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    HERBS and Community Agriculture - Discussion

    Herbalife is a MLM company that promotes it's products as aids to weightloss. The products suck. Just saying.... You probably already know that Australia has regulations now about the use of certain supplements. (Complimentary-Alternative Medicines they call them). Some vendors have gotten around this by selling their supplements for animals (I refer to a product known as "black salve" which is used in cancer treatment and is very successful might I add). This is a very compeditive market to enter and the regulators are circling.
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    Food for FREE.

    Yea, it was a deliberate rumor and look how well it worked! Still, I'm all for raw foods and food forests. Anyone here read Ringing the Cedars? Powerful series of books that encourages people back to the land. (slightly fringe....but the books have an energy when you read them that seem to trigger the desire to go raw and farm).
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    Crisis averted. Everything is super. For now....
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    LOL on the news last night I saw some guy dressed as Captain Amercian talking like a superhero at a protest against the lack of agreement. Maybe Disney will join in shortly. And to support that this is all a ruse to gain public compliance I found this article Quote: Hmmm.... Tick...
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    PD - Nice image. I read a comment along the lines of softening up the public for more cuts. Makes sense to have the public desperate to avoid financial armageddon and willingly agree/beg to have spending cut across the board. Except for military of course. Not sure I agree but it is more like I hope the writer is correct.
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    I think you mean.... TICK Read on zerohedge today that the B-man's plan will lift the ceiling for another four months. Awesome, four more months to prepare. Also the masses are waking up although it appears to be suppressed. Check out this article on the natural news website about social media backlash against Washington or search Twitter for #FYW (a short version of #F&^*YouWashington).
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    SANCTUARIES - "Gold doesn't hedge all risks"

    Having read more about the collapse of Argentinia I have changed my idea of moving to the country. The city was the first place in the collapse to gain security again, followed by the suburbs. The worst place to be was the country as you are easy to target and isolated so any invasion takes longer and is more thorough. This is also true of other countries for example South Africa when white farmers were run off their land. Other examples are around. I'd like to have a hybrid that is in suburbia close to the city (can do here where I live). Also this allows for an easier transition for those who need access to schools/medical care/family. I also like how this can help others in a disaster. Sanctury is an aware and prepared community. Aside from that my sanctury has always been a library and one day I would like one in my own home in an upper floor, perhaps a large attic with a window. Anything else we/I can live without.
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    In other words Obama gets the blame no matter which way the disaster falls. Predictable, but still...has the world ever seen a scape goat for something of this magnitude before?
  9. Hello...I love Marmite on toast!

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    Source: Chris Martenson blog
  11. http://livingwithoutmoney.org/ (go to link to watch trailer. She seems really happy and the type of person you would want to have around!) Synopsis:
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    Living without money

    I'd say that is exactly what she does...trades her way around the place. There is something about her that makes me want to support her (trading doesn't always have this "feel" about it....there are people I've met who come across like beggars or something and I wanna kick 'em!). Reminds me of the guy who traded one red paperclip and within a year he'd traded the final item of exchange for a house in Alaska somewhere.
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    BURZYNSKI ..THE MOVIE / Cancer cure?

    I think I posted a link to Burzynski The Movie in fringe awhile ago...(?)...might be another forum. Anyway we had a TV Current affair show here in NZ which had a doctor giving a warning about MMS and the dangers. The reality is with any alternative type of healing you need to be a good critical thinker - IMHO this is probably more important to your saftey than anything else. If you can't think critically and are not prepared to take calculated risks/ experiement with your body (hey, you do have durisdiction over your own body!) then stick with your GP and nothing else. People on this site generally have the intelligence to know that instinctively. Personally I am on a special diet/supplement plan right now so I won't be using MMS but I would be ok experimenting on my own with it later on. I am satisfied with JM's site and his explaination of the difference between bleach and MMS. The medical establishment has become like an overprotective parent, and a wee bit neurotic, jumping to conclusions based on what they think they know. BTW there was a similar product put out by Nature's Sunshine Products, forgotten the name. Electrolytes of oxygen was the tag line thing. BRILLANT STUFF!! Everyone else was vomiting and had diarrhea and I was stuck living with them. My child and I took this stuff, just a few drops in water after getting some advice and we were the only ones who didn't get sick. Given the number of people in the house that was a bit of a miracle. They pulled the product later and I haven't seen it since but MMS reminds me.
  14. We're not much for royalty down here but my small family is looking forward to it. Hope that there isn't too much in the way of distractions by protestors or terrorists and Kate's big day goes down in history for all the right reasons. Can't stand people who upstage couples at their own wedding.
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    Keratea, Greeces War Zone

