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    Thinking about Electricity Storage

    Vycon flywheels This thread has some good posts about flywheels. I read over the weekend about this flywheel company that may come to AIM soon. From the energy conservation perspective, I can imagine vehicles, wind turbines and other moving machinery would really benefit from this, an I suppose it hasn't happened because energy has been so cheap. It would seem especially useful to tie up with a wind turbine. Are these in use, or do the turbines have re.atively small flywheels with direct energy production rather than storage? What also occurs to me is how plain stupid we seem to throw away fossil fuels so readily. Bring on higher prices ASAP. Malco is usually good on these questions.
  2. chas and dave

    Gold Comments : for 1st Half-2007

    Go buy > Hidefield Gold Terrane Metals Trade Winds Venture La Mancha Resources New Island Res Golden China Resources Corporation (needs EST) Otherwise, my gold shares are doing OK, silver a bit sleepy. Looking to invest a little more perhaps in silver - and need to do a little more homework.
  3. At the moment I feel OK as a UK investor in energy trusts in an ISA (as part of a diversified portfolio). I learnt about them firstly through this site, so feel I should keep an update going. Only time will tell if energy is presently expensive or cheap compared to months and years down the line. My total investment in 8 companies over the last 2-3 months is presently around cost price, and top of his minileague is harvest energy with a 7% gain in share price, c15% net income, whilst income has been constant since feb 06 throught to next two monhs. I took the path of investigating how regular the income payments have been to date, whether the company has a policy to try and ensure constant payments taking into account energy price fluctuation, plus I ook a serious look at growth and development history and prospects, and life of resource. At the time of buying these had 10-18% incomes, but the best will have diminshed with recent increases in share prices. My list is as follows Harvest Energy Trust Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust PrimeWest Energy Trust CCS Income Trust Fording Canadian Coal Pengrowth Energy Trust Penn West Energy Trust Enerplus Resources Fund
  4. chas and dave


    A lot of the commentators, I think including Bob Hoye, who has been very interesting and informative on Howe Street, seem to think precious metals / gold are about the only thing that might be reliable. Many mention undervalued gold juniors as a place to look. Bob Hoye gives for US the next four months as the normal timespan for the markets to react to the inverted yield curve going by history (Feb 2006 start - then 12-16 months) and says 'Watch out for a drop in interest rates in US - by then it's too late and already happening'. He seems to suggest avoiding all asset classes including plain old commodities. He sees big topping signals for European, Asia ex China and US markets. And HSBC bad loans constitute his first big crack in the credit boom which will spread ripples outward globally. All I can see is inflation destroying value in cash, whilst a drop in equities and / or housing would do the same thing to wealth. Get ready to dive into Gartmore Uk Bear?
  5. chas and dave


    I'd like to think I'd invested a moderate amount in some growing energy companies during a lull in the market. The choice of dates for this decline identified by Bedlam is quiet selective. Looking for the articles I happened also to click on UK Fund Jan 2007 The info seems to say chart - Bedlam UK just outperformed FTSE All Share Index since launch Dec 02 by 80% compared with 70% (ish) table - Bedlam UK underperformed FTSE All Share TR Index by 92% to 94% since launch. Which is it I'm not sure, but was that much of an additional return over the index for an actively managed fund? It's now underweight banks and energy compared with the index and has been losing ground for what looks like a year. But it's well placed for poor performance from both banks and energy. The comments on banks seem very apt, but I'm not so sure on energy. the market seems to view the US as the only consumer of energy, and how much of its energy is from more secure sources? Interesting to see which way it pans out over the coming year. Who knows? I like a bit of energy, and it could be viewed as a hedge as mentioned on another link, if one has household and travel costs, and all the rest, to consider.
  6. chas and dave

    Anyone buying oil at the moment?

    I've bought a few Canadina Enbergy Trusts via TDW, and have received some dividends. Worked easy and I've invested relatively small amounts in the following Harvest Energy Trust Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust - PrimeWest Energy Trust CCS Income Trust Fording Canadian Coal Pengrowth Energy Trust Penn West Energy Trust Enerplus Resources Fund most are presetly in positive territory, apart from enerplus Watch for falling dividends as per another thread.
  7. chas and dave

    Gold bullion accounts

    BV's been great for me. Now > capital gains - if you sell gold bulliong from BV to realise a gain, and then go invest straight off in goldmoney, or a gold etf, or Central Gold Trust or krugerrands - would that be viewed as a new and different investment, or would the tax office view it as the same investment, therefore gains would not be relaised if reinvested within 30 days? (mostly I am able to spell OK)
  8. I've walked my local roads of north london recently, key dates being a week after the yellow pages was delivered to doorsteps, the other being 24 and 48 hrs after the recent snow fall. The yellow pages sit on the doorsteps uncollected, the snow sits on the roofs of the unheated empty houses - and on my super insulated house by the way. Put together with and confirming what I know of the local housing, these visits indicate 10% of the family houses in my road are empty, with 5% long-term (one ten years, another nearer 25 years!) - I counted a possible/probable 50 in the local half a dozen streets that likewise seem a fair bet for being empty, and this sis supported by the number of uncollected yellow pages and draw curtains - this would be less than the confirmed percentage for my own road. Many of these are empty houses I know have never been rented out. An interesting situation that I wil be doing more work on - with a morning walk prior to rubbish collection. Here's my roof, and further along a property now empty, and another empty but with heating. I wonder if these properties are being prepared for spring sale? Get a life C&D!
  9. chas and dave

