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  1. [i heard a similar argument over at another forum. One side said that prices had to fall because fewer people were buying. The other side said we don't have to sell . Everything would hang together nicely and the price wouldn't drop except there is gonna be someone, somewhere who is desperate to sell. Or in the US just not able or willing to pay.] You say house price isn't relevant to the recovery - I mostly agree. It is an indicator of wider issues which still haven't been resolved. When everything was ticking over people felt rich which alters their buying behaviour IMO. The feeling of wealth is tied partly to house prices rising over time. We have only seen a partial reversal of the perception of wealth.
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    UK House prices: News & Views

    Phew its a dolphin.... perhaps a unconciously chosen by the author?
  3. People make mistakes. This is just human and a given. There are many people making mistakes by not reacting soon enough. Points: - Georgia lady may have been influenced by many around her who told her that things were turning around. - A friend of mine had a daughter in NY at the time of Katrina. The local stations had NOTHING on the events two or three days (I think) after the events occured. Sure it is easy to look at Georgia lady and smugly point out that she should have been prepared, should have trimmed.....but how much influence have external sources including social forces had? How is the spin affecting decisions? Surely it is better to decide on a HUMANE strategy of dealing with the millions of people who are making the exact mistake so we can lessen the toll by using our influence. Now's good! - You are presupposing all beneficaries assume it is the governments job and then conclude that this is why they are in the position they are in. I watched a show on undercover millionaires who lived on the equivelent of one weeks unemployment benefit for the week. In one show the millionaires were taken in by a lady who had had an accident, had insurance but they didn't cover it or something so ended up on the street. Far to easy for this to happen to others. She sounded like she had savings, a house etc before it happened. This was one of those unpredictable events...she thought the millionaires were in the same position she had been in.
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    CHART of the Day - Let's have yours !

    <script src='http://img231.imageshack.us/shareable/?i=overalldebtmarket.png&p=tl' type='text/javascript'></script><noscript></noscript> Geez, it said the widget code didn't work on forums (??!!?). Anyway it is here! Came across chart when reading this article. The chart says outstanding....the way they wrote the article that means behind (??), but I think it is total money owed.
  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/comme...on-2016088.html
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    The US Double Dip is Under Way

    From The Times: With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting to feel like 1932 From the article: From the comments below the article: Yikes. Dip or a plunge?
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    Unprecedented bearish alignment pattern

    Aliens. The perfect time for a distracting announcment IMHO.
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    Today's flash crash: Citi

    Hmmmm. These quotes are sounding very black hat!
  9. Here is the link http://www.boice.co.nz/ Of course this type of trading has been around for awhile (although this is the first time I've seen it online but surely there must be others). I expect that most members will have come across it before. I hope the BOI inhabitants get behind this and make it work. Does anyone know if Ithica still have their own currency? I heard that at one point Ithica money was more common there than the US dollar (90's?).
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    Online Community Exchange just started

    In NZ we pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) of 12.5% on all goods and services. This is about to increase to 15%. So by using an alternate form of money (medium of exchange, no loan needed, exchanging parties agree on value....ta da!) we automatically save 15%. Also we may have avoided income tax on the transaction. Ultimately this is more for all except the government. Nice chart from Steve, who knew there were so many complimentary currency systems around? I guess Zimbabwe hadn't hit the hyperinflation at that point or surely they would have been top of the chart alongside Argentina. I heard someone say that if just 20% of the US switched to buying only local goods and services than the US economy could be saved (ummmm....). What impact would having 20% of the US using mainly complimentary currency do? Would it help the main currency or at least slow down it's demise as less money would be circulated??
  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economi...h-stimulus.html http://seekingalpha.com/article/210304-u-s...es?source=yahoo
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    Working on a farm in exchange is common enough. WOOF does this all over the world for both long and short term. Yes this idea needs more thought. I know that both Riverside and Tui (communal farms around the Motueka area, NZ) are both owned by trusts. At Riverside EVERYONE must agree to a change in the way they do things. I couldn't stand this type of deal. Tui I think holds a community gathering called a Tuki where everyone is given space to speak. Not sure if it is a majority vote, or a committee type decision after that. Both Tui and Riverside have been around over decades. Most communal farms don't last anywhere near as long. In Tui there is one communal building where a vegetarian lunch is shared daily for all and there is no meat in this building which respects the beliefs of many members who feel strongly about meat. Members of the community are rostered on to provide this lunch once every few weeks. Meetings are also held here. They also have a process for resolving conflict (essential). I was thinking the farm would be run a bit like a body corporate, but clearly I need more thought. A business isn't the same as a communial farm filled with people who have similar beliefs. Other issues with communal farms is that they can become a bit incestuous with everyone having sex with everyone else (ewww so seventies) or they can implode with bitter fighting which is why the foundation is so important.
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    Online Community Exchange just started

    It is fraught with difficulties. Often people exchanging services like accountancy feel undervalued. In the local green dollar scheme we had one lady who sold organic produce and eggs. She had lots of green dollars but didn't want any of the services on offer. She lasted a few years before giving up because she had nothing to buy. Schemes like this work best when lots of people get on board - like the Save Australia Buyers Club. I just googled to see if they were still around and the first site that came up was the ASIC website, so not good then. The appeal of this club was that you could actually buy a home through exchanging labour/skills/goods. Not surprising it seemed popular when home affordability skyrocketed.
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    Have you heard about Green Hotel?

