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    A fun trading game.

    Well, give it a try yourself, it takes a minute to register on it, and let me know...
  2. Kapouillax

    A fun trading game.

    I found around a great little trading game. It's basically paper share trading (with, currently, a limited range of actions), but, hey, it's free, and very nicely done! Try it out there: http://tradingdoors.com/ We could maybe run a small competition there for fun
  3. It's more a geological mission than a biological one. That's it, he's just just pointing out that fact. They can't directly look for life, but whether life was possible through geological analysis.
  4. Kapouillax


    Bump myself. Look where NOK was in september last year, look where it is right now (I reckon we'll see further sliding in the next year, time for it to restructure... Or go pop)
  5. Kapouillax


    As far as I understand, he's been long term bullish all along, but worrying about the short term outlook and risk, something most of us don't care (much) about. Nice hearing from you again
  6. The CDC is not your usual bank. It more like the federal reserve bank, although it does have an insurance as well as an investment bank subsidiaries. I think this 10 item list is probably a list of the 10 safest banking entities, rather than listing banks that are customer facing.
  7. I'm sure she would if her party wasn't about all about suppressing two tenants of the French motto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libert%C3%A9,_%C3%A9galit%C3%A9,_fraternit%C3%A9 There would go equality and fraternity...
  8. Not to mention the humiliation of the French People... It's true that low rent demagogy sounds attractive when compared to weasel faced Sarkozy and dull and soft Hollande.
  9. I'm curious to know who voted that science is immutable and why? AFAIK, by definition, the scientific method dictates that science is mutable (through a well defined process).
  10. It's crazy! I still don't manage to understand what dynamic would allow that to happen. Unlike nature, finance doesn't seem to abhor a vacuum
  11. Kapouillax

    The Greenest energy ... is Free Energy

    As a matter of fact, I haven't. What happened? Edit: ah! Adam Trombly, the guy in the video above! Edit2: That's great, he already has a machine that generates free energy. Then all he needs really is to connect it to the power grid and generate income (like your solar panels at home), then with the proceeding, build another more, and then with the proof of income, go to a bank, ask for a loan, build dozens more and be rich. No government will stop him doing that (unless his free energy machine presents a hazard or uses fissile material, which by his own definition it doesn't...)
  12. Kapouillax

    The Greenest energy ... is Free Energy

    Yet, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, unless you want to keep them confined to your imagination : I'll be more than happy to reconsider my position when we see prototypes of concrete applications of his theories!
  13. Kapouillax

    The Greenest energy ... is Free Energy

    It's amazing the imagination that some seem to have! I suppose I can't follow because my water/(dried!)grey matter ratio is too low! I can't wait to see the reproducible peer reviewed experiments proving unequivocally what he hypothesises about
  14. Kapouillax

    GEI Constantly reloading in firefox

    Not nice for the site owner, Sylvester.
  15. Kapouillax

    UK House prices: News & Views

    I can only agree on that statement.