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  1. Indeed. It's certainly a chart worth watching in the coming months.
  2. Tune2001


    Gold miners seem doomed to make the same mistake as they did in the lows of the early noughties! http://www.mineweb.com/news/gold/gold-miners-turn-to-derivatives-to-protect-income/
  3. Anyone else think that UK House prices in Gold is possibly drawing out a Head & Shoulders pattern? http://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/head-shoulders.asp
  4. Those repeated attempts by silver to breach the £17.75 look rather ominous. Rather like gold's repeated hits of $1550 last year.
  5. Interesting, but it looks like emerging/frontier markets will have a tough time ahead as China slows. Is now the right time to buy or better to wait a bit?
  6. Mish is back in the game too! http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/mish-buys-basket-of-miners.html
  7. Tune2001


    I've bought 4 1/2 oz Snakes for the ushers at my upcoming wedding (and a 2oz for myself just because).
  8. Tune2001


    Oh, so if this is true, then that's the end of the gold bull fo sho!
  9. Great charts! Let's hope this move down in the ratio comes from rising miner prices rather than falling gold prices!
  10. Tune2001


    Aw, man! I was hoping we could do the whole month! Sell when the rocket pics come out, buy when the Gold thread is silent. ;-)
  11. This is also being hinted at by gold in GBP sitting around about the 200dma. If gold goes nowhere/falls in USD, the bounce off the 200dma that gold in GBP usually gets would be powered by a fall in GBPUSD.
  12. Sadly not - it's a mutual fund. http://www.google.co.uk/finance?q=MUTF_GB%3ACF_RUFF_BAKE_15AYRK5 Had a very poor 2011 (-30%), but had an awesome run from the lows of late 2008. I remember Jonathan Davis (of recent podcast fame) talking about these guys very favourably in the heady days of HPC.
  13. For the lazier investor, there's also the Ruffer Baker Steel Fund that operates in the smaller end of the market (about 60% <$1bn) http://www.ruffer.co.uk/cmsfiles/reports/RBSGF_Monthly_report.pdf
  14. Tune2001

    Is Occupy Right?

    ..Because Warren would also be taking 2% a year out of the capital, which over 45 years, adds up to a lot!
  15. Is that now? With the prices on the support line(s)?