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  1. Some thing is afoot if Cameron and Obama are considering using the emergency oil reserves.
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    $1694 is a really important threshold as some commentaters have noted. Is it a coincidence that the BoE was also founded in this year.
  3. Acton seemed to be quiet last night.

  4. Hello ML, I am following your thoughts with interest and as I am possibly going to purchase a house shortly with 20% deposit 80% mortgage, are you saying that you are now in favour of buying hard assets? Or the opposite, when you say you are changing to the darkside? and Where is this LB last chance post? many thanks Conrad
  5. Sounds like old psyco babble himself may have finally got to you!
  6. I wonder if the strange death of MI6 agent/programmer Gareth Williams. Who was seen with a meditteranean couple before he died had anything to do with the start of this cyper war.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CqYYtXG9n4 Jokerman = MR Brown/Clegg
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    Housepricecrash down?

    HPC's new formats not working out too well and its becoming full of one eye'd plonkers