about the crumbling Roman empire. First search "empire"...nope, not found. Then "roman" which brought up every post by roman's holiday. "crumbling empire" didn't do much either... *sigh* Also in a related article today on PP - how US citizens are stocking up on guns, ammo, gold and other items you might need in a time of civil unrest. http://www.prisonplanet.com/the-number-one...crap-metal.html I broke it into sections so you don't have one big block of text to read. This is the first part: What? How DARE they!
  12. Artist paints noble picture of dole Can't wait to hear your comments on this one! Certainly provocative ...one for the Bear Pit perhaps?? http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/arts/...picture-of-dole
  13. 00timebandit00

    Artist paints picture of The Nobility being on the dole

    This artist has made the front page of the national and local newspapers, not once, but twice. This is quite a clever lad. He has picked this topic perhaps in part because it will prod people into reacting, perhaps even thinking critically about the issue of welfare and how our country handles unemployed. There is much bitching in the media about people on benefits. The overall tone implies that only the wealthy should dare to have children in the first place - filthy bludgers! But a smaller voice is sometimes heard talking about how their life was changed due to sudden loss (job/partner/etc) and how the NZ welfare system supported them when they needed support. I am not convinced the artist is believeing what he is saying, so much as representing an extreme point of view in order to break up the impression of welfare.
  14. 00timebandit00

    FRAUDCLOSURE Meltdown Alert

    I just realised that I get most of my entertainment in life from watching out for bizzare news items on the US economy and banks just like this one.....OMG, That is SICK. It is a freakin addiction of fraudporn and this forum is enabling me! I need a doctor.....I need Doritoes! Somebody stop me.... argh! The pull of the video is just to strong to resist.... it's like the Simpsons, but real..or is that surreal? Americans have become like pets that you watch and wonder about from afar. Maybe, more like zoo animals that you visit via the internet.
  15. 00timebandit00

    Artist paints picture of The Nobility being on the dole

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/...Paul-Henry-role [Paul Henry a well known NZ broadcaster/breakfast anchor resigned last week after the public outcry about one of his comments being racist] LOL I find this hillarious! The fact that NZ is a democracy is lost on these people. The welfare system has been in place for decades, why if the public is really so anti beneficiary as these comments suggest (aren't you suspicious of the John S type comments?? Do these people really exist? Even if the name is real there is no safegaurd on the internet for the use of someone elses name) THEN WHY HAS NOBODY CHANGED THE LAW? Apathy? These comments suggest there is a significant amount of venom. You would think if this were the case they would lobby MPs. Perhaps as a society we secretly agree with Wells.
  16. 00timebandit00

    Artist paints picture of The Nobility being on the dole

    I think this is one of the best investments Creative NZ has made and good on this guy for making the best of a bad situation. Offering welfare and then critising via the media those who take it up never made much sense to me. I predict this WILL be the most contriversial art installations in Wellington this year, coming in just behind the "Free Food Project" which set up a "shop" where all the items were free. It filmed members of the public to catalogue their responses when offered something for free. [some were grateful and humbled, a small group were greedy, some were needy, some were embarassed that they walked into a store giving away everything it could. Others felt that the store reduced unnessesary waste and supported the project becoming a permanent feature in Wellington. Fascinating character study]
  17. DrBubb, As mentioned by OP you could set up a fan page on FB. The whole benefit of getting lots of followers is that you can monetize them later, or you can pull people from FB to here. Or you could pay for ads (the advantage is that the psychodemographic targeting that FB allows is freakin tight AND it is still cheap to run ads there). *Success notes* Figure out the demographic you want to target, DO NOT attempt to target those you mentioned above. You mentioned their age but that is it. You need to know education levels, marridge status, type of work, age, ethnicity, do they enjoy fishing etc etc. These are who you spend time on and you know who they are when you know the psycho demographics of those already here. Like a tribe of similar people :ph34r:find more of the same tribe. MY EXAMPLE USING PAID FB AD's: I have a place I want to rent out. I want someone over 30, but clearly I cannot discriminate through advertising....but wait a sec! Here is FB that allows me to select to whom I show the ad. Wanting a "good" tennant who is likely to pay me, not wreck the place I go to FB ads and select - age 30 or above, - no children - university educated - then I geo target to the location my rental is in. FB will only show the ad to people who meet all these criteria, but possibly the best part is that I don't pay per view, I pay if someone clicks. This is important because if you want someone to click you write something that makes them want to click....but if you don't (eg you are a local bar and have nothing to offer on the internet...or you just want to become familiar) you write information that is unlikely to lead to a click. For $25 bucks you could easily have weeded out people that you didn't want to rent your place anyway saving time and money. (umm, guys that is a good business idea!....soz, off topic again...) For getting followers you can use paid advertising in much the same way - a paid ad asking them to join your page with an incentive to get them to do so. Depends on what your plan is long term as there isn't much point going all out like this just for the sake of doing it huh. Another idea - could run a contest for those who join (can go on for months) and write the best response to one of your posts. Avoid Twitter - I have a Twitter account with a few thousand followers. Of those I estimate only 1K are legit followers, meaning the others are attempting to make money with Twitter which sadly is the why it isn't worth my time. A well known Internet Marketer quit Twitter and left his 25K followers early this year as the response rate is low. (80% spammers/make money with tweets/mlm, 10% want to kiss/marry Justin Bieber, and 10% normal folks) You may be interested to know how I build my followers - I used a wordpress plugin called "related tweets" that automatically tweeted stuff related to the subjects I selected from my WP blog, and then it autofollowed those with whom it appeared I had a common interest. About 15 mins work in setting up in total (aside from all the WP set up). Of course you can make $ with Twitter, but it is waning and you need software help (big learning curve, not worth the effort for someone like you IMO).
  18. Won't work if they are a dedicated spammer who subscribes to decapture. On the bright side, all this spam should mean GEI hit the big time!?
  19. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/three-hor...uation%E2%80%9D
  20. Note that the average salary in NZ according to website http://www.salaries.co.nz/ is just under $50,000 (see below) As you can see the Housing Minister in NZ is actually targeting average wage earners, not "lower income earners" as the media would have you believe. This of course assumes a two income family, both of whom have a full time income. Oh, and those lower income earners who can afford the repayments can apply too! Lets hope for their sake the land in the scummier suburbs of NZ appreciates in value and of course that the interest rate they agree to today doesn't appear to be cripplingly high a couple of years from now. The Minister is trying his best, but I think he needs to get different advisers. I'd hope that they will eventually see that supplementing rents was a bad idea. Given the HUGE amount of money, millions each week, I'd say they are desperately trying to undo the damage that government intervention inevitably brings without throwing people into the street. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/4...-housing-scheme
  21. Hiya No6! Looking forward to your thread. It's hard for someone new to form an opinion when faced with extremes.
  22. 00timebandit00

