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    I noticed this a whie back. If you consider that to have a GM account you must have a reasonable amount in there then extrapolating you or I could be amongst the top 50K wealthiest people!
  2. Delboy

    Yuan rumour

    I think its the remimbi is to be allowed to appreciate without intervention
  3. Delboy


    What do you call a group of black swans?.........
  4. Delboy


    I believe everyone have missed the trick that JPM are playing with the vault. It is not to delivery their own shorts it is for taking gold as collateral on investments from customers and then using their physical gold to then hedge and thus be able to `deal in paper 100x the underlying physical'. They recently announced that gold was good and acceptable as collateral.
  5. Delboy

    Uranium: Price is booming

    Just sold virtually all my uranium stocks for obvious reasons. Might invest in coal now........They had not performed really and it was a ot of money for me and I could not just let it ride. Really thought I will try some junior PM miners instead.
  6. Delboy

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Update on House. I put in an offer of 410K. Email from agent states " vendor already has an offer of 550K which they are considering, you offer is out of the ball court" I responded " Sorry your email is unclear. Did you say they had seen the offer, read it and rejected it?" I am awaiting a response. Remembering that the asking price was an over inflated 560K why would they be considering it? I'd bite their hand off!
  7. Delboy

    UK House prices: News & Views

    We both have jobs and one is a key worker so pretty solid. One persons wage maybe enough to cover mortgage and outgoings. Yes I would like to make the most of any drops and fully understand the whole inflated prices etc I got stung in the last crash so I have learned my lesson. I think I will let fate decide by putting in a stupidly low (but actually realistic) price and see what happens.
  8. Delboy

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Property ticks many boxes and could be the forever home. Also if I can fix on mortgage now it will be better than fixing later if(and when) rates rise. I rent which is fine but if I can get in there with this one it would also help as the missus is having the first baby and needs to nest. It's not rushing as I was thinking more Spring 2013 however, if I can get what I want now at the right price then near term peace of mind is greater than long term gain and the unknowns of the future. Its a bit like NPV but non financial if that makes sense. If it works out with deposit and price, I can keep some PM's which I can use to pay off mortgage over time.
  9. Delboy

    UK House prices: News & Views

    I viewed my first house in seven years today. The road is a mixture of mainly 3 Bed with some 4 Bed. It is a 4 bed with a large garden (even compared to the others in the road that are large for surburian London outshirts). Also has a garage, en-suite, cloakroom and out house. Nothing has sold in the road for six months although there appears more movement now with 3 Bed on for 380K. The highest every price was 430K July 2007 peak from a reasonable selection of sample data. Asking price? 560K! I am thinking 400-430K Max however its a lot of house. The house sign says SOLD and it was under offer but came back on as the agent says the third party is having trouble selling their property. It is selling with no chain and the owner brought it at least as long ago as 1994 as no original sale price exists. The story from the agent is that the owner lives in the area and has been renting it for a long while and now wants to sell. I have been tracking it since Oct and it was advertised and I believe rented from about then onwards but it was also up for sale for the same time. I dont fully believe the long term rent bit as the condition of the kitchen etc is too well maintained, the original internal pictures show very homely furniture and family photos of typically the type of person I would have thought lived there. Also and this is the clincher in the garage is a beautifully restored/original 1950's Austin! I would not leave that in a rented accomodation especially if I had a house with a garage somewhere else. I am a FTB with good deposit and I rent so an ideal buyer. The agent says the original offer was 530K and there is someone else considering an offer around that and said the owner wont accept less than that. Obviously there are other non financial considerations but is my estimate a fair price or maybe lower?
  10. Delboy

    Uranium: Price is booming

    Stock update. URZ and A9Y (uranium one) are roaring away, whilst the others are back on the purchase price. I definately brought at the short term top. New year hit this sector bad. It was always a 2-3 year punt anyway.
  11. Delboy


    Belated I know but have they not recently done a deal with one of the big producers? or been taken over. As an update the LIT ETF has hardly moved and SQM have gone backwards!
  12. Delboy

    UK House prices: News & Views

    I was having a conversation about LTV and the size of the deposit required recently and explained that the LTV is effectively how much the lenders think at max house prices will fall. It then occurred to me to see when would it have been possible to have brought the house for cash with the deposit i.e. when were house prices 25% of what they were at peak. The answer is a surprising 1987!
  13. Delboy


    I came to the conclusion that over the next 2 to 3 years better to bide time with exposure to sold producer and a basket through ETF. In reading up its not a forgone that lithium is the next battery tech.
  14. Delboy

    Uranium: Price is booming

    USU, UEC, URG, URZ, DNN, URRE, A9Y and CCJ. Plus URA ETF why?
  15. Great now they can magic up 20x extra supply, who do they think they are JPM? lol