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    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    Fallout map - suggestion was made on the expansions.com website to buy iodine or potassium iodide if you happen to live in the zone indicated. Don't take any until there is a need to take it <script src='http://img263.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=falloutmap.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript>
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    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    From your link: Lets see what a Japanese nuclear power plant designer says:
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    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,750603,00.html Tells us they left Germany....but did they leave Japan?
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    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    ! Here is a reference to them from the reuters live website: Once the rods are exposed there is only a short amount of time before a meltdown occurs. Lets hope it's wild speculation at this point as that is the best we can hope for.
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    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    Absolutely Chris ct. I suspect they don't want to induce futher panic. God it's AWFUL isn't it? Will the international community send people to help if there is fallout? What a horrible position to be in. TG we don't have any nuclear power plants in NZ - specifically Christchurch. Given the number of earthquakes over the past six months in the ring of fire I'd say something major is happening. Late last year in Fiordland, NZ we had one over 7 on the richter scale. Nobody lives there so it didn't really get much press. We have a volcanoe erupting in Indonesia just after the Japan quake. These are large scale events and not part of the normal pattern at all (there are quakes all the time, all around the world which ARE normal). When the USAR (urban search and rescue) teams arrived in Christchurch the first teams were from Taiwan and Japan. We we all like "yay! Go the asians!". They looked the biz in their uniforms. HOW can we repay the favour when radiation is going to be an issue? What can we do?? Not a hell of a lot at all. NZ has sent 48 USAR over but with radiation being so destructive SEE THIS PAGE HOW can you do that to your citizens, especially when NZ has such a strong anti nuclear stance??
  6. It's bad...far worse than before. But if you had to go through a disaster in your lifetime a great place to do it is in New Zealand. One of the tourists made the comment on the news that nobody waited for a motion in parliment....they just got in and helped. Ex-Prime Minister of NZ, Helen Clarke (now based in New York and working for the UN) visited Christchurch yesterday. She also visited Haiti to help out after that earthquake and says the damage is just as bad. The difference is the surrounding natural resources (water, food) and of course the people themselves. There was even a group called the Rangiora Earthquake Express that choppered in hot food and other supplies to the worst hit areas. They paid for this using personal credit cards and donations. Freakin awesome! I want neighbours like that. http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/...dent-volunteers
  7. From http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/4622459/Go...or-house-prices
  8. Oh c'mon! http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/02/report-...e-rice-plastic/
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    Gold and Silver 'Slam Days'

    Thanks for the glimpse behind the veil. I did wonder what was happening with JPM.
  10. I first saw this awhile ago when it was being trialed. Cool stuff! Personally I don't have a car mainly because we can get by without one most of the time. When you do need one (eg sick kid needs to go to a doctor and can't walk, torrential rain and wind) you REALLY need one. The other thing I have noticed is that if we can't walk to an activity within 40 mins, we avoid it altogether which is quite restrictive unless you live right in the middle of things. For awhile I shared a car which wasn't bad as we were both fair in what we estimated our costs to be. Zipcar would be ideal for us but they aren't here yet.
  11. I also noticed they must have used average income for the area and included unemployed. This is a guess as I read this via my online news site. They stated that the city of Atlanta had the "most affordable" housing in the US. But they don't mention the really run down areas such as Detroit where a house would be significantly lower in cost, in some cases basically free. This is why I think it must be averaged. The fact is that it isn't that house prices are driven up in price due to the number of buyers being more than the number of sellers. . . Actually it is how keen buyers are vs how keen sellers are that will give you are market price. When the public FINALLY realise that owning a house can be more of a liability at time than an asset only then will the lack of appeal of home ownership drive down the price. The end of cheap credit will be painful in the same way that giving up heroin is but in the end it is better for us all.
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    For The Energy Future To Come

    I think I know what this is. I found out about it last year.
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    For The Energy Future To Come

    LOL, love it!
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    The Health of "the Economy"

    Hope SJ pulls through! Since Apple is second in size in the US only to Exxon Mobil I guess that kind of domino effect could happen. I remember seeing a story on where iphones were being made in China and I felt really ashamed I own a Mac. Surprised that the stories didn't make more of an impact (workers killing themselves, toxins in the work environment causing major permanent nerve damage/neurological damage, struggle for worker compensation) ...... to anyone who has cancer I recommend the doctorsaredangerous.com website. It has a DVD for sale with the recipe for "black salve" (it goes by other names in other places). It also has their recommendations for where you can buy it premade. It will only take 3 to 4 days to see if it is going to work. The testimonials on the DVD are very inspiring as they are just normal Aussies who got cancer and tried the mixture. Cool stuff.
  15. http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_gr...1/01/15/laptops
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    Save money, Lose weight

    Yes, moderation is total crap. Buying into this lie leads to an average life.....well each to their own I guess, but not for me. The use of HFCS has increased lockstep with obesity rates.
  17. http://english.caing.com/2010-12-03/100204402.html
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    Will the great deleveraging return in 2011 ?

