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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    given that the deficit is needed just to service the debt, that cut just isn't going to happen, and it's illogical to try to separate the two in that way. a 'low' rollover requirement does not mean that there is not an immediate cash flow problem - especially when the debt is growing at ~£500 million a day. hence the printing. the reason the UK is not Greece, or rather the reason Greece is not the UK, is because they can't print. again, the 14 yr ave debt maturity is not really relevant in the context of a ~£500 million a day funding gap. the UK gov't has been unable to fund it's spending thru taxation, is now at the point where it doesn't have enough genuine creditors to fund the difference, so is tapping the value of sterling money stock for funding, and once that value starts to run out, it's basically out of funding options and will need a new letter added to the alphabet to describe it's credit rating.
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    you mean they have £75 bn in the bank, and the bankers have promised each £1 to 10 different firms not to worry, I'm sure the BoE will print up the £675 bn to cover up the fraud. right but to keep rates at those levels, the BoE is printing to buy up hundreds of billions of pounds of bonds, which is not sustainable. and if they stop buying up hundreds of billions of pounds of bonds, then the UK ends up with Greek level rates, which is not sustainable. fecked either way.
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    because it's politicians' job to distract you from the actual ruling class. they will talk about a wide range of irrelevancies like reforming welfare. but the fact remains that if you borrow money into existence, you WILL go bankrupt. no-one on the cabinet will mention this.
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    The U.K. Is Not O.K.

    it's what happens when you have a monetary system whereby money is borrowed into existance -the debt must grow, else the system will expire since the powers that be profit so much from the system, they have chosen to expand the debt rather than abandon the monetary system. and since the private sector has stopped expanding its debts to some extent; the gov't has splurged even more than usual to ensure that overall debt rises. using a realistic GDP deflator, and stripping out uneconomic acticity from GDP, you'd probably find that the UK economy has been shrinking since around 1999.
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    a $10 ohmmeter from Radioshack would have spotted that.
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    Iceland: A post crash economy

    hmmm, so the banks forgave people's loans to the tune of 13% * $16 billion = $2.1 billion. meanwhile the banks defaulted on a whopping $85 billion. I'm sure any banker sponsored economist would support that outcome.
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    a bunch of bankrupt financial institutions cannot pay the money back; therefore they won't.
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    If Britain were Greece

    Greece cannot face up to reality because Greece isn't real! Greece, like all countries, is merely a myth created as a lame excuse for theft on a massive scale.
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    Apple IPad

    China, eh. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/china-b...de-factory.html
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    1984 (steps to Orwellian doom)

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    Bristol launches local currency

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-16852326 if the council wants to support local business, they should just cut their business rates. changing the medium of extortion (from queen headed paper to Bristol whatevers) while keeping the amount of extortion constant will achieve next to nothing.
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    well, a banker could buy a meal in in a restaurant or buy a book off amazon or buy a ferrari or buy a tank of petrol or buy anything else with their freshly printed remuneration.
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    GoldMoney no longer allowing gold payments or fx transfers

    gov'ts will probably do to gm what they did to e-gold.
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    How the West went bust / What needs fixing?

    'the West' is going bust because it has a monetary system in which money is borrowed at interest into existence. the total nominal debt in the system must increase for the system to perpetuate. nation states (including those in asia) go bankrupt BY DESIGN, not because a bunch of chavs bought a BMW on credit!
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    Gold : start of a 24 mth correction??

    yeah whatever.
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    Should The UK Minimum Wage Be Scrapped?

    Franklin Sanders, Author/Tax Honesty, "In the course of the last century they have converted this nation [uSA] from independent freeholders to a nation of employees and they are just one step away from being serfs."
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    Britain's hindrance of Europe fiscal union big news in Germany

    yes, if you overlook the hundreds of billions in bailouts.
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    Money, Markets and Malinvestment

  19. InternationalRockSuperstar

    The END of Growth? (We need it !)

    GDP is a measure of activity, not economic activity. GDP is what the statists use as the central question of what constitutes wealth arrives rather swiftly at the answer everything the state does is waste, all it does is consume and destroy.
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    Eurozone has "10 days at the most"

    so you think Merkel is going to put the interests of the rest of the 'german people' above her own interests? surely the fact that she currently heads the PR dept of an extortion racket pillaging said 82 million people says otherwise? printy printy.
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    Trillion Dollar Lawsuit - Shaking the Dark Cabal

    thank you kindly for that wonderful example of a judge who has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to break the cartel in banking.
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    Trillion Dollar Lawsuit - Shaking the Dark Cabal

    the legal system IS a cartel you fecktard. "does cartel A feel strongly enough against cartels to stop cartel B"
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    Suburbanites keep on shooting themselves in the foot

    i.e. CPI is total bollox and oil is likely the same price in real terms and if the median American worker is finding it more difficult to fill their tank, it probably has more to do with the Nixon Shock than anything else:
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    assaulting people with an offensive weapon for obstructing a pathway is clearly wrong. comparing it with some massacre in the '70s does not change the fact that it was wrong. hoping that the filth will be punished for their crimes does not change the fact that their crimes were wrong.
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    Suburbanites keep on shooting themselves in the foot

    yes, China, with its 64 million empty homes clearly 'gets it' and is a shining example of well thought out home building. because it's being pillaged left, right and centre by financial elites using the mechanisms of the state. voting can change the puppets; but not the masters. exactly. you can't have an economy which is centrally planned to the extent that Amerika is, and not blame the central planners for the results.