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    Renter Nation

    Yes, what is needed is a paradigm shift in the way we use rental properties. - long term tenancy encouraged - tennant encouraged to make (minor, eg paint and paper) cosmetic improvements - Bring on the rental nation! The barrier to this happening is that because of the rising property market landlords have a nasty tendency to raise rents not in line with incomes, but in step with rising property price. It is the market at work so the market will have to adjust/crash! later on when it comes back to equilibrium.
  2. 00timebandit00

    Why JPM is Hitting A Wall

  3. Freakin property spruikers! This makes me really angry. I kinda accept the pain in the West....but when I think of the struggle of life these people face...nobody deserves this http://www.businessinsider.com/chinese-rea...7#ixzz0uQ1DvJ00 Poor Chinese Are Throwing Money Into An Unescapable Capital Trap Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds | Jul. 21, 2010, 4:05 PM Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/chinese-rea...7#ixzz0upJi3zeW Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/chinese-rea...7#ixzz0upJrIvn2
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    Misappropriation of tax dollars or what?

    OMG! That is disgusting. How to buy shares in OneWestBank? *coughs* sorry...
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    Sourcing a proper 1st aid kit

    Don't forget to store 1) Salt 2) a corded phone so you can ring using it if the power fails. Yes I know you are planning for bigger disasters than power failure! Icarus - great site, thanks.
  6. An excellent article by Ian Fletcher. I particularly like how he has linked consumer actions with trade balance.
  7. Ahh, good point. My feeling is that a clear distintion should be drawn between working for the government and benefits since the two are not the same. A benefit is low level sustenance and something you can qualify for, whereas a job has a clear nexus between action and reward where you need to qualify yourself. I'm not sure training citizens to confuse the two is a great idea for long term social and economic gain. We all adapt to the system based on what our motivations are. I don't think broadly declaring all who are on benefits as lazy could be accurate. Instead I'm guessing some will remain on benefits because they are scared of instability, afraid they will let people down, believe they will not be much better off in a job. Tapping someones real motives and letting them discover other ways of doing things is the best way of altering long term welfare dependance.
  8. I meant higher risk for you, the seeder! => more return
  9. I agree, minimum. Or what about a larger percentage over a shorter time period? It does seem to be a high risk type thing.
  10. 00timebandit00

    China is buying unprecedented amounts of uranium

    China seems to be buying lots of EVERYTHING. Here in NZ it is starting to feel a little invasive. Maybe that's just me. They stocked up on gold and oil awhile ago.
  11. More background on Turtle trading: http://www.turtletrader.com/turtle-trading.html For other newbs the interview on MP3 with Covel provides a helpful overview on trading in general.
  12. Brutal. There is something about this culture that I don't understand. Nicholas went out of the country without permission and was arrested as a "debt skipper" upon his return and his passport confiscated. Hopefully the media will draw enough attention to his plight to get some kind of release granted.
  13. From the blurb on Amazon the book also talks about the emotions when one/some of the turtles did better than their teacher. I am enjoying this thread. Have put the book on my wish list. Actually on second thought don't like the idea of popstar like contest either. Thanks for PDF link denarii x.
  14. PS, fingers crossed! No idea how you would go about selecting such a group. I guess it depends on what you want to achieve.
  15. Sounds good to me! Going to bed shortly and back tomorrow to listen to the interview with MC. Might be a great way to explode the forum with newbies (argh!) by launching a netwide competition. Too much pressure? I think it would be a VERY popular idea - I'd love to participate. Don't know anything much about trading but I wonder if you could use slightly different rules with different participants to split test small tweeks in the rules to see what works best? This is the first time I've heard of the turtles. I'd love to know what they had in the intensive training. Whatever it is it's got to be easier than trolling around forums. There are so many advantages to learning directly under someone with experience.
  16. 00timebandit00

    Aussies drowning in debt

    YES!! I would love to see a movement too.
  17. 00timebandit00

    Aussies drowning in debt

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/personal-f...n-a-sea-of-debt By GEOFF STRONG - The Age
  18. 00timebandit00

    Changing society - Learning to use less Energy

    I disagree (yah....3 years later!). TV is the passive medium where masses are guided about what to think, and since thoughts impregnate this is the masculine. The internet is where ideas are fertilised and developed often collaboratively over time = femine. Internet is like a womb but this time you never get kicked out and can stay where you feel most comfortable. Women get commercials telling them to consume because they are usually the decision maker when it comes to spending in the house (western socieity, broad sweeping generalisation). It also costs more to be a woman with higher health costs, and a certian social expectation to dress to a different standard and use makeup. Not sure if there are actually more women watching TV, or if they are just the most productive group to target. Don't think internet use is gender specific, but websites have different demographics.
  19. 00timebandit00

    US tax liens

    Link to article discussing another form of property spruiking here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/3929794/Pr...-does-US-u-turn "
  20. 00timebandit00

    Rejuvenation and Longevity Secrets

    Ahhh, excellent. My suggestions (aside from what is already in the thread). Check out: 5 Tibetian Rites, alternate nostril breathing (can upload PDF's of each if u want - free!) Agnihotra (different versions abound, stay with the version as taught by Lee and Fritz Rigma, NSW, Australia. These guys I know. Is free after small initial cost of equipment check out http://agnihotra.com.au/ Sometimes you have to experience something to understand. Alternative healing is a long term interest of mine and I have developed a healthy skeptisim especially when it comes to "energy medicine". Agnihotra is unlike anything else I have experienced and I CHALLENGE you to discover the secret by attending a demonstation. Once you figure out the value let me know if you want to start a farm with me near where I live. Ok. *Use critical thinking. If you can't do this you are better off in the mainstream healthcare system where you will be told exactly what someone else thinks in best. Or you will waste money, possibly years of your life, inadvertantly join a cult, or kill yourself through a cure or ignoring an exsisting one. Such is life. If you are interested in Life Extension you MUST check out http://www.bluezones.com/.
  21. 00timebandit00

    Rebuilding Western Economies - thread #1

    Surely China will shift from export focus to domestic supply....soon? Here in NZ the Chinese wanted to get NZ farmers to help them develop farms, possibly in a third country. Lurative in the short term, not so sure about long term for NZ. Edit: sorry, just realised that was off topic a bit. Startups and creation of jobs....I would think that anybody who knew how would outsource their work overseas instead of hiring a US worker. Cheaper labour, less hassle. Well ok, some hassle in hiring the right person in the first place, but after that less hassle.
  22. I need a farm.... Just yesterday I emailed some bloke from NZ site ecobob.co.nz who is looking at starting an "intentional community" in my area. Problem is the freaky high price of land. This is part of it: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/ar...jectid=10657870 Jeez. Even to buy something small I'm gonna have to have mega $$$ or take the kids away from schooling and into the middle of nowhere (course this will still require mega $$$). Bring on the crash she says hopefully.
  23. 00timebandit00

    Something Different - Prof. Daniel Ariely

    Couldn't get it to load.... Found this on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/danariely First video looks to be the one.
  24. 00timebandit00

    Now It Is The Rich Who Abandon Their Homes

    Sounds like a great opportunity.....offer to "house sit" at a low rental for the bank or start a business vetting people to do just that. AWESOME!