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  1. A seminar would be interesting, what are you initial thoughts on the content you would try and put forward Dr B. ? So far I havnt traded, but I have noticed not to buy when emotions are in play. example : Was watching a particular stock thought wow hit bottom got all excited about it, only to watch later it dropped more. Still learning and doing so by digesting as much information as possible. Hopefully developing a feel and control over my emotions when looking at potential entry and exit points when trading.
  2. Thanks to HPC and GEI, Ive started to be more pro-active with my money, I want to invest but of course before jumping in and doing some research, my questions as follows... The Value of Gold. I hear alot of people with VI (anyone with a stake in it) saying gold is the way, I would be doing this to If i had brought, But I have been thinking if the "Gold Standard" never comes back. (Hear me out ! ) What alternatives would you invest in? I ask this because of 2 reasons. Everyone is ramping gold and although I have not valued gold as being worth risking my money in it, at its current value and also no-one every talks about why gold might not be a good investment at its current value. Iam trying to see both sides of the coin (pardun the pun), but Ive never seen the question asked either, have you?
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    The Value of Gold

    My sentiment exactly why collapse something and erode your purchasing power. (I refer to heavy weights not investors like ourselves.) I may seem nieve here, but isnt inflation on its way out if everyone is raising interest rates? Cash = Good but value will erode if deflation occours. Japanese Yen/Index = Greastest return/risk Gold = Value may still be maintained/grow but only if seen as a return to gold standard(But i refer back to Why collapse the Fiat system).