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    COLLEGE : Is Uni worthwhile ?

    [facepalm] corporations are fictitious entities whose legal personalities are enforced by the state. without gov't, there wouldn't even be any corporations.
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    COLLEGE : Is Uni worthwhile ?

    thanks to our wonderful fiat banking system, most of the 'investment' in the last few decades has been mal-invested. and yes, the gov't has over-formalised education so that the bankers could attach a debt ponzi scheme to it what can't be paid, won't be paid. the payments from all the ponzi schemes run up over the previous two generations are now coming due, so it's just not going to happen. if that's your opinion, then feel free to subsidise them with your own money.
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    This is it! US AAA rating is lost

    the USA has a monetary system that guarantees it will go bankrupt. reversing whatever you are referring to as 'Bush tax cuts' would make one tenth of sweet FA difference. tax receipts actually increased during Bush's presidency anyway.
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    CGNAO - Here & on HPC: The Grim Reaper

    at other people's expense, and destroying wealth overall. oh sure, it's an 80 odd year old fiat banking bubble. however, the exponential function dictates that all the 'interesting' stuff happens at the end, which is where we now are.
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    The Denninger Solution - to the woes of the US

    the gov't doesn't need to impose a solution; they just need to STOP IMPOSING THE PROBLEM.
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    Genuine and Counterfeit Leadership - defined

    man printing dollars says 'look at the monkey'
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    making to order is completely different from fraud. McDos isn't selling 100 claims to the same burger, hence why the fast food sector, unlike the banking sector, doesn't need a centralised agency to bail them out every decade by creating what the sector has promised their clients but is unable to deliver. at least, as far as I'm aware, Threadneedle St has never 'burgerised'* fast food orders to quell a run on an over-promising fast food joint, in the way that they monetise bank credit to quell runs on insolvent banks. when you think of how ridiculous it would be for any other sector, you realise what an absolute f***ing joke the banking sector is. *where Mervyn dons an apron, starts up the BoE deep fat fryer, flips some burgers, and sends them out to troubled fast food joints who have promised more than they could ever deliver.
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    Predicting a 20% dollar rally from here

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    Norway incident

    Hmrc uses violent threats to extort chunks of people's wealth but you worry about some bloke who hasn't done anything and some non existent group. Weird.
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    Norway incident

    such as? that would make more sense than most of the stuff I've heard so far.
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    Norway incident

    gotten away with what?
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    can't see how you've arrived at 72% and I shouldn't have to point out to you that the Fed is far from being the only gov't entity holding treasuries.
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    Eat the rich!

    this video makes no mention of the debt based interest bearing monetary system imposed on the 'american' people this video focuses on the possibility of taxing the uber rich, but doesn't mention the possibility of cancelling the state benefits that the uber rich currently enjoy (e.g. bank bailouts) when the narrator mentions foreign aid, the picture shown is of an african child, but the largest recepient of 'US foreign aid' is of course the Israelis.
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    Is it time to buy a UK property

    that's not the historic norm; that's just the last 100 years or so. the historic norm is that housing costs one tenth of f*ck all. and that's where it's going back to.
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    traktion was calling for a free market in money; not for monetary chaos. no such thing threatening people into doing what you prefer is evil so what? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Ford
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    The American Dream - Can it be restored ?

    you have to publish one hell of a lot of statist drivel to become professor of history/economics at Harvard.
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    IAS gone into Administration.

    you are conflating shore lines (real) with national boundaries (not real).
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    IAS gone into Administration.

    immigration: traveling across a statist's imaginary line.
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    The American Dream - Can it be restored ?

    no, not if people are awake. healthcare is not a problem. healthcare is treatment of a health problem. no such thing as a just extortion regime. 'Obamacare' is yet another extortion, mostly to bail out big pharma etc.
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    oh I do love a good joke, but let's look at the facts: the USA is the most indebted nation ever in history thru its purchases in recent months and years, the Fed has become the largest holder of US debt. both these metrics continue to trend ever higher WTF? "relatively few"? a few relative to what? a googolplex? no it means there are too many treasuries to be purchased by genuine creditors, so the Fed scooped them up. NO! the Feds actions have transferred the cost of servicing parasites' 'debts' to a range of other people. the bankers are awash with money (courtesy of state bailouts), but the banks remain insolvent.
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    Debt Jubilee in slow motion

    a debt jubilee would be where the bankers stop receiving the mortgage payments... ...NOT where the mortgagees stop making payments and the bankers receive the payments from the tax payers victims instead
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    It's global revolution, folks

    well of course - they can just steal to spend as usual. but the govt cannot consume what hasn't been produced. and if they are consuming at a faster rate than the private sector is producing, then economic disaster looms at the point when the existing stock of saved resources becomes depleted.
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    the Federal Reserve is the largest holder of Treasuries. why, is he having trouble buying them or something?