    Bubbles Everywhere by Frank Venerosa

    hi siesmic mark - I'm unable to comment on your question trying to think about this - speculation has taken energy, esp gas, to overbought, with following problems and declines (but the long-term trends don't seem to have been dented?) and I'm sure there are other examples in commodities and these are extreme because of the liquidity. But, these speculators perhaps are attracted by genuine long term supply/demand problems and encouraged by liquidity. Did Frank mention peak oil, or inflation - is he missing a possible point on the money supply = global inflation discussion. I found Bob Hoye's comments interesting - lots of gold talk, then right at the at end, signals on lots of stocks & markets - overbought signals bob hoye a also bob hoye real value of gold - gold still cheap to commodities but turning I am starting to build my own comparative charts and gold still looks historically cheap to oil. I haven't yet compiled a column for genera commodity data to compare with gas, oil, gold, silver and housing so far
  10. chas and dave

    oil and gas service

    (companies to llok at?) I was interesed in investing a little in energy service, and the following companies seemd to have fairly steady growth and share price increases over recent years, and are well off year highs. The two income trusts seem to have a good combination of growth & dividends. Trican looked most attractive to me, with a global presence including lots of fracturing - ie working in the Russian market but without perhaps long-term sunken resources. Trican Well Service TSX TCW.TO Ensign Energy Services TSX ESI.TO Savanna Energy Services TSX SVY.TO Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust TSX TDG-UN.TO CCS Income Trust TSX CCR-UN.TO I haven't dug up offshore service companies yet, other than SubSea7 http://www.subsea7.com/ Anyone got any offshore service companies to investigate? other energy comments Biofuels Corporation finally moving a little upward. Stlll a nice loser for me. Uramin continuing its upward momentum presently.
  11. Frank Veneroso's bubbles Frank says 'I predicted the tech bubble' Peak oil is rubbish - energy is a bubble Commodities esp base metals - bubble All because of massive speculation. To me it seems as if many of these commodities are subject to real deals and real demand across the globe, energy the same. Frank seems to suggest that it is all just massive speculation, in his opinion. From my limited knwoledge, I'm more of the opinion that there will be increased volatility and shake-outs, as happened with energy. Frank dismisses peak oil - that's the one that I am unable to understand as it seems clear from teh statistics that are available on oil - US, North sea - all well beyond peak. present supply stocks compared roughly to to general five year supply highs aluminium 50% copper 20% lead 20% nickel 10-15% zinc 15% tungsten? kitco base metal charts London Metal exchange How do other people see Frank's comments? (or do we just not want to go there again?) This was meant to be added on the post highlighting the videos on Howe Street fromn the VAncouver gold show, but I couldn't find the post.
  12. chas and dave

    AIM liquidity is poor: Can it be improved?

    One thing that attracts me to AIM for some investments is the 75% capital gains tax relief after 2yrs - a good supplement to ISAs, investing abroad and via foreign markets.
  13. chas and dave

    Ambrian merges its Mining assets

    21 December 2006 Suspension of trading On 23 November 2006, Palladex plc (AIM:PLX:L) ("Palladex" or "the Company") announced that it had signed a heads of agreement with Ambrian Capital PLC (formerly Golden Prospect PLC) and Ethiopian Resources Limited to acquire companies and exploration licences in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and Madagascar in return for the issue of 50,000,000 new ordinary shares in Palladex. Following the determination that the proposed acquisitions may constitute a reverse takeover under the terms of the AIM Rules, trading in the ordinary shares of the Company will be suspended pending the publication by the Company of an admission document. It is expected that such admission document will be published early in 2007. ########## How long do these things usually take.
  14. TERTIARY MINERALS was suspended on AIM since Jan 10 I've read the official notes, but does anyone have any additional info or comment on this? The resource had a strong uranium element, but a recent note suggested the Saudi licence did not include uranum production.
  15. When looking at uranium related companies What percentages would be suggested to spread risk between - explorer - resource developer - near production - producer - service - geographical diversity (including Asian opportunities) and - uranium commodity investments - eg nufcor, uranium participation How to evaluate companies with resources 'in the ground' - when I looked at this market back last summer, Uramin on AIM (now also TSX) was a near producer that appeared by my poor calculations to have by far some of the cheapest resource (in terms of simply dividing market cap by Ur). Uramin's fairly recent web presentation subsequently outlined this still to be the case, and with further positive work in exploration & development. Of my uranium investments, I am hoping I can view 75% of total worth as longer term investments rather than speculative exploration stocks.