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  1. Jim Rickards reckons Hillary will get the Dem. nomination. He's not always accurate with political predictions, but he called the Brexit vote and Trump. His reasoning seems to be based around there being a large field of Dem. candidates with no clear favourite, so Hillary being a recognised name will pull her through. I'm not sure she'll pull it off, but we'll see what happens.
  2. Thanks for the info, I'll have a look at them both.
  3. I think they'll go for somebody 'fresh' after the train wreck last year. Harris could run purely on being a black woman and have a good chance.
  4. What is the best way to buy bitcoin in the UK and is the method of selling the same as buying?
  5. A lot of rumours that Kamala Harris will run at some point but not necessarily in 2020.
  6. Exit polls show Macron 65%, Le Pen 35%. Disappointing result in the end, but a good base for MLP to build on for 2022. If there's anything left of France by then. I ended up backing Hamon, MLP, Melenchon and Fillon so the gambling side didn't go well for me either. They were all in small accumulator bets though, so I didn't have any big losses.
  7. Daddy Dana - 7 hours ago macron said 1. "theres no such thing as french culture" 2. "you'll just have to put up with terrorism, it's part of our daily lives for years to come" Does that blow anybody elses mind how he can be leading the polls? It blows my mind that anybody saying that could make it past the 1st round. But too many people are hopelessly brainwased and easy to manipulate. That hey've presented Macron as the 'anti-establishment' candidate shows how stupid they think people are, he worked for Rothschild bank FFS. They're rubbing people's noses in it at this point. The 20+ terror attacks in France since '15 should be the wake up call that people need, but it's looking likely the French are going to vote for 5 more years of chaos. Except it's going to get a lot worse. The plus side is that win or lose, MLP has large support rather than being a fringe candidateso at least larger numbers of people are seemingly waking up.
  8. Le Pen has temporarily stepped down as FN leader to concentrate on her Presidential bid. Sounds like she's doing it so she can appeal to a wider range of voters as for some the FN is tainted. Interesting move anyway, I doubt many saw this coming.
  9. Macron now slightly in front after 70% of the vote counted. The urban centres declared later and he has more support in those areas so he'll probably take the 1st round. I didn't realise that's how they counted the votes.
  10. After 9 million votes (Approx. 25%) Le Pen is on 25% and Macron 21%, so if that pace keeps up the exit poll was relatively inaccurate. Better that she has a lead to take into the 2nd round.
  11. French exit polls: Macron - 23.7 % Le Pen - 21.7% Melenchon - 19.5% Fillon - 19.5% Exit poll so the figures may change but it looks like MLP is into round 2. I'd have liked to see her win round 1 but at least she's made it, there was no guarantee of that. I'm hoping Putin has some dirt on Macron that he's been saving for the home stretch. Macron's odds have been slashed to 1/6, they were evens earlier in the week.
  12. A different Belgian paper has Macron winning and Le Pen and Fillon neck and neck. No idea why it's Belgian papers that have these polls, maybe they're making them up to sell papers. We'll find out the official exit poll results in under an hour anyway.
  13. Belgian newspaper La Libre says it's got hold of leaked polls from one of the Presidential campaigns and it shows that the final matchup will be Le Pen (26 %) vs Fillon (22%). There has been a shooting in Rouen today with reports of 1 man injured. No confirmation as to whether it's terrorism yet.
  14. He looked doomed a few weeks ago. Assange posted a graphic showing 2nd choice voting intentions and Melenchon polled well, especially with people who had Hamon as 1st choice. I hope it's him vs Le Pen as theoretically that's the end of the EU, although he could be bluffing. Exit polls are due around 8pm, 9pm, but if it's super close they might not end up being accurate.
  15. Le Pen's odds have been slashed after the attack in Paris today, she was 4/1 but is now 11/4 on Sky Bet. It's bad timing for the other candidates, especially Macron, who pretty much denies there's even a problem with Islamic terrorism.
  16. Trump is now saying the US isn't going into Syria, so hopefully it stays like this! We'll see but it's at least encouraging to hear him personally come out and see this. http://nypost.com/2017/04/11/trump-were-not-going-into-syria/ If they don't go in we'll see if the MSM starts up with the 'Trump is a Russian agent' nonsense again. That died down when Trump was following orders and seemingly on the verge of going to war with Syria. Funny how the 2 dovetailed.
  17. @AnnCoulter currently tweeting that Trump has stepped back from war with Russia. I can't find out what she's referring to but these are her tweets: 'Thank God. Trump steps back from nuclear toe to toe with Russia. US will NOT continue to be ISIS's air force.' 'Everyone involved in this dangerous, foolhardy, deceitful (''vital natl security''!!!! interest) attack should be fired, esp Nikki, then Tillerson.' 'Media sad Trump backing away from his Dr Strangelove generals. Not susceptible to their flattery after all!! How can they control him?' I think Coulter is legit and hopefully she is 100% correct.
  18. I think he had good intentions going in but he was always going to have to cut deals rather than have it his own way. However it seems that he's bottled it now and caved in completely. Once Flynn went the writing was probably on the wall but we could still hope that he'd hang in there and even if he caved on some issues he wouldn't cave on war with Syria and maybe Russia. At the minute though he seems to have devolved to full puppet mode! I suppose the bright side is that we'd all be dead by now if HRC had have gotten in.
  19. Yes I think that could cost him. He's not able to pull the anti-establishment slant off given his background. Stealing some of Le Pen's thunder was the way to go for this election and that strategy would've probably seen Fillon home had it not been for the scandals. He could still do it, even now.
  20. It would've been pure luck but you could have backed the current top 4 and Hamon and made money no matter who won. Le Pen was 6/1 before Trump's election and since then all the other 4 have, at 1 point, had odds over 10/1. In some cases much higher. I don't regret not doing it as it would be pure lottery picks but anybody who did will be laughing.
  21. The candidates for this election seem to be coming out of nowhere. I know he was said to have won the last debate, that's when he became more visible.
  22. I saw some polls the other week where Macron voters were the least sure that they'd stick with their man compared to Fillon and Le Pen. Of course it might not matter if a few jump ship and he still gets enough votes. Interesting that his voters were the least sure though.
  23. I pray that this is true. The only way this catastrophe is going to be averted is if there's massive opposition from 'the people'.With the vast majority being brainwashed sheep, it's going to take an official eak to convince the masses it wasn't Assad. It SHOULD be blindingly obvious that he wouldn't gas his own people when he's winning and has Russia on his side. Plus we've had this before with Nurse Nayirah & then the WMD's for the 2 Iraq wars. They use the same tricks everytime because they people are thick as shit.
  24. Wow! Even if MLP loses, the fact that this is even happening at least gives some hope for the future. Maybe Islamists throwing gays from rooftops hasn't had the PR message that they hoped! Do you think MLP has some chance in the 2nd round?
  25. This is disappointing and so early on in his tenure too. I guess he's under massive pressure but it's still a massive letdown and I didn't think it would happen. We'll see how it plays out but it's looking likely that he's going to be another puppet now, even if it wasn't his intention when he was elected. There's a massive backlash on Twitter amongst his supporters so a second term may already be out of the question. Saying that if he's going to bow to the deep state like this it doesn't make much difference whether he's in or out. I'm glad to see Le Pen taking a swipe at him though - at least there's some hope in France.