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  1. your threads are being deleted, why dont you take a hint and fuck off back to the loony bin you escaped from, canadian moron..

  2. You sir, are living proof that indians fuck buffalos

  3. PropertyGuru


    Bubb, you are not doing yourself any favours. This nutter is making a laughing stock of your forum. Some moderation is required. Seriously. I know you are a nice guy and all, but have a read of this wierdo's posts FFS. The chances of the next 'Pons / Flieschman' turning up here and revealing a universe changing secret are about the same as the property market in the UK hlding up for the rest of the year. i.e. zero. I will admit it's amusing, but you need to have a think about what the point of your forum is.
  4. PropertyGuru

    geothermic heating - counterproductive?

    thanks guys. I'll investigate further.
  5. I'm renovating my chateau in France, and am considering 'geothermic' heating (pipes under the ground - got plenty of THAT!). But I just heard that it's self-defeating - the extraction of heat kills the bacteria down there who are responsible for generatig the heat, so it stops working after a while. Anyone got any definite information on this?