    A Little Prediction

    I watched a video recently on http://www.prisonplanet.com/americas-crumb...astructure.html. There was clearly growing concern from the public that billions were being spent in other countries rebuilding after wars, financing troops and foreign infrastructure at the expense of the US. I would predict mass protests against war efforts c.2015-18 when everyday Americans go without food, shelter, health care and the real effects of that stupid bailout are undeniable. Perhaps someone will go to war with the US and attack them - they seem to expect it so....they know something. China is already positioned and creaming the other world powers. I noticed that they had a water shortage in parts of China....I predict (sorry, is this trolling your thread?? - not my intention) that WATER will become the new GOLD. I don't have $$$ to invest but if I did, that would be where I'd be heading right now. If there is a war it will be over control of/access to WATER. Motivation to survive trumps motivation to get rich and just think of how greed can drive humanity to do the most despicable things.....surely the drive to control water will result in far worse attrocities.
  23. 00timebandit00

    UK proposes pay all wages to government first

    LOL nice pic ^ Just read in my Sovereign Man, notes from the field ezine, written by Simon Black....talk about a clampdown on tax avoidance. No, I don't mean evasion, I mean avoidance. This is my favourite ezine btw, well written and well informed. It is also on his website here.
  24. Here in NZ there is a proposal to do away with tax refunds. It is expected not to make it through Parliment pundits say. Still, it was a very disturbing piece of news....but not as severe as this doozy from the UK: http://www.cnbc.com/id/39265847
  25. 00timebandit00

    Going Solo - Becoming your own Boss

    I would like to see this on GEI, but in a section which only allows those over a certain number of posts to read it. I thought seriously about sharing my info via a blog/thread on GEI which I have been gathering over a period of time to help others. After consideration I decided that the information was likely to be devalued if all it required was for you to register. If you had to be active for at least 100 posts (not just short posts that didn't add value) then it would be sort of a reward for contributing to the community here. Since I am on a benefit (sickness to be specific) and have little in the way of spare money I have been forced to seek out solutions that meet this criteria: - full time income - part time hours (medical reasons, but also long term a much better strategy) OR semi passive so I can build up to full time - low or no start up costs (I have wasted around $10 K USD in the last year buying the wrong products etc so the info that I can share will save others from wasting their resources) ATM I am progressing slowly but need time to make it work. Someone who was currently working a FT job could run rings around me if they had the same information. I am also very isolated, partly due to the shame of being on a benefit. The case manager (welfare) is attempting to push me into a job I would be crap at assuming I could do it at all, and it would wipe any energy I had to try and achieve a better life, and clearly thought something meeting the above critera was impossible. What would he know - he got his training from the gov't agency that employs him. EVEN IF I was employed, due to the nature of my illness it would be PART TIME, like 10-15 hours a week and I would STILL BE SUBSIDISED BY THE GOVERNMENT. This is something that repulses me and I can see if I end up there it could well be like that for the rest of my life. Gosh, I hope not. Social stigma from most is not good, but worst of all I just am not your typical beneficiary so I don't really fit in. My goal is to buy a farm type property (gotta hurry) where my family can ride out any world crisis. Got to reach for it as it is a matter of survival.