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  1. I refer to the news article on " Soros Fuels Dark Money Judicial Group That Fights Kavanaugh, Trump Nominations" in the 2nd preceding posting shown above, Quote Due to Demand Justice's arrangement with the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which acts as its fiscal sponsor, it does not have to file annual tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service. Those who contribute to groups housed at the Sixteen Thirty Fund can also mark the money to the fund's name, where it is passed to the intended groups while ultimately masking the destination. Unquote The writer(s) are actually hinting to readers of the article that the fiscal is corrupt too. Of course, we know that. However, who has the guts to write these lines and post on the Internet? The writers of the aforesaid article have.
  2. The link https://www.dailywire.com/news/51160/homewrecker-ilhan-omar-blasted-online-over-alleged-ryan-saavedra (dated 28 AUG 2019) shows: Quote The New York Post reported: Unquote Please look at the photo of Tim and IIhan in the link, you may agree with me that he looks like a decent good guy, who is not really good looking. Neither does he look sexy. She does NOT look sexy either. Two key questions related to the Social Exchange Theory (in Social Psychology) are raised here: 1./ Why would these two latched onto each other becoming a "lovey" to each other? To re-phrase the question: What are the "social exchanges" to be "exchanged" between them? By the way, if you are English, you will know the "implied underlying" meaning of "lovey". The English created this word. If you are NOT English, you can search on the Internet to find out. I am NOT an English teacher to summarise its meaning. 2./ What is it in for him? Likewise, what is it in for her? To re-phrase the question: What are the benefits of the "social exchanges" respectively for each? I will post more soon when I have time to outline my assessment on this case based on my knowledge of social psychology. Doctor in Psychology (Oxon)
  3. Thanks DrBubb for your postings. I posted the following texts on my facebook newsfeed earlier: Quote Study: China Harvesting Organs from Tens of Thousands of Political Prisoners Annually (24 June 2016 article, but is still going on in China) Click here to browse https://www.breitbart.com/…/study-china-harvesting-organs-…/ Two extracted paragraphs: 1. Human rights researchers have published an updated study accusing China of conducting tens of thousands of organ transplants using the bodies of political prisoners without their consent. While the practice has been known to occur in the communist nation for decades, Beijing alleges that it long stopped harvesting organs from prisoners of conscience. 2. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution this month calling for the State Department to implement visa restrictions on Chinese nationals suspected of participating in the practice, a move China sternly condemned. My humble thoughts as I am wearing my psychology hat: a) Hong Kong is viewed as "a black sheep" (a metaphor) by the top China government officials, as if Hong Kong people are a "disobedient child" (a metaphor). b) If Hong Kong people continue to fight xxx, yyyy, etc, we will all be ridiculed economically and psychologically. c) There will be increasingly less jobs available for young HK people. When they approach 40s, it is likely that they will not find work anymore. d) You may be dead by then. Your child can live in poverty after having spent all your left-behind money. e) If you have a child or children, please think about emigrating to another country (not Taiwan). Ensure that your child (or children) learn English and another language (e.g. German) well so that your child can find work in another country. Of course, your child must be able to speak Mandarin. Ensure that your child performs very well academically in schools and university. Go on to get a master degree. A bachelor degree is not good enough to compete in job markets. You save up about HK$ 1 million for your child's university degree abroad. Leave Hong Kong. Unquote I am now forced to leave HK soon when I am NOT too old to look for consulting (or alike challenging) work on a pro-bono basis to "brush up" my CV with some recent UK experiences. Due to Brexit, there is no paid work for people like me. However, my academic achievements and professional work skills should give me an advantage one way or another.
  4. Well, I can boldly add on the quote shown above: quite a number of Hong Kong Chinese were arrested in the recent 2.5 weeks. These people "disappeared", except Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow, who are on bail, due to their high profiles. "Disappeared" in China including HK means being "killed". One of the 5 demands is "amnesty for arrested protesters". If the aforesaid protesters have been killed, there is no amnesty for arrested protesters. The Hong Kong government will just ignore this demand out of the 5. You can imagine that protests will continue into 2020 year. Travelling out and into HK will be at risk. How can one plan a flight out of or into Hong Kong when the operations of HK airport can be seriously affected by protesters? Stay at home and avoid travel delays or getting stuck at the airport for hours or days.
