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  1. d2thdr


    Dr Bubb, Are you currently bullish on Gold or bearish?
  2. True. How soon does the contagion reach the UK? I say never. BOE will print till cows come home.
  3. d2thdr


    In the big scheme, there is no question that gold is the only place where the risk is minimal. The gold however is not paper gold. It has to be only physical.We have had this argument on this forum for a long long time and frankly its getting tedious. The thing is those who have still not awaken from the stupor and are still believing the MSM need to be skinned and should suffer the losses they encounter. Personal responsibility and all that. Tell us Bubb, have you finally bought any more taels?
  4. d2thdr

    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    I couldn't agree more.
  5. No Bubb, RMB wont become a global trade currency just because they launched a futures exchange. And why would the world run with it? If the current trading happens in USD, why would the OPEC cartel run with it? Its OPEC who matter no one else. If I were Saudi Royal family, I will stick with USD as I also get protection from the strongest army in the world. RMB is just another paper currency like USD.
  6. d2thdr

    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    Well when you decide to come to India to establish your new empire, I will kick you out.
  7. Are you Bubb? Are you his girlfriend? Are you related to him? Are you paid by Bubb to write this stuff?
  8. d2thdr


    Do you want to hear the truth? Can you handle the truth?
  9. d2thdr


    My link We are going hyper as GF says.
  10. 1650 $/oz 10 years before it hit the target is a good enough prognosticator of his abilities. Halight please tell us about your investment preferences. Are you a trader? Or do you have a job?
  11. As we approach the end game, gold is expected to rise along with the dollar. If you refer to Exters pyramid, it should be self explanatory. Take it from me right now, gold price will fall all the way to perhaps 200$/oz. You wont get any physical gold at this price however. Not that this last sentence matters to you any more. Jim Sinclair is looking at a macro picture. Your point of view perhaps is a bit narrow in its scope.
  12. Why do you think these targets are baffling? Another/ FOA said these very things in 1997.
  13. HI GF, Are you still on GIM?
  14. d2thdr


    What has happened to once a fantastic and wonderful forum? Bubb as much as some people riled you, you too did not hold your grudges back. I request you to please reinstate the forum as it was along with the mods, perhaps it will get back to what it was once. I will live in hope.
  15. And the best way to hold on to the wealth is to hold physical gold. Its not the amount of gold that's important, its the flow that's important.