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  1. Bears use human graves as giant refridgerators ================================= http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/oct/2...pses-graveyards Link to here: http://tinyurl.com/SP-chill In 2008 bears surrounded a group of miners. A couple were eaten. . . (how did Hollywood NOT make a film of this?) http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,389623,00.html
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    I like the idea but where I live the population density wouldn't support night time markets unless: - the supermarkets were closed - the market were inside a permanent location (right now most of it is in a car park that isn't used on weekends, and a very small amount is in a building next to the carpark). There is a lot of packing up that the supermarkets don't have to do at the end of the day unlike market vendors. Jamie Oliver did this show - In Morroco the bachelors have a little pot thing (sorry, name is out of my head) and they go to the market in the morning. Instead of using a plastic bag the produce goes straight in the pot as they buy from each stall, along with spices. At the last stop the vendor puts in water and seals the top. Then the pot and contents are dropped off where someone is in charge of a fire heating boiler (?) for the building above. The pot is placed in the coals beneath and spends the day cooking while the owner is at work. Bachelor comes back and takes the pot home with his really healthy home cooked style meal. Perhaps this could catch on?? Sort of a modern day tweak on the markets style shown in Out of Town. Also in the same show Jamie showed how mothers would make bread dough in the morning, the kids would carry it to the local baker on the way to school. Then each kid would pick the baked bread up on the way home. Cool huh?
  3. Hope this is in the right section(?) oh well.....sparked by the Jim Sinclair thread IDEA: I've been thinking about his and see opportunity especially in the US.....like for those of us who can't go all out, maybe we could part own a farm with security, remote location, etc etc. BUT rather than actually own the land you could purchase an entitlement for a set term of say....five years at a time. By doing this you could keep on selling it if nothing happened. Also you/your company would retain control of everything. No pesky voting rights! Mah ha ha total control! Money, money money! I think it would work. In fact the more I think, the more I'm convinced. I'm in NZ where there isn't the mass build up of underlying fear that would drive a market such as is the case in the US (although payment in gold/silver/firstborns might be a good idea). Why folks would be interested: - we kinda know bad stuff is on the way, but it is a major hastle to change habits of a lifetime. Schools, jobs and people they know are already around them. - we aren't all farmers and don't want to take on the steep learning curve (possibly for nothing if things remain the same, of course they won't but who wants to think that) - preparing even for a three month period requires storage space....space that may not be available where they live or cost prohibitive. - socially it may be embarrassing for some people to be seen to be prepared. They could be ridiculed in the same way people who prepared for Y2K were. All they would have to do is get to the prepared location in the event of an emergency.
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    Has anyone here heard of...

    Well, it pays to ask. All the money is still in my pocket and I learnt stuff. Like there is a (legal?) modern day version of bucket trading you can do online. I also learnt about buying royalities to oil field which I'd never considered before. Yes....I used to consider that I had common sense, clearly you are right. My only excuse is the sales video was so long that part of my brain went to sleep. Thanks for all your replies.
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    Has anyone here heard of...

    Hello, I was thinking of signing up to a newsletter that has an introductory cost of $49 USD for the first year (refundable in full after four months if not fully satisfied). This seems far cheaper than other similar newsletters, and of course the *free bonuses* are attractive. Has anyone here had experience with these guys? Obviously I need to think for myself before investing in any area but maybe this is a helpful guide. I already signed up to free ezines by Whitney Tilson, The Thifty Millionaire (one of you guys!), NIA, and the Trend Following (turtle type one). Not sure if a paid for one will give me an edge, or confuse the hell out of me! Haven't made any investments yet as I am still building a small sum to work with.
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    Air NZ uses vegetable oil in a 747

    I disagree, only because we can't totally stop aviation right away. Fracking (technique used to extract oil from groud) is being used all over the world and IMO is EVIL. It destroys the groundwater and pollutes the environment. Check out the movie Gasland. Perhaps this new fuel is a lesser evil? BTW the address is http://www.bedfordbiofuels.com/ OP spelt it wrong. I hope it doesn't end up like palm oil - I would never use Air NZ again. Welcome to GEI Kyle.
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    Has anyone here heard of...

    http://www.thedailycrux.com/content/5454/Porter_Stansberry Porter Stansberry writing about something called a "CUSIP". Ok, this would be doubling your money...and then some. Safely? New to me, so I'm printing it out for later reference. Wonder if it will apply to me living overseas.
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    Has anyone here heard of...

