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  1. bob monkhouse

    Apple Inc (AAPL) : Is it a great short now?

    i wonder if apple is a canary for the bull run...
  2. Thought I would pop up here. Have a bad instinct right now. We must be close.
  3. bob monkhouse

    Living with Electropollution

    Are you guys discussing the Schuman Resonance? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances Its interesting how little we realise that EMF is needed, like how astronauts in space were impacted by their new environment in many unknown ways, one of which was the lack of interaction between thunder, the earths crist and the ionosphere...which is beneficial to us. i htink its completely plausible that wifi impacts us. I still use it though
  4. Thanks Bubb...but im afraid this has led to another stupid question...if volume is light, why would the price rise...is this just an indication that there are a smalll number of small scale bulls and the bears are waiting in the wings?
  5. Really stupid question...does anyone have a link showing a chart which indicates the low volume - im looking at some simple charts on SPX and FTSE which would seem, to my very untrained eye, that volume is just below average...where am I going wrong?
  6. Just going to bump this one To The Top (TTT). Markets whipsawing. Ive stayed in my oil stocks for now. Things seem quite toppy to my untrained eye. How do you pro's feel?
  7. Well im a relative novice compared to most here! however my trading cash is locked away within my ISA for this year, I can cash in certain stocks and then use SUK2 to gain from market falls....something which is tricky with normal ISA stocks, it also multiplies movements x2. I prefer to use ISA to trade as an investor at the moment as im not fully comfortable with using margin as yet.
  8. This seems to have died off in here. Shame, was one of my favourites.
  9. What about good old shorting the index? I'm always wary of spread betting indexes due to their volatility. What about filtering companies based on their debt exposure? Halfords, ocado... Premier foods?
  10. Hmmm. Ive noticed a few stocks which I have had my eye on spiking this week...Vislink and medusa mining. Seeing the FTSE in the mid 5750's...its looking a bit toppy...makes me consider buying the inverse tracker SUK2 for my ISA. A newb question, but How do people perceive blue chips like BP and the smaller oilies reacting? My share IS is slightly overweight for Oilies who have been climbing nicely...
  11. bob monkhouse


    Ive been away for a month guys, what gives? I became a little weary with work stresses and expenditure problems... So is this a mass delevaraging//margin call? Whats behind Gold dropping....and more importnatly what do we think of share prices...im still heavily in BP and a few others...
  12. bob monkhouse

    PIIGS / Europe's Debt Troubles

    Grim reading http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/belgium/8843652/Eurozone-summit-despair-and-backbiting-in-the-corridors-of-power.html
  13. bob monkhouse


    Pix, what is your issue with Bubb sharing his ideas? Have you not discussed swapping Gold to silver and back within Goldmoney accounts...could this not be misinterpreted by a novice also? Could the ramping of precious metals also be seen as dangerous, if one were to be picky? One would hope that most people on this website implicitly understand the need to DYOR with regard to any 3rd party views. Surely the point is to discuss, share and interrogate ideas for the benefit of the whole?
  14. bob monkhouse

    Occupy WS Protests / A global "Arab Spring"

    Some interesting charts. http://www.businessinsider.com/what-wall-street-protesters-are-so-angry-about-2011-10?op=1
  15. bob monkhouse


    You beat me to it! Im 31, and have been paying in to my pension pot for 4 years; not great, but its a start. I contribute 7% which my employer matches. Many of my friends dont have one, its a disgrace, as many do not have the financial nous to come up with an alternative (unlike a typical poster here, for instance). It feels like another example of why, as a society, we have got ourselves in such a financial mess.