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    Peak Oil - Bull or Bear?

    The strapline is supposed to read "Peak Oil - Where do you stand", rather than "Peak Oil - Overhyped alarmism" which was the first choice on the poll.. I thought it would be a (vaguely) good idea to see where people stand on this issue and the likely mix of the board, although I can guess that most will be 'bears'.. Hopefully any discussion around peak oil, likelyhood, timing, implications etc. will be a good deal more measured than some on HPC and we will get a few with anti-peak oil views that stick around to make the debates more interesting. For my 2p worth, I think peak oil and the coming energy crisis will be the defining issue of the next half century, most likely resulting in large or full scale resource wars and a radically different world once played out.
  2. RobertPaulson

    Links Section?

    An excellent idea. In addition I would also suggest this is split into a straight links section and also a pinned post which outlines exactly what peak oil is and includes references. Whilst I don't think this site will see the same volume of users as HPC (for a while anyway ), I think this would go someway to reducing the amount of re-hashing the same argument posts (i.e. all you folks are yoghurt weaving eco-idiots, there is loads of oil left etc.) which are bound to crop up and get slightly tiresome. I would recommend these for inclusion (I will edit and add more when I get the chance) on Ghawar and Cantarell, which should be fairly helpful when explaining the volume of new reserves required to replace declining production (very interesting reads, especially the Ghawar article, if you haven't seen them before) Ghawar Production Decline Cantarell Production Decline