  5. Last week, when I was about to enter my building where I live, I could hear one young male voice shouting "revolution in our time" in Cantonese on a low floor in another building across the road. I responded to these annoying words in Cantonese by saying "pray to GOD, Stupid pig". He replied, "I have prayed" and continued shouting the same words. I repeated "pray to GOD, stupid pg" twice, and thought to myself. He does this every night, and 3 other female voices echoed his voice in some non-audible words at two other ends of the same street. In my humble opinion, these shouting behaviour is "childish" as if he wants to draw attention from his parents. I am sorry that I condemn such shouting behaviour on "revolution our time". Further, I am now wearing my hat as an (organisation) behavioural psychologist to share my assessment on the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam's behaviour: 1./ She is very selfish, similar to other politicians in the world. When I talked to a few people on the grass-root level, they commented how selfish she is. 2./ She talks with a parent-to-child attitude in her speeches in press conferences. If you listen to her carefully, this attitude shows up many times. 3./ Since she climbed up the social and career ladders from the bottom (her childhood was spent in a sub-divided room in Wan Chai), she has been motivated by having "power and authority". I can see that she is after the next role to be sitting next to Tung Chi Wah and CY Leung in mainland China government meetings. 4./ She is also motivated by recognition, of course, by the mainland China government. In summary, she does NOT care for the Hong Kong people. I wish that she will RESIGN one day. I also wish that she is or being investigated by ICAC (an independent anti-corruption entity) for possible corruptions in the past before taking her present role of Chief Executive. It will be GOD's will if she will be prosecuted for bribery, and hence to serve her prison terms. Many people in Hong Kong will be clapping their hands. By the way, I am a Christian, and do not wish to offend anyone who does not believe in GOD. Nevertheless, please forgive me if I have offended you. Many apologies. Welcome your posting about Hong Kong in crisis...
  6. In my assessment of Joshua Wong's motives, he has done many damages to Hong Kong in a selfish way. Politics is not black and white, but consists of grey areas. Mr Wong is too young to "play his cards" right. He is doomed to be "eradicated" eventually one way or another. I wish him well into his 40's age if he can survive through the present "crack down" by China government. My anticipation is that he is doomed! Good luck, my dear Mr Wong: be less judgmental. You will live longer.
  7. Readers: Be discerning when we read e-news posted in twitter by Laurel Chor on 25 AUG 2019. She wrote "Two men who are visiting from the US were arrested in Tsuen Wan after they took photos of the police. One is a freelance journalist, the other is a photography professor. The police asked them for press IDs; they didn't have them (which aren't required by law, by the way) ". She further wrote on 26 AUG: Guess what. I suspect that these two men are from NED. If I were them, I would NOT have taken my passport with me to the scene. These two men are badies. Hong Kong Police is NOT stupid. They are smart people. Laurel Chor has her own ulterior motive to increase her "reputation". I am afraid that this person is reporting superficial news without exploring deeper the issues of the protests involving NED. Laurel Chor is unprofessional, in my humble opinion.
  8. The various video clips depicted in the web link of newswars.com are showing a mixture of "Hong Kong triads' members" and "mainland China undercover police and policemen" pretended to be protesters (whose original motives were and are still about "withdrawing" the extradition bill instead of being violent). I am in Hong Kong, and can hear people talking about the politics over dinner at local eateries. One guy said that those wearing "white" tops are triads. Well, as far as I know. It is not as black and white as we think. I mean that those wearing white tops consist of triads, and mainland China undercover police. Some of these badies (who have support from the mainland China central government) are also wearing black tops to worsen violent behaviours. Mainland China central government is determined to "kill" violent protesters in spite of what the USA and the UK have told them not to. I ,as a little citizen here in Hong Kong, anticipate such a political move (crack down) to happen in the next few weeks. Will I go out on the streets where the shooting will be taken place? Not at all. I suggest that you punch into the Hong Kong stock market to find bargains. I prayed to GOD. GOD has not given me wisdom when to exploit the Hong Kong stock market. Readers, be ready to make some profits. I am sure that the George Sxxxx guy is already ready, knowing how he has made his fortune in the past. He is richer than GOD, but GOD will punish time and pound him many folds.
