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    First comment is that the text is likely to have been interpreted (from the orignal text) in such a manner to name the movements and leaders in WW1 and WW2. I think it unlikely that old Scotch guy channelled the names accurately. The third WW prediction to some extent presupposes this is interpretation is correct which may or may not be the case. As I recall the bible also went through some modification when it was translated into Greek, eg the name Jesus (fuzzy memory) I think is actually Greek in origin. 1) We will never have absolute atheism. Psychologically humans need to believe in SOMETHING. 2) "....receive the true light through the univerasal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer...." *sigh*. For me this section brought the whole thing immediately into disrepute, never to redeem itself again.
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    Of course that is what I would like to do. What advice do you have for someone who is in no position to do that?? What this does is build my fear (I get it alrighty!!) and make me feel a sense of powerlessness. I can't see how to prepare any more than I have with short term food and water, med's. But yes, you are clever to have thought of that and I respect the amount of time and preparation that goes into it. Now you are safe. ------------------QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS FOR ALL BELOW----------------------- How about some ideas about how the masses....that would be me and mine lol......can prepare with little or no money down! Time....she is a runnin out. Your solution is one idea that will obviously work. Downsides: - It relies to some extent upon isolation. Do you really want to be alone/with your loved ones, fighting off the desparadoes coming to search for resources on your land? This reminds me of something....oh yeah, those action movies where the hero always wins. What if you don't? Are you really a match for a gang of people, possibly armed, or just able to overwhelm you with shear numbers? What happens when the bullets run out? Don't you need sleep? What about when the invaders destroy your resources so no one can have them? - Humans by nature enjoy the company of others once in a while. Have you considered that you might like/need a break from your family?? Also, do you have it in you to turn people away? I know I don't! I could only help who I can. Hmmm, perhaps I'm already doomed. - At what point does this form of isolation change you as a person into someone nobody wants to be around anyway, not even yourself. Have you killed another human before? If not, do you realise that this will change you psychologically? What about anyone living with you....do you think they will not change after the knowledge you have killed another human being? - What if one of your family members is taken hostage/raped/killed? Is it still a good idea that you are isolated from the community? Will it still be worth living? Another model?? * I live in a nice community. How can we build a network accross it to protect us all?? There has got to be more we can do besides vege gardens and water storage. A community is stronger than a family alone. It combines skill sets and experience and enables that old school technique known as barter. It also tends to be build on the assumption there will be enough for everyone. Surely a large group is better off. Downside, and it's a biggie: Convicing people of the need to prepare. Building sharing, communication skills, conflict resolution *phew*. I know the barriers are huge. But there has got to be a better way than extreme isolation and stockpiling. Ok, we need some stockpiling. My love for other humans, yes even the idiots prevents me from giving up on them completely.
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    OIL DISASTER: Worse than we are Being Told?

    Only our ocean, the largest body of water I recognise on earth. Any other intellectual argument is likely to have originated from the BP PR department....11th largest fgs.... *mutters* Well I read something in my Dr Mercola email about the dispersants being used. Aparently they are highly toxic....carcinogenic, tetrogenic (had to look this up - means it mutates the fetus), and mutenogenic. Gonna be some funky looking fish around. BTW also affects humans. Link here Extract from the above:
  4. On WBEN in Buffalo, Paterson went so far as to warn of runs on banks and financial institutions that have not been seen since the Great Depression. More here. For conspiracy theorists civil unrest would make a fantastic reason for FEMA to asert their power over the US citizens. Of course, IMHO anarchy doesn't nessesarily mean civil unrest, it just means no overall governing body in control.
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    Is Vegas on death row?

    Detroit may soon seem tame by comparison, at least in terms of speed of demise. Taken from http://www.prisonplanet.com/the-death-of-las-vegas.html This from the comments section contridicts all of the rest: #
  6. I would like to see them rewarded (although they already are) for the wise use of resources. Besides that freegans remind me of me...so I have bias <3 To answer the question about "free" medical care, a trade could be proposed. Over time our society has fogotten that money is a convenience - there are other ways of exchange that still respect and value what is returned. Reckon the kids might see the beauty of that.
  7. I see there are no comments about the effect on families so I'm gonna chime in. Since around 2002 residential property prices started to really take off here in NZ. Thinking it had to come to a halt since there was no way prices could be sustained I sold my home in 2003 - ha ha ha! My children had just started primary school at the time. Once we began renting the rents began to rapidly increase. And because of rapidly increasing rents we have moved a total of seven times since then. Good tennents who always paid rent on time, we had to move when the place we rented was sold/about to be sold, or the rent jumped, and once when a relative of the owner was sick of looking for her own property and so we got given notice (a whole 42 days in this circumstance under the Residential Tennancies Act). For most of the time I drove the kids by car just so they would have some kind of consistency (rather than change schools each time we moved). Not having consistant schooling is a big deal and will have a psychological effect on kids later on. Or possibly sooner... As will constant moving. This is the first time in NZ history that we have had so much movement of families. How can this NOT have an effect on this generation? My son started secondary school this year. The school (Tawa College, Wellington) offers a *special* program for kids who have had this kind of upheaval. Although my kids are fortunate enough to have had some consistancy I am concerned about those who don't - after all we live next to them. The (mainly) unrestrained lending of the last decade is more than just stupid people following the crowd. It is set to have far reaching social effects most of which are never likely to be measured.
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    Our coming Agrarian society

    Interesting you should mention NZ.... There has been a mulitmillion dollar CHINESE group of investors attempting to buy a chain of farms here. They need special permission to do so and I hope they don't get it for a number of reasons. I have a feeling they will succeed, and NZ will have sold out an asset that is unreplaceable at any price.... http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/farming/36...ficial-approval
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    Advice on starting from Zero

    Cool, I'm in the right place then!
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    GHPC - GlobalHousePriceCrash - A Temporary Home

    Sorry to revive an older thread.... *GOD* I miss GHPC! Yea, you guys are right about the bashing over yonder forum. SOOOO glad I found familar territory here. Just been reading my SovereignMan ezine written by Simon Black (my favourite next to Kevin Hogan's Coffee) and he is talking about taking his speculative cash off the table for awhile. Makes great BP!