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    One shock away from Crisis

    Haven't we been one shock away for the last few years? I'm not saying we aren't about to enter crisis it's just that given the perilous state of the global economy I don't understand how the duct tape is still holding up.
  17. Hey, it's on my Amazon wish list. I try and buy multiple items at one time to save on postage which seems to double the price of the book (!). Hope you capitalise on the best feature of being a published author - instant credibility.
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    Lindsay Williams : The Timeline

    You don't need a computer program, just good strategy. Start with the outcome you want and work backwards solving issues as you go - easy. And as for the government you don't need the entire organisation to work (might be best if it doesn't) just a few key people. The US already sits on huge oil reserves.
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    TRENDS Journal: Gerald Celente Forecasts & Interviews

    Well....they are getting away with it. Celente is right TG I'm not living and nor will I ever live in the US, UK or France. It's true when Lybia bombs any of those places other nations will be called in...but here in NZ we don't have much to offer. A happy quirk of birth and the repeated failure of successive governments to fund defence properly.
  20. A frightening metaphor indeed.....so how does the film end? From W: Hmmmm. Who else has read the prediction about half of Japan suddenly ending up underwater (creating a HUMONGOUS tsunami of 1000 ft+) which was preceeded by the eruption of Mt. Fuji? I am a great believer in our subconcious communicating to us about the world around us through dreams and in creative writing. It is like we can tap into part of ourselves that otherwise remains unknown.
  21. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/26/business/media/26privacy.html?_r=4&nl=todaysheadlines&emc=tha25
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    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    Now in Tokyo some residents have reported yellow rain. Authorities - whoever the hell they are - are saying it is "probably" pollen. Funny, that's what they said when yellow rain came down after Chernobyl. Kids went out and played in it. After a few months some folks had hair falling out and that was just the beginning. (source infowars - found it when this site was down) It's genocide by a barrage of misinformation .....and it's taking place on a world stage. Don't let your infants drink the water, but it's safe for you. Don't worry radiation levels are down; now up; it's safe but might explode. Has anyone explained that what people need to be worried about is ingesting or inhailing a radioactive particle? This isn't going to end despite the media downplaying the risks. I find myself checking daily for news of 100% evacuation of the F'plant which surely has to occur at some point. Yesterday some "expert" stated that in the event of a total meltdown only a 30km radius around the plant would be affected (yeah right), but given that he is on the other side of the world and not 31kms away it's easy for him to say. Noticably absent was what specifically he meant by "affected". The only way to remove the particles from the water would be to distill it....which would take some kind of heat...which would need power....which would run the system into the ground if everyone were to attempt to distill their drinking water. Hmmmm, best not say anything then.
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    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told?

    Could be a ploy... "unrelated" suggests to me that BP et al will use this to mitigate any damages they finally pay, assuming they ever do.
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    Water from the air

    Howdy howdy, Probably you have heard of this - I had, but I hadn't found the article. IMHO one of the best things you can do aside from storing water is being able to generate it at will. You may already know there are moves afoot to make water something that is for those who can pay for it so FGS get one or two of these babies before it is too late! Here it is: <script src='http://img135.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=eco59marcparent.jpg&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript> The article goes on to say the device works best in environments that have humidity and wind but I wonder if there are times (sunrise/sunset) that it could work well in a less humid environment.
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    Fukushima I: four reactors in trouble.

    An expert on TV here was asked to give advice to a New Zealander close to F'plant. One of the things he said was not to eat dairy products as this is one of the easiest ways to absorb some of the radioactive particles or something. The rest of his advice was pretty obvious stuff.