  9. 1. Glenn Beck's radio show is accurate. He must have done thorough research to put his script together. Well done to Glenn. Thanks to DrBubb to have posted the link on the radio show. 2. With reference to "Richard Hartley-Parkinson's e-news article in the previous posting dated 26 August 2019", I would like to add the following humble comments: a) Protesters at the "front" of protests, showing violent or riot behaviours, are paid between HK$5,000 to HK$6,000 per day by an organisation, which has its ulterior motive to "destroy" Hong Kong financially and politically. This particular organisation has been speculated to be one controlled by CIA (who want TRUMP down) who has been "instructed" by George Sxxxx. Well, this is very sensitive for me to expand on, in case the present website gets vetted by .... b) Readers of the present website are outsiders, and may not be interested in know the intricacies of the politics between mainland China central government and Hong Kong during the trade war between China and the USA. I do NOT wish to be patronising. However, if you construct a mind map with the main factors influencing each other, and also "connect the dots" so to speak, you may see why the tiny Hong Kong is the best "instrumental target or victim" when CIA wants Trump down during the trade negotiations between China and the USA. Then, the George guy will then pocket his monetary profits when ......I have said enough. I am sure that DrBubb is already aware of the intricacies of the politics between ......So am I.
  10. The point 2 in my earlier posting shown above was responded by someone in Hong Kong in another forum today. He wrote: Quote put it this way - I can propose another equally plausible conspiracy theory of the whole movement.President Xi, being the emperor of the universe, understands HK too well that he would know HK people must fight back if the central government intervenes too much. He actually encourages us to revolt so he could have a good bargaining chip in the trade war, and could potentially end the one country two systems. Wouldnt you want to follow what the great emperor instructed and join us instead?If this sounds absurd to you, this is how we feel when we read your post.As a Mensan, I would hope that our fellow members could make good use of our intelligence, and contribute to our society in a positive way, instead of getting sold to all those unfounded conspiracy theories and even use them to argue against the whole movement. Unquote I am writing here to ask for your help to explain what this individual in HK is driving at. This is because I do not know all aspects (facets) of conspiracy theories. Thanks.
  11. Tiny Hong Kong is a victim between the fight of 2 super powers, US and China, using HK protesters I am a nobody, but I feel empowered by GOD (of the bible) to write the following sensitive texts to share with you: The following is a highly sensitive posting, with my humble perspectives. Please click " https://www.facebook.com/HKYDS/videos/1196358450547582/UzpfSTEwNzkxNjk2ODY6MTAyMTY4MzE1NjM2NzYyNzE/ " (This link may not last long). My perspectives: 1. This particular US news channel is against President Trump. Posting this news is done with a deliberate intention to "damage" Trump further during the present intense negotiations of trade tariffs between China and the US. I am sure that his "own trusted source of the US intelligence" would have told him about what is behind NED. It is CIA, my GOD. I am sure you (readers of Mensa HK) are aware of ill-thoughts and ill-doings of CIA with an objective to damage Trump. Well, this is US politics. Come to China and HK politics. Enemies of Trump in CIA has picked the best time to "damage" Trump during the aforesaid negotiation between China and the US. If we look back on the very first HK protest in Victoria Park in June (cannot remember the date) , and how the protests have evolved into violence events one after another, we should really say to ourselves: these violence events stepping up to be more violent have been PLANNED with experienced minds behind (refer to NED). Further, China Central Government has been demonic too, by sending undercover China police and "gong on" to pretend to be protesters, acting with severe violence in front of the HK police, whereby world news media have captured the news stories, asserting that HK protesters are violent. What is the hidden agenda of the China Central Government? The military tanks sitting in the stadium in Shen Zhen Bay gives us a good clue. A very good reason to tell the world that China has to use military force to suppress HK..... There we are. We, HK people, are truly victims.
  12. Hi Hector, please expand on " The deep state was behind Epstein's murder". I do not understand the term "the deep state". Sorry about my ignorance. Thanks.
  13. Referring to the above posting of " Poll: 89 Per Cent of UK Gen-Zers Say Their Lives Are “Meaningless " on 7 August 2019, I subsequently found an article on the same research reported by the Sun online on 1 August ( https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9637619/young-brits-life-lacks-purpose/ ). Since I had done an extensive research in the areas of social psychology, interpersonal trust and social networks , I have made the following comments for your review: Refer to the Sun's article: 89% of 16-29 year olds claiming their life lacks purpose or meaning This summarised conclusion in one headline is misleading. My then doctoral research supervisor in Oxford University would have rejected my write-up. He would have noted to me: what are the confounding variables? What is the sample size? Ah, if you have done a research survey before, you would have learned "confounding variables". Please read on. If you do not know this jargon, please stop reading. The Yakult survey purely wants to have a good piece of PR article. No problem on that. However, the person who approved the PR article must have no responsibility of anticipating possible psychological effects on young readers (age 16 to 29) to think that "I am alright to feel a lack of life purpose because I am part of the 89%". No wonder that there is a perception of English people being "lazy" as a culture. That is a perception by people living in Hong Kong, who are hard-working. This particular Yakult article will only reinforce English young people's low work ethic. If I had plenty of extra money (in the order of GBP 90,00), I would re-conduct the research, and will have different research findings.
