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  1. Really? Cut the price of oil & gas and see just how strong Russia is
  2. John Doe

    UK House prices: News & Views

    There's an interesting response to that article on HPC. Reply No.11 (Drewster) http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/newsblog/2013/04/blog-not-sustainable-39211.php
  3. It's been talked about for years by physicists, but they have to crack fusion properly first (which is easily doable, given the proper investment). Fusion really is the key to sustainable clean, abundant energy production for the future. Unfortunately though, the whole world spending on fusion is piddly (a few billion at most, when compared to many other things (i.e. one new EDF nuclear fission reactor ~ £14B) and that includes both the laser and tokomak approaches. The ITER project (the follow on from the JET project which proved the viability, and the only realistic hot fusion experimental reactor at present) is taking years to build, and it will be many years after it's finished before it reaches break even (and that is a scaled down version of the full commercial reactor it was originally planned to be). It'll then probably be another couple of decades at least before a full size commercial reactor is built. What a shame. I guess if the oil did start to run out sooner than expected, then they might be a bit quicker and fund it properly, but at present too many vested interests seem to be holding it back.
  4. John Doe

    1984 (steps to Orwellian doom)

    Looks like a scare story from the headline. It's true with 60% of our generation capability being phased out in the next decade or so, that there will be a gap (i.e. coal (~40%), and if they don't pull their fingers out and get building soon, nuclear too (~20%)), That is, of course, unless more new (cheap and quickly installed) gas plants are built (many going ahead now, especially considering shale). It's also in NG's interest (and the power co's, including EDF that are trying to extract a massive subsidy guarantee from the UK gov before building their new nuclear plant ) to get the public behind shale etc, and scaring them is one of the most effective ways (Proper Orwellian). As they say, people forget about being green and nimby when the lights start going out. (Having seen power shortages throughout the 70's, it was industry that had their supplies limited first, the public had theirs shut off later. That said, all electric in the house went off then. I guess this way, with targeted appliances, you'd still have light and heat. Lucky buggers )
  5. http://en.wikipedia....ress_East_Coast The original InterCity East Coast franchise was awarded to Sea Containers who operated it from April 1996 until April 2005 trading as GNER. Sea Containers was awarded a new seven year franchise by the Department for Transport from May 2005 with a three-year extension dependent on performance targets being met.[4][5] GNER committed to pay a £1.3-billion-premium to the Department for Transport over ten years.[6] However due to the financial problems caused by it having overbid[7] as well as financial difficulties encountered by the parent company,[8] in December 2006 the government announced it was stripping the franchise from Sea Containers and would put it up for re-tender, with GNER running the franchise on fixed fee management contract in the interim.[9] In February 2007 the Department for Transport announced that Arriva, First, National Express and Virgin Rail Group had been shortlisted to lodge bids for the new franchise.[10] In August 2007 the Department for Transport awarded the InterCity East Coast franchise to National Express.[11][12] National Express committed to pay a £1.4-billion-premium to the Department of Transport over seven years and four months. At the time rail analysts had speculated that the Group had paid too much for the franchise.[13] National Express East Coast commenced operations on 9 December 2007. So Yes, seems franchise was ~£130m per year for the first one that went bust, and ~£200m per year for the second. So the public sector still seem to be beating them with average of ~£210m per year paid in (assuming no franchise cost) . Have then to compare with all the other private operators, who are actually being subsidised (by taxpayer) up to nearly 30% in some cases. (having problems formatting this)
  6. Tee Hee http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/bosses-demand-better-deal-eu-084026185.html
  7. Now the BBC are on it http://www.bbc.co.uk...litics-22248385 Two private companies failed when running this line, the last in 2009, however, the public sector entity running it in the three years since then, has managed to send some £650million to the treasury. And the ConDem Fuckwits want to get it back into private hands, at all costs it seems, before the next election!
  8. John Doe

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    Whoa, I was on about back in the 60's. I really don't buy the whole chemtrail stuff today (Contrails** yes, chemtrails no way). Way too many people with too much atmospheric sensing (government and non-government) nowadays for anything like that to be kept quiet. **(Unfortunate name I agree )
  9. John Doe

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    Cheers Happy and Zoomraker, I'll have a look later.
  10. John Doe

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    An ex conservative MEP, well that's his credibility down the pan
  11. John Doe

    UK House prices: News & Views

    Might actually happen, if pensioners ever stop voting
  12. John Doe

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    Yes I first heard of MK Ultra a long time ago, around the time the US admitted it had been spraying chemicals on it’s own cities to test how stuff spreads etc (crazy days). AFAIR, a lot of it seemed similar to much of the brainwashing suicide bombers regularly go through. We have a psychologist in the family and they showed me years back that there is a well known, well documented set of stages the "trainers" take the vulnerable, idealistic, angry kids through, which super-radicalises them and turns them into people happy to blow themselves, and many innocents, to bits. I'd be interested in the stuff regarding the European actions if you have any good links.
  13. John Doe

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    I was talking about 911 and the events after, not Boston, which looks like it is exactly what it is.
  14. John Doe

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    Saudi Arabia more involved than people thought? Now who'd have thought that?
  15. You are talking about new lines, with new stations. (A seperate entity is responsible for the track etc in the UK, the individual train operators, are multi-year franchises). Another reason the whole privatisation was a fiasco. However, if it were a joined up system, when you had new lines and stations, surround them with affordable housing (or social housing), with strict criteria who can have one, and if sold for profit, a share of the profit is paid back