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  1. Mabon

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Over here in Wales house prices seem to be gradually deflating. I do a once every 4 months search of property in Wales. A lot of prices are going back to what they were in 2007. Everything else being relatively equal, of course. (And only anecdotal)
  2. Here in north-west London house prices seem to be rising by the day again. Particularly the 4-5 bed edwardian style suburban houses - Close to decent schooling and transport links. I noticed recently that four flats on the road next to ours all sold (separate locales) all sold within 10 days of going on the market. Smells like bubble territory again to me - Is there any end to this (in London)? Probably not. Meanwhile in parts of Wales, Scotland and England you can get decent 3 bed houses for 40 grand or less...And decent 2 bedders for 25 and under...Ho and Hum ratingTextUndefined
  3. I eat Quinoa now and then. I usually cock up the preparation though. In theory it's pretty good for you. Although more Omega 6 than Omega 3. So the balance is a bit off. But a decent alt to rice etc. And one that's got a lot more quality mineral etc content. I did chat to a guy I know through a friend about quinoa farming. His plan was to start growing it on land he controlled in south America. He had the equipment, talent etc. His numbers were screwy though. It'll definitely be big news (beyond the realm of healthfood stores) in the next few years. As it's roots are nitrogen fixing (hence boosting the soil it grows in). It's quite hardy too.
  4. I was talking to my girlfriend about this recently. New Morrisons superstore has opened 2/3rds of a mile away. We went to shop there a week or so ago. Not bad. Decent enough place. And the way they positioned it is really quite visually stunning. They took what was a big building merchant's yard and transformed it into flats, superstore, other stores etc. Pretty good. It's a boon for here. And as it's to an extent - part of Harrow Town Centre - it's adding to the centralisation and amenities. The only other big store nearby is Waitrose in South Harrow. And Tescos just north of Harrow town centre (bunfight). Now if only someone would complete the half-finished apartment building opposite it that would be great.
  5. What next? Editor of Moneyweek says: "Razorblades are sharp" "Hippos Poo a lot" "Motorhead are loud" (shocker)
  6. Good information in that Nicole Foss chat
  7. Mabon

    Food is 'too cheap'

    Also...Potentially the Basics 'Pork, Rice, Wheat and Beans' will get more expensive relative to 'western' incomes. Increasing mouths to feed. Increasing needs.In the 'emerging' world... Means efficient companies producing said basics will 'scuuush'...
  8. Mabon

    Food is 'too cheap'