  14. I recall clearly that President Trump made a comment in his tweet that Epstein's death is connected with Clinton. The above web link on "Clinton held private event on ....island" has confirmed my suspicion of Epstein being murdered instead of committing suicide. I am not suggesting that Clinton was involved in "murdering" Epstein since I am a nobody to make such a suggestion. Neither do I want to create troubles for Dr Bubb's threads. Bear in mind, members of the present website are all intelligent people, and are open-minded in exploring an alternative reasoning on Epstein's sudden death in his prison cell in which there were no materials in the cell could have facilitated his suicide on his own accord.
  15. UNDP renewable energy challenge - To win a contract at about Euro 13.5 million It was by accident that I found an UN renewable energy challenge when I was looking for employment in the renewable energy field. The challenge has been copied and pasted below. (It is actually from the UNDP = United Nations Development Programme Link: http://www.undp.org/...dp/en/home.html) The biggest challenge is on the cost per unit - no more than Euro 5,000 per family unit. The contract is for more than 3,000 families. The Challenge expects a discount after 50 units. Let's assume a discount at 10% after 50 units and the total family units are 3,000, I estimated that the total contract price is Euro 13.525 million. Is this financially viable? Welcome your comments. Personally, I do NOT think that the budget guideline at Euro 5,000 for the first 50 family units makes any commerical sense to me. Please read on... ---------------------- Enter the Challenge online: Source link: http://www.nesta.org...ures/undp_prize The attached word document shows the questions to be answered in the link above. Can you make a difference in the lives of people affected by war? The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina is now issuing a challenge to find a renewable energy solution capable of providing off-grid power to cover the needs of an average war-returnee family in rural Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, more than one million out of 2.2 million persons displaced during the war have returned to reclaim their lives. For most of them, houses have been reconstructed and normal living conditions restored, but still more than 3,000 families in the most remote rural areas lack access to power. With the fast-declining funding for returnees, there is little hope that the grid will be extended to their villages; in most cases such an investment is not even economically justified. Life without electricity In 1995, 78-year old Milos Bosnjak's family - his son and daughter in law, with two grandsons - fled their homes and the carnage of war. While their house has been reconstructed, they still have no access to electricity. They cannot refrigerate their food or illuminate their home. They feel completely disconnected from the rest of the world. They own a cow, one calf and 163 sheep. But without electricity they cannot store and refrigerate milk, nor produce cheese to generate income. Milos' grandson, who is a big football fan, can't watch TV at home. He already dreams of living in the city, where he can watch his favourite champions league teams. Challenge description Design and develop a sustainable, cost-effective solution for a standalone, off-grid renewable energy supply that can produce an average of 1,25 kWh and 120 litres of hot-water a day, to cover the needs of an average returnee family in rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina that will not cost more than €5.000. Read the detailed description of the challenge The winner will receive a $20,000 cash prize. In addition, UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina will pilot the winning solution in a rural area for up to 50 returnee families in 2013. Furthermore the winning solution might be replicated in other parts of the world to produce off-grid renewable energy for refugees and returnees. The market potential for the challenge prize winner is significant. Timeline Deadline for entry: 12pm, Wednesday 1 May, 2013 Contact short-listed: 12pm, Friday 31 May 2013 Confirmation of the winner: Summer 2013 <a name="entrycriteria" rel="nofollow"> Entry criteria The challenge is open to anyone (18+ age) who can engineer a complete solution, produce it in sufficient quantities and deliver it within the expected timelines The full requirements are described in a more detailed description of the challenge. Judging criteria Cost of the solution (all costs including manufacturing, delivering and installation of the system) To what extent does the energy produced meet the estimated needs of the average beneficiary family Average running costs for the end user Estimated maintenance costs for the end user Simplicity of installation, maintenance and usage; replication potential The quality of the instruction manual provided to the end user Potential for cost saving if applied as a community-based solution UNDP Sustainable Development Challenge Prize (Deadline 1 MAY 2013).doc