    Dr Pete Peterson (lol) If I were in the US I'd do the same. I still predict the population of NZ will swell in the next few years and this is the best and safest place to be. Maybe he has hydroponics to help him grow food in case of mass climate issues/a back up system. Up in the wop wops I'd say. ,,,,,,,,,,video is nearly two hours long................and that's just the first one of three. Pete Peterson deserves his own thread.
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    The meaning of "Austerity"

    People like this agitate me. I can't stand people complaining and expecting for the world to solve problems around them.
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    Bizarre and Suicidal

    Hi there, I don't have first hand knowledge of how governments allocate money to overseas charities and I'm not British. But I do know this: 1) when governments spend money the generally waste money on administration. So of that 500 you'd need to deduct the cost of natural gov't wastage 2) charities can deduct any percentage of your donation for running costs. 70% and higher towards the cost of running an organisation? Perfectly legal, as is 90%. Running a charity can be a very profitable business even when not for profit. I love to give 'cause it makes me happy. I have great empathy for those who suffer overseas as well as at home....but I don't think for a moment that when large amounts of money are involved everyone has the same intention as I would. Just not human nature.
  21. I worry about the bees. There was a shortage of aphids around in gardens this year. The result are piles (!) of dead ladybugs that used to feed on the aphids. No mention of 11) We find out David Icke was right all along. There really is a NWO and they reveal themselves to all in 2012.....the global depression of 2011 leading to social unrest, shortages, war....and of course the new global currency, bancor......depression that was orchestrated by the NWO as a means of mass control. Likelyhood? hmmm..... the media will tell me what to think about that shortly. I'm guessing they'll say the likelyhood is around 0.0001/10
  22. Key points: Cash for clunkers -Intended to stimulate the economy and reduce carbon footprint -Glowing news reports But... -Paid off vehicles were replaced by vehicles financed by debt -Caused a shortage of vehicle parts and resulted in an increase in theft of older cars to fill this void -Auto price inflation (inflation can be thought of as another form of government tax) occured where older cars were in short supply, but the demand for them was still high -Used vehicle dealers reported that there were less vehicles to purchase and sales were hurt due to the govt stimulated demand for new cars -mechanics that make a living out of repairing older vehicles have less to work on -salvage yards couldn't make as much $$$ as the motors of the clunkers were destroyed as part of the program. -charitable groups noted that the program hurt their revenues (cars can be donated in a similar way to clothing etc) -rebate chqs were given out on borrowed money.... over a billion.....but who's counting? -the carbon emmissions it would take to move the clunkers, and the cost to remove coolant, gasoline, and oil weren't considered. -a Duke University study found that trucks that were purchased would need to be driven for 9 years in order to offset the clunker to new truck trade in emissions - According to edmunds.com the program cost $24,000 per clunker, not $4K. cost the taxpayer around $24K per vehicle, not just $4K as the govt estimated -if people did purchase a new vehicle because of government help, what area of the economy missed out on that money that is now going towards a car repayment?? What part of the economy would have been stimulated due to individual choice? Video time market 5:20 These are some of the unintended consequences if gov't wants to help. What if we were to say all government spending were inflationary? Gov. Ron Paul talks about "inflation tax" which he points out occurs whenever the cost of living increases, then Bernake agrees that inflation is a tax. 6:00 What would happen if Freddie, Fannie, FHA and all interference in the housing market were removed? Housing would find it's natural equalibrium sustainable by supply and demand. Simply put government spending causes house inflation. 6:30 Nothing is more inflationary than war, producing products in order to destroy them. Blow back - what the CIA calls it when survivors of collateral damage grow up to be ....evil doers. 6:46 College tuition, rising ever since government got involved. -the consequence of behaviour has been removed with colleges able to raise fees without concern of pricing out students 7:05 Regulations -force businesses to spend more on not doing business, not hiring, and not creating new services or products. -regulations are priced into your clothing, food, medicine and pretty much anything you buy causing a "stealth regulation tax" [sic] -failure is free and also just. A business can fail without regulations. However recently we have seen that it is the regulation who keeps bad businesses in business. Department of energy - created to end US dependancy on foreign oil. Since it's creation dependance on foreign oil has increased from 50% to 70% - this department failed its own energy audit 2009 8:08 -2.6 million dollars was spent to train Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly....by the US government (Why The Face?) -Road signs costing $300 each are being placed at construction sights to alert motorists that their tax dollars are being spent (creation of jobs at these sites) -US Forest service is spending $554,000 to replace broken windows in a Mount St Helens visitor centre closed since 2007......and they have no plans to reopen it.... 8:35 GAO (gov't accountablitiy office) says duplication of programs have run amok: -342 economic development programs, -75 international eduction programs, and -72 safe water programs all have the same duplicate objectives. GAO also classified 48%of all purchases on govt credit cards as improper, fraudulent or embezzled. Improper: Xboxes, jewelery, liquor, morgauge payments, gambling, internet dating services, vacations Government workers paid more than the private sector. Government spending causes an increased demand, waste fraud and price inflation. Video ends with the request that the next time someone asks for a govt solution please, consider the consequences.
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    Making it home from Europe...

    Not for the first time I wish there were a "thanks" button on this forum. Great advice.
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    Crash JP Morgan? Buy Silver

    The Guardian headline says Not sure why someone needs to crash this company (wasn't it heading in that general direction?).
  25. Decsription of full programme (boring to read!) http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00wgq0l