    There are a few here in NZ. Particular areas are the far north and Motueka/Nelson areas. Of course you can always WOOF.
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    Something frightening is happening

    I find it hard to picture it going all at once. But maybe things change with the pressure water at that depth....like with the sudden loss of pressure in an airplane at high altertude? I'm also having trouble picturing all those ships sinking although if they are on air not water then they have to drop down and then suddenly be swallowed by the water returning. If it did go in one big bubble then all the oil (and the highly toxic chemical dispersents) would spread over a wider area. Argh! Really I worry about those people in the Floria area. First the economy and real estate, now this.
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    THE World Cup thread

    I took the offer of a free $20 credit to sign up online with the TAB here in NZ. Put it all on NZ to beat Paraguay tonight. LOL if I win I essentially will have made $140 from zero - no deposit required.
  17. Less junk also allows greater flexibility. Also saving money has a surprising amount of pleasure attached to it once you get used to the mindset.
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    Why is India so poor?

    I watched a programme on TV which took wannabe fashion designers from London over to India. They had to live and work as the Indian workers who would produce their clothing would live, and got paid the same rate. Boy, WHAT A SHOCKER!! For them, not me. The producers selected naive and slightly pampered young twenty types. Could see it coming from a mile away. You got to listen to each fashion students spiel about why they loved fashion. I only watched a few episodes.... - they worked in a clothing factory that produced clothing for the high street. Epic fail. After nearly a week they produced only a couple of suitable garments, the rest were cast aside as having to many faults (they sewed them). They were lucky enough to be given mattresses on the floor of the factory to sleep on. They interviewed one of the machinests there to asked why he worked for so little money for hours on end - the factory was his entire life. He said he was doing it for his kids so that they would have something more, specifically an education. - they travelled on a train 13ish hours (as the migrant workers do) across the country to where they would be employed picking cotton. Another epic fail with one of them stopping work for medical reasons I think it was an allergy to cotton she had to pick. They managed to rent squalid accommodation but the toilet got blocked by one of the group and after working long hours they ended up bickering all the time. They only just managed to pick their allocated amount of cotton. Then they were given a different task inside the cotton factory of bailing the cotton up. The factory owner said they were so slow he had to bring in his regular workers after hours to catch up. - they travelled to a sweatshop where children worked hour after hour, day after day producing fashion clothing. There are very few options for those caught up in this. ============================================================================== Penn and Teller segment, where WalMart defends the use of sweatshops saying by employing the workers it puts them in a better situation. Pretty shocking how easily the Professor reframes it all away. Check it out: ============================================================================== I'm not convinced the poverty their fault as it is all many generations have known. It is impossible to seek out alternatives they don't yet dream exist.
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    Obama internet "kill switch"

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-...witch-proposed/ Wow. It just gets better..... Hopefully it won't actually get passed into law.
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    Obama internet "kill switch"

    Forgot about that military use thing. I remember finding that out when GPS came out and I asked why we just didn't use that instead of having to navigate the standard way. Perhaps they want further powers....like shutting it down earlier to keep their citizens in the dark? Prevent large groups of people mobilising? Seems likely or what would be the point of legislation giving them the right to do what they can already do?
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    Another way of running things would be to make contribution to *the farm* a condition of buying into it. So make it that anyone who owns rights to occupy contributes a few weekends so that they become familar with farming methods/community life. This would be an important preparation to make.
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    I was thinking you could own the right to occupy and use the allocated resources. Since the place can only be occupied in times of disaster the cost is lower than if you actually lived there. You purchase a time period which is renewable but can only occupy the land/resources in times of disaster which will be specified in the contract. What this will mean is that if no disaster occurs (disaster obviously needs clear definition) the resources that are stored remain largely untouched. You have first option to renew, if you don't can be offered to someone else. You can buy foods that will last easily 10 years and therefore if not consumed the opportunity to use them in a disaster can be "resold". Most of the infrastructure will be recycled over to the next consumer in this way. Make sense?
  23. Thought I'd chime in. Culturally (Maori) a person is valued by their contribution to the community as a whole. This concept is because Maori have tribes, and the value of a tribe is from the people that comprise it. Maori consider themselves gaurdians of the land rather than owners. Land sort of belongs to itself and is there to nuture and support us and we should be greatful by not squandering her resources. [This is an abbreviated version since it excludes the family and spiritual aspects which are also an integral part of Maori culture]. Community contribution is slightly different to money as a measure of wealth but clearly some form of contribution has taken place in order to make the moolah in the first instance. Community contribution also considers how those surrounding you are effected by your actions ... which it seems to me is missing from the most popular measures of wealth today.
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    Business Idea / Community for Survivors

    Hmmm, NZ has an abundance of natural resources. Maybe I could sell this to Americans....is it too far to travel do you think??