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    1./ To positively make a difference when an opportunity arises
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About Me

I am a professional tutor in IB Physics, IB MYP and PYP mathematics and science, and International GCSE mathematics (UK related curriculums) teaching in an education centre in Hong Kong. Having studied Physics enables me to teach IB Physics HL. This subject is extremely challenging indeed, comparing to the A level Physics taken by me in north London.

Prior to the present tutoring role, I was a Principal Consultant in Organisation Development (called OD) involving deep knowledge and experiences in driving organisation performances through competency-based competency modeling, training needs analyses and organisation surveys. Due to age discrimination, I entered the profession as a tutor accidentally when my then partner introduced me to the son of the founder of the education centre. They are of Indian origin and are well-known among the indian community in Hong Kong. My students are future leaders in the fields of engineering, computer science, business and finance. Their achievements in academic grades at their international schools are my satisfaction in my work.