    Deleted post...
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    Student riots in the UK big news in Germany

    How terrifying. Why did they attempt to drive through this in the first place? C'mon, 20,000 protesters...according to the news.
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    It needs to go viral

    Hey! Is there another copy you can upload elsewhere??
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    Inflation in China about to lead to civil unrest?

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe...p;v=L8ImPdMyppM The council wants to evict this guy for living alone on 36 acres of his own land, in a camper van. How dare he not pay power bills, water rates, and have no sewerage? It's just.....well it's unhygenic! He'll have to go.... A county official is quoted in the video as saying, "it just isn't safe or sanitary to live like that".
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    There was a study done (isn't there always?) on how supermarkets changed our society. Basically: - local markets/shops along a high street - mass production of food - supermarkets built to the side of the CBD. They need to be able to transport things via truck and allow large groups of people in so can't be in High street. - infrastructure is built around supermarket - high street and local producers can't compete and die out Anyway, it turned out to be fascinating when all the effects were put together. What it meant is we are more reliant on oil to drive the trucks, transport to get the shopping home, refridgeration and larger suppliersthan we were before. The amount of packaging has increased.
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    NZ has such places. It is fairly hilly even close to the coastline in most places (although not our major cities). You would blend in here easily. I've thought much about the idea of building a fortress and decided it just isn't for me, there are plenty of remote places here where it can be done. It goes a little against the character of the country IMHO so something unimposing that can quickly convert would be just the thing. Plenty of farmland.
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    Yes, thanks! I've heard of that experiment as it was on TV a few months back. Will see if someone here is doing the same. I know of a company called Promethus that loans to eco responsible projects here in NZ. Don't think they do community gardens(?) though.
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    Well I've been thinking about it, and the more I think the more I am drawn to water. http://www.prisonplanet.com/michael-braver...conspiracy.html In the above video it shows the usual conspiracy stuff and highlights how billionaires are buying up land with large aquifers. Water is predicted to be the new gold or "blue gold". This is what I most want to protect for myself and others. [i did write a longer reply, but realised I was just rambling on about how difficult it is to get these communities to work] What I'd like is to bounce ideas off other members. Another method? *Because my personal circumstances require me to be around civilisation (especially schooling), and *because people are reluctant to commit to such an (often) drastic lifestyle change .....I'm looking at how I could run a community garden style community. Thinking it could be circled by buildings to help keep it secure, and the buildings could help fund themselves by being built with sweat equity and providing a way of independant living in a crisis. Perhaps the buildings could be rented out to visitors, or other temporary guests with a manager on site. Members would be people who lived nearby and contributed with rostered time in the garden. At the moment I am shelving the idea for the moment and am contacting the local council and community organisations to see if someone will donate the land required for a community garden. This will mean obviously that I give up some control over who is allowed in. Even though something is "public" only those who know about it and participate can use it which should eliminate some riffraff.
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    Now try and top this investment

    Ms D can go **** herself. Hope she gets sued by skin cancer sufferers, and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment for thinking she is God. Then again, this could be a ploy by Spain to save itself and the euro..
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    Barclays Fantasy Fund Manager

    Me too
  19. From the graph it looks like a loss in value of over half would bring prices back in line.
  20. 00timebandit00

    Bank run Dec 2010

    The website is in French...how do you get it to speak English?? I had thought clicking the Union Jack would help.... but nup. No dice. EDIT: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/bank-ru...nancial-system/ FYI the NAB (National Bank of Australia) had a computer glitch over the last couple of days. It resulted in their customers waiting outside of banks trying to withdraw their money. The NAB Bank glitch 2010 slowed down deposits and payments from accounts, meaning penalties for customers buying homes, paying power bills etc etc. Yow! A dry run for what will occur later perhaps?? Curious timing.
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    The day the dollar died

    http://inflation.us/videos.html (first video) OR permanently here: ! I don't agree with the speed that consumers will run to the stores to stock up..... seriously, citizens of the USA will be gradually filtered the information via the news media, so I would expect this and the resulting civil unrest to take a day or so to kick in. Disturbing stuff.
  22. What will this mean for the world economy? English link: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/news/bus...ear-2nd-Roundup
  23. I imagine it is very difficult to convince an ex shoe-shine executive his/her new found wealth wasn't a direct result of a global fluke.