    I endeavour not to waste much food. So I'll often eat 'leftovers' a coupla days later with something else. Often a lot of grub tastes better a few days later (unless it's rotting...). However anything that is 'waste' or compostable goes into my super-composter. Where a legion of bugs and creepy-crawlies breaks it into fantastic new top soil. They can easily chew and poop the whole household veg etc waste of two adults. And so we never have any compostable waste to go in our brown 'biodegrable' wheely bin. Thus saving the council a wadge. Where it is
  9. Yesterday I celebrated a friend's birthday. We went from North-West London into Central LONDON. And spent the day walking around Central London. We went on a River Cruise. We wandered along the south bank. Across Westminster Bridge which was like an eastern european/ near eastern bazaar. As it full of dodgy cardsharps coshing gullibles with games of 'find the lady'. Up through Westminster, through St James Park, Mayfair and up to Baker Street (Cinema). Then back to the Mayfair/ Bond Street area for some shopping. And then to eat an excellent meal near Selfridges (a beautiful store). She'd just come back from a shortbreak to Berlin. As my friend said "London really is a Wonderful City". And she is right. We are lucky we've invested in our infrastructure and planning etc. And we're lucky we paid attention to how to run things.
  10. Lol. Well my Dad has planted all his winter roots now.Including Leeks etc. I still have some beans going strong. Even though the vines have withered and given up the ghost. Will get these in this week. And be thankful for my bean abundance. I have some American Cress and other leafs that keeps growing back in my big earthenware pot. It seems to like its position under the bay tree. And the pot keeps it warm. This weekend I'll do a bit o digging. And see what I can get planted. I'll have a rummage in my seed library aka plastic bag in shed. Could of swapped you beans for raspberries Riggerz
  11. Strewth Bubb You'll end up being my neighbour... Colindale? Hayes? Are you thinking straight? Hayes is a place without a purpose. Best thing you could do is level it and start again. Colindale is like belly button lint. And the entire Burnt Oak broadway is getting rougher by the minute. Even with spillover, investment potential...Gaaak
  12. My beans finally came thru in early August. And have been going strong or is that string? Since. If I wasn't so grateful for the free food I'd have to say I'm all beaned out...Pah Beans Again! In fact I force them on everyone now - "Here have some beans and have some more beans". There's no room left in the freezer for all the beans... I shall plant some over-winter roots too this year.
  13. Just goes to show if you let your garden do the work the abundance is excellent. Case in point I'm deluged with strawberries in the bottom-left corner. A year or so ago there were maybe 10 plants. Now they've taken over, probably 50 plants. Am able to have fresh bowl everyday...and to think they laughed at my plan to corner the world strawberry market!! Got some beans now too - took ages to pop. But now am shooting up them canes quickstyle. Also the big 'orga' pot that was full of salad bits - american cress etc has seeded part of my 'bed'. And I now have lots of fresh salad growing there which is great. Small-time stuff but always a lovely bonus. Also the ladybirds ate all the aphids that were sapping the life out of my beetroot 'tree' (I let it grow wild and now it's a 5 footer). Some potatoes doing their own thing too. Possibly get 30 pound of spuds for zero effort. Very little effort applied to the rest of it for quite considerable reward. Good Luck.
  14. "Infamy! Infamy!---- They've All Got It In For Me!" - Caesar (Kenneth Williams), Carry On Cleo
  15. From my neighbour's son who is a doctor (a GP). And from my cousin's husband who is a very senior doctor in a major consultant teaching role in a very large hospital. Also a previous girlfriend was a GP, she was one of the least healthy people I've ever met...and knew nothing about nutrition whatsoever. Ask your doctor next time how much time they actually get in dealing with nutrition. And what they understand about it - as opposed to the workings of the dietary tract. Yes I'm well aware as to why he was asking me about 'swimmer's ear'. Dairy products are mucus-forming in the body. Excess dairy can lead to the symptoms described. Consider that as one possibility (of many). Most 'health' problems come from: - 'bad' diet (you drink 15 cans of pop a day and eat only bread and pasta) - 'bad' living (you smoke, drink heavily and live in a dirt-ridden pus-pile) - 'bad mind' (you're stressed to the gills, can't relax and have no 'safety valve') - 'bad' damage (you hit a tree with your motorcycle). I'm not comparing who was right or wrong. I'm just documenting what happened. Clearly I'd not done any swimming. I'm well aware that technically anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. I'm highly Unlikely to consider just gullibly believing any one. I make up my own mind from evidence presented. No the doctor just wasn't listening (ironically). I mean why would the humble patient know anything about his own body huh? I'd thought to myself when it happened 'could this be because I've stopped consuming all that dairy?' I'd only asked the nutritionist casually to see whether they weren't 'off with the fairies'. "No I don't do any swimming. However I have changed one major thing about my diet. Until recently I was consuming up to three pints of milk and other dairy produce per day. And I have suddenly stopped". Doc looks baffled. "Well I don't see what bearing that would have. You sure you've not done any deep-water swimming lately? Me: Rolls Eyes No-one was 'discounted'. And it' wasn't ironically either. Stop assuming what you think I did. If I was going to discount doctors I just wouldn't have attended. I wanted to hear (ironically couldn't hear) what he had to say. Before making up my own mind what to do. His diagnosis was excellent if I was a swimmer. The fact that I didn't do any swimming baffled him completely. He prescribed anti-biotics. After deciding I could deal with the uncomfort of it. I decided not to take them. My hearing returned after 6 more days. Because I'd given up dairy products completely at that point. And was no longer 'full o' mucus'. In summary: Be careful who you take advice from. Regardless of who they are. And whether they are